Closing Instagram account decision after Facebook buyout

It seems there are rumblings in the Instagram world, especially after the news yesterday that Facebook has acquired the company behind the smash-hit photography app. Instagram is a hugely popular photo-sharing and editing service but it seems that news of the Facebook purchase, worth around $1 billion, is causing a backlash with some Instagram users who are even considering closing their Instagram accounts.

At one point it seemed that Instagram could do no wrong and while it was solely an iOS app nobody seemed to have a bad word to say about it, except for Android device owners wanting to get their hands on it. There was a lot of consternation about the delays getting the app to the Android platform but only last week the Android app finally became available attaining over 1 million downloads in the first day.

However all was not well in the land of Instagram as it seemed many iOS users became annoyed that Android device owners were now also able to use the service. There were complaints made on social networks and forums with some even saying the app had been ruined by the Android release and others saying that as it was now available for Android, Instagram had been slowed up. There also seemed to be a certain amount of iOS users who were rather proprietorial over Instagram, seemingly believing it belonged to them.

With only a few days to digest these issues Instagram users have now been hit by the news that Facebook has acquired the company and it seems that many are pretty unhappy about this development. This, despite Mark Zuckerberg’s assurances that users would still be able to post to other networks and also opt out of Facebook sharing and that Instagram would still be working to offer the best photo sharing experience available.

It seems to us that Instagram will remain virtually unchanged but it certainly appears to be the case, looking at social networking comments, that there are many displeased Instagram users right now and we wonder if you are one of those thinking about closing their Instagram accounts? Over on iDownload Blog this is discussed and a simple guide given to people who want to shut down their Instagram accounts. Be perfectly clear though that you want to close down before you begin but if you’ve already made that decision then be sure to save your pictures first.

Instaport will enable you to do this quite easily and is also a free service. You can log in at the above link where you will be able to download your photos to your hard drive or export them to a Flickr account. After backing up your photos you can then delete your Instagram account by heading to the account removal request page here with your account information. Enter the details and it’s as simple as that but as we cautioned earlier be quite sure first that this is what you really want to do.

Are you one of the many unhappy Instagram users who now want to close your account? Is this mainly because you felt the service wasn’t so good once it also arrived on Android, or are your objections more to do with the company being acquired by Facebook? Let us know your thoughts by sending your comments.

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