Apple fear prompts Samsung Galaxy S3 update removing local search

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) has only recently arrived on U.S. shores and we have now heard that an over-the-air update is already being issued by AT&T, hot on the heels of a similar update from Sprint. It seems that Apple fears could have prompted the Galaxy S3 update that is removing local search options.

Along with removing local search the OTA update also includes a new radio (UCLG1) but after the update AT&T users of the Galaxy S3 will probably notice a less-functional search bar. The ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is the probable reason why Samsung is removing the local search now but it does seem a shame that this move has to be made at all.

News of the update for the Galaxy S3 on AT&T came to us from The Verge, sourced from Android Central. The Verge has reached out to Samsung for comment and asked whether this is connected to the ongoing litigation with Apple. They have also asked if a similar update will come to the Galaxy S3 on other U.S carriers but so far we have no news of a reply from Samsung on this.

Meanwhile Android Central points out that it may be possible to get universal search back after the OTA by using an older version of the searchbar app and it will be interesting to see if anybody comes up with anything on that. You might also want to keep an eye on the XDA Developers forums to see what people make of the update.

What are your thoughts on the OTA update for the Galaxy S3 on AT&T? Do you think Samsung is wise to push out the update now because of the ongoing dispute with Apple, or maybe you think it should have held on until it became absolutely necessary? Let us know with your comments.


2 thoughts on “Apple fear prompts Samsung Galaxy S3 update removing local search”

  1. Ronf57 says:

    it was rumoured the S3 when it “hit” the USA would have or immediately get upon activation, jelly bean. Well thatdidn’t happen, The USA version of S3 the sameon ALL carriers…that’s only partially true in that it is limited to dual core and ICS, which frankly I am less than stellarly impressed with.Now the carriers differentiate themselves and by shutting down features on the S3. While any USA GSM carriers version can take a verizon sim and work that is NOT true for those of us with a verizon version S3. Also verizon locked down the bootloader really tight.
    I was about to take a chance with jelly bean roms because they have some better faster features that ICS lacks …google NOW for one but functionally jelly beans’ butter is supposed to be much faster and honestly, i can’t get MANY apps to multitask with others.google
    nav(igation) runs solo. That shocks me because i used to listen to podcasts with nav on screen on my droid original 600mhz single core with 256mb memory  and can no longer do that with the verizon S3 running 2 1/2 times faster at 1.5 ghx with 2 cores and 2 gb memory. 
    This makes no sense.
    I am greatly disppointed with the samsung s3 out of the box experience.
    Teamviewer maxs out at 1024 x 600 on the S3 also…wtf it is supposed to be a 1280 x 800 screen.

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