T-Mobile bound Samsung Galaxy Note evidence mounts

The Samsung Galaxy Note has gained many fans since its release that love the smartphone tablet crossover with its large display, but strangely not all carriers currently offer their customers the device, but today we have news that evidence mounts of a T-Mobile bound Samsung Galaxy Note.

Earlier this month we reported that an official version of the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile had stopped by the FCC and got certified, and now an article over at TmoNews has some press images of the handset that have been leaked. Although the images don’t reveal that all important price and release date, it does reveal that a release on the US carrier is imminent.

Meanwhile CellPhone Signal is reporting in an article the device is incoming and also have some images of the device. The T-Mobile Galaxy Note is set to join the AT&T version in the country and also be available in Navy Blue. It is being claimed that the Galaxy Note will actually release on the carrier in just over two weeks time on July 11th.

It will also come with HSPA+ compatibility on 850/1900 and AWS, but the best bit is that the handset is claimed to come running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system straight out of the box. This news comes as speculation ramps up about the release of the Galaxy Note’s successor that is tipped for release during the fall.

Rumours are suggesting the device will come with a larger screen and be powered by a quad core processor, which makes you wonder why T-Mobile are thinking of releasing the original Galaxy Note so close to a new version being available. Despite many T-Mobile customers wanting to own the Galaxy Note signing up to a new two year contract with a handset that is almost a year old may put some off.

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note or will you wait for the Note 2?


One thought on “T-Mobile bound Samsung Galaxy Note evidence mounts”

  1. Note Lover says:

    Hopefully the White Note will be soon to follow. TMO usually adds the white shortly after releasing the initial one, so I’ll wait for the White Note.  I need a bigger screen now so don’t want to wait any longer.  I will possibly be upgrading again when the Note 2 comes out.  More than likely (if it is realeased in October), it won’t be in the US until months down the road.  Then If AT&T has rights to it first, it could even be a few months longer but at least I’ll have my SGN until the Note 2 arrives.

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