Summary of Galaxy S3 Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint latest

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is now out in some regions but potential customers in the U.S. are still patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for a release. Although details of the US variants have been thin on the ground, today we have news on the Galaxy S3 Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile models, although still nothing further yet for AT&T.

First we’ll give you the latest on the T-Mobile USA Galaxy S3 as pictures have come to light purporting to show this. What is really unexpected however is that the images appear to show a Galaxy S3 that is unchanged from the international variant already available, except for the branding. Usually when the US carriers get hold of the latest Samsung flagship phone they insist on some changes for their variants but if the images are accurate it seems that Samsung has put its foot down.

The claimed Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile photos, supplied to The Verge, also show a physical home button and this is a real deviation as the US variants have typically replaced the home button for capacitive touch buttons (as on the Galaxy S and S2 for instance). It also appears that the Galaxy S3 color options for the US will remain the same as for other regions, blue or white, although we’ve already told of shortages with some having to wait for the option of their choice.

A release date for the US is not yet known but a recent date rumored was June 20, although that of course remains to be seen. In further news that at least makes this date possible it seems that the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S3 (model number SCH-I535) has now passed through the FCC as well as the Sprint variant (model number SPH-L710). This news came to us Pocketnow and is certainly encouraging as once a device has cleared the FCC a launch is usually very close afterwards.

There are no images for these models yet but as the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 seems to be identical to the international model then it does seem likely that the same model will come to Sprint and Verizon and also AT&T, with the only difference being carrier-branding of course. We shall be following developments and will pass on more about this as we hear it.

We’d like to know what you think about the likelihood of the US Galaxy S3 variants being the same as the international model? While generally this seems like good news to us we’re especially interested in the issue of a physical home button. We know that this is something that really divides readers with some preferring it while some favor capacitive buttons so send your comments to let us know. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S3 to come to the US?


18 thoughts on “Summary of Galaxy S3 Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint latest”

    1. Pinchydude says:

      Agreed. I hate that they took it away in my galaxy a vibrant and my s2

  1. Tugemaster99 says:

    I would like capacitive buttons if they are with the home button, menu, back , and search button.

  2. Jonas112h says:

    Yes, I have been waiting over six months now. I can’t wait anymore. I hope it comes out just like the international version. I Accidently broke my other phone(galaxy s). And my upgrade is do.

  3. Jguyh005 says:

    I hope it is the same international model. Can’t wait for the S3 to come out!

  4. jbjr43 says:

    I hope the VZW version doesn’t have the reception problems the G Nexus did

  5. Lol says:

    Is it still going to be quad core? I have the sprint s2…. Am quite happy with it. If the 3 isn’t much faster I may return to crapple (sick of google crashing on me and loosing my searches)

      1. ablinjin says:

        True. I could care less about the quad core processor since the s4 is just as fast and consumes less power. BUT… I do not want that slow adreno 225… The overclocked mali 400 is twice as fast as what they put in the one x.

  6. ablinjin says:

    Hope to god that they dont use the adreno 225… Give us the overclocked mali 400, its twice as fast and much faster than the 4s’s gpu.

  7. Jlarrys1979 says:

    I hope that there is very little Chang from the international version. Yes we will have to go to a duel core but that is a compatiblity issue not carriers throwing a fit I do hope we get the 2 gig of memory like Japanese and Canadian version other then that less changes means its less like to have future problems when puting out updates

  8. Inufanmda says:

    i really hope that sprint keeps the quad core it runs so beautifully smooth. I’m going to upgrade soon from my crappy rumor touch and I was looking at the s2 and started researching the s3. I really would like to get the s3 but if they aren’t going to keep the quad core I’m not going to waste my money on something that my carrier probably can’t even service properly anyway. Also I rather liked the video on the s3 it’s sound quality was phenomenal.

    1. Esjdwj says:

      Rumor touch isn’t that bad. I have one and it works fine for the price.

      1. Inufanmda says:

        honestly for the price i got it at the time which was free it was amazing and i loved my phone for about the first year but it started having problems and now I’m ready for an upgrade. The rumor touch is a great entry-level phone, but I’m willing to spend a little more for features that make my phone more like a computer on the go. 😉

    2. Todd Copeland says:

      It does not have a quad core and that does not matter. The dual core is just as fast.

  9. guest says:

    still waiting to hear from ATT.  I have a legacy unlimited data plan with ATT.  Should I stick with them, or switch to Verizon? (i live in NYC area)