Find iPhone with dead battery via Last Alert Pro

We like to bring readers news on mobile apps occasionally and today we’re bringing you details of an iOS app, Last Alert Pro. This app offers practicality as it enables users to find their iPhone if the battery is dead and also gives notifications if an iPhone or iPod touch battery is getting low.

Last Alert Pro is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later, priced at $1.99 and we think it’s a neat app, especially the function to prevent loss of your iPhone or iPod touch. The app focuses on three key areas, the first of which is Audible Notifications. This is useful for reminding you about your device battery running low, also handy for keeping an eye on your child’s iOS device battery levels. You select an alert sound and then three different alert intervals i.e. 20%, 15%, 5% and if the battery is dying out notifications are sent out so you can remember to get to it before the battery gives up the ghost completely.

The app also offers Email Alerts which sends you an email if the device battery is fading, with the last known GPS coordinates. Up to three emails can be sent, again at intervals, and once you open the mail and click on the link you’ll be able to see the location of the device shown on Google Maps.

Another offering from the Last Alert Pro app is Compass Tracking. If you have another iOS device with the Last Alert Pro app installed this will enable you to use the compass on it to find the coordinates of a missing iPhone or iPod touch. The app compares the location between the two devices and also shows elevation if the device is on a different floor. There’s even a ‘ping’ that indicates if you’re getting closer to finding the missing device. The compass feature only works with iPhones though and not iPod touch’s.

You can download the Last Alert Pro app from iTunes here. It certainly seems as though this app could be useful and we’d love to hear from anyone already using it to see what you think? Will you download the app now? If so tell us your thoughts about the Last Alert Pro app.

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