Galaxy S3 release may lead to disappointment

We have only recently found out when the next version of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone will be unveiled to the world, but there are reports that the Galaxy S3 release may lead to disappointment among many consumers waiting for the device.

According to Cnet sources are claiming that the Galaxy S III will just be a small update from its predecessor with a boost in speed and eye tracking among the new features. It is also being claimed that the device may not be even called the Galaxy S3.

It is being suggested that instead of going for a completely new handset, Samsung has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book with just updating the S2 like their big rival did with the iPhone 4 and the 4S. The source didn’t give any information regarding specs except hinting that it would be on par with the HTC One X, which has a 1.5 GHZ quad core processor with 1GB of RAM powering a 4.7-inch display.

Recent speculation about the handset has suggested it would still have a physical home button, which coupled with the latest rumours suggests a design along the lines of the S2 and Galaxy Note. The Note was really the spiritual successor to the Galaxy S II so it’s not a massive surprise that the design hasn’t been overhauled.

Other rumours in the past have suggested a 1.8 GHz processor along with an impressive 2GB of RAM, which would put the device out in front of the pack in terms of power. The source is claiming that the device may not be called the S3, which could be a mistake as the S3 name shows consumers it’s the natural replacement for last year’s model.

The company has reportedly called the device Bali internally, but it’s doubtful if the name would stick once the handset is actually released to consumers. The rumoured eye tracking feature would make use of the front facing camera to detect when a user is looking at the screen, and when you look away it would then lock.

If true it would become irritating to have to enter your passcode every time you look away from the screen, but it could just be something along the lines of the Android ICS face unlock feature. If the next Galaxy S is only a small upgrade there will be many that were waiting for the device feeling a little let down, and as we reported before high expectations of new smartphone launches can lead to upset.

Will you be disappointed with a minor upgrade to the Galaxy S3?


10 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 release may lead to disappointment”

  1. Peterjdeacon says:

    I Would be so disappointed, im holding out for the Galaxy S3 being amazing… not the Galaxy S2+

    I want something that’s different, not a money making scam like the 4S!

  2. Derp says:

    Are you sure that the source cnet gets is reliable? This may just be another rumor and lies just before the launch to lower people expectation about the phone.

  3. jk says:

    Galaxy SII is not yet even 1 year old, though it seems to have been around longer. If these latest reports are true then it makes logical sense to update the phone, like the iPhone 4s. The problem for the SII will be the iPhone 5, so my guess is that these rumors are misplaced and Samsung is indeed making a wizz-bang SIII.

  4. kj says:

    I’m a little surprised that this is circulating so strongly.  I mean, we’ve had numerous “credible” sources saying anything and everything, why would we suddenly believe this rumor?  Honestly I think that Samsung has the technology to release a phone with as good of specs as we’ve been hearing and it probably will, especially if they plan on competing with iPhone 5…

  5. Disclaimernotice says:

    If the Galaxy S3 is on par with the HTC One X, then how on earth is that considered a small update? I’m wondering if the writer of this article even knows what the specs are for the Galaxy S2 and One X.
    I mean, from the Galaxy S to the Galaxy S2, the only main difference was the screen size, ram and processor.
    Similarly, if the Galaxy S3 is to be on par with the One X, then the difference between the S3 would be screen size and processor too. Which means that the only thing that is uncertain is ram. So if you consider the S2 to be a major update from the S1, then why the hell would a phone with One X’s specs be a minor update from the S2?

  6. Sunnysinghi says:

    Samsung cannot produce a high end phone without having Apple as an inspiration …..what did ya think without the iphone 5 there is no way this company can pull off a new kickass device!!

  7. Dakaringer says:

    There were S2 incremental updates already….. Like the S2 LTE, S2 HD LTE why make another? Also I don’t think Samsung would be that stupid to make their next big device a huge disappointment. That would totaly kill their fanbase and have no hopes in competing against the next iPhone. Also why would they hold a separate special party for a device that’s an incremental update (besides Apple). They could have just put it in WMC. There is really no need for all this secracy if it would be such a big letdown.

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