Samsung Galaxy Note 2 officially confirmed sort of: Update

Samsung is continuing to see its smartphone range experience success that is only matched or bettered by the Apple iPhone, and now thoughts are turning to the replacement for the pretty successful Galaxy Note, and today we can tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been officially confirmed, sort of.

The company is currently busy trying to gets its flagship Galaxy S3 out to customers in the US, where demand has outstripped supply with Samsung looking to offer a smartphone with features that no other device currently has. At the beginning of this month though details started to come to light regarding the Galaxy Note 2 and more recently about what type of screen the device may have.

Until now there has been no official word from Samsung about the device but as The Droid Guy are reporting this has now changed with talk of about the real “Big Thing” from the company. It is not much to go on but the source is quite strong as it comes from the official account of Samsung Arabia.

It posted a Tweet that can be seen below asking followers which of the handsets they were most looking forward too, which included the Galaxy Note 2, and considering the region saw the Galaxy S3 a while before the device reached other areas it could mean the launch of the Galaxy Note 2 is imminent.

Spec wise the device is believed to be coming with a display of at least 5.3-inchs and be powered by a quad core processor and it could quite possibly be running the soon to be released Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The handset is believed to be coming around October that was originally tipped at the beginning of the month, but until we hear anything more officially from Samsung themselves everything is just rumours and speculation. Update: Samsung has since deleted the tweet.

Will you be looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 officially confirmed sort of: Update”

  1. Tomekina Ofa says:


  2. Cloudsplitter says:

    I would be VERY excited for this and would hold off buying another phone such as the S3 or Razr Maxx HD if I knew it was coming to Verizon.  I was holding for the One X, then foro the S3 (but I don’t want a blue or white phone), now these….   I really hope Verizon will step up and finally get on the front end of these excellent phones.

  3. millgate says:

    Hi people,

    For over a year now, since the Galaxy Note hit the streets, I’ve been promoting the idea of ‘6 inch pocketables’ (… smartphones which will fit INSIDE a jacket pocket – in a leather sleeve).

    The current Galaxy Note came VERY CLOSE, with its 5.3″ screen … and now, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has the makings of being the ‘ultimate pocketable’.

    The 6 inch screen should crack it … so go to it Samsung.

    Take the plunge ! 

    It would certainly rank as your iPhone/iPad killer !

  4. emil vinberg says:

    im waiting  Samsung note 2 its has exactly what im looking for i love jellybeans.the sooner the better,id;e prefer jelly beans over rotten apples and of course the note is twice as good ,thanks for the info.

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