HTC Rezound ICS update prompts customers complaints

The waiting game continues for customers to receive Android ICS on the HTC Rezound, today is the end of July and yet still no such update has surfaced and this prompts customer complaints.

HTC did mention that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich would come for the Rezound somewhere between June and July; well this is not true unless they release it within the next few hours in USA, and time is running out HTC so where is the update? The weird thing about this update is that Verizon has approved it, but yet still no release for the public just yet.

There could be many factors why the ICS update has not seen the light yet, could it be they are still testing it, could it be that it will not release full stop, or could it be down to Droid Charge getting the update first? So many questions, please do let us know what you think.

HTC Rezound smartphone users are complaining and this is understandable considering they have been waiting a while, we visited Droid Life and some of the comments over there are very interesting indeed. One commenter said they will believe it when they see it, another mentions back in November 2011 HTC stated “Here’s our new phone, in collaboration with Verizon Wireless, meet the HTC Rezound: The first phone with an HD 720p screen, and is ICS Upgradeable”

A few have filed complaints with the FCC regarding Verizon Wireless promising phones with timely upgrades, and how customers are left disappointed. There was an official changelog for the update not once but twice, June 20th was the first and July 18th was the second.

So what do you think, do you think the HTC rezound will get the Android ICS update anytime soon?


98 thoughts on “HTC Rezound ICS update prompts customers complaints”

  1. Cdhepburn says:

    Verizon and HTC are the stupidest companies we have ever seen
    Their PR right now is in the toilet. It’s time tell them good by and good luck with your next scam

    A very old customer
    Chuck Hepburn

  2. Ballen0420 says:

    The worst part about it is that they said first quarter for the update, then said first half, then June or July. If you can’t upgrade it fine say that. Otherwise push the upgrade or tell us when to expect it. If there were defects and you couldn’t push, tell us. If sense and ics aren’t playing well together tell us. I love HTC phones but the way this has been handled is horrible and I am losing what confidence I had left. Communication is key. We can be understanding and patient if you just tell us what is going on. No communication just pisses us off. I may go the FCC route too

    1. Cellhead says:

      I agree, horrible customer service to promise the update not once, but twice, and drop the ball both times, highly y unlikely I will ever buy another HTC phone.

    1. Flaccidrich says:

      I had the boot,loop too I narrowed it down to (you guessed it) a very push of VZ navigator for the Rezound. To kill it I pulled the cover to stop the auto download, then opened the google store quickly (after putting the back on) and went to the update and switched it to manual. 

    2. Have you tried taking the SIM card out and booting the phone with out it? Then go to the dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#* Go to phone info and change the network to CDMA+EVDO/LTE. Back out of it and take the battery out. Then put your SIM card back in and boot your phone up. It fixes it every time for me without having to factory reset my phone.

      1. djkoz78 says:

        Yes but this is a freaking temporary fix… We shouldn’t have to do that. The phone shouldn’t go into endless boot loop. The ICS update is suppose to fix this issue and I’ve went through 8 different Rezounds because i didn’t know what to do until a couple of months back. However this is another reason why VZW and HTC suck they know the phone has the obvious bug and have done nothing to fix the core problem. Just because you switch between 3g & 4g you get endless boot loop unacceptable. I will NEVER EVER buy another HTC device and my contact is up in about 5 months. See ya VZW.

        1. Yeah I understand exactly what you mean bc I’m on my 2nd ReZound but I have to do the fix at least twice a month. I’m selling my ReZound and getting the Galaxy Nexus. My contract doesn’t end for another year. I’m just gonna have to get one off eBay.

  3. Nordiceaster says:

    Been waitingfor some time, I concidered buying the Nexus because of Ice cream sandwich. However I liked the specs better on the Rezound. My Xoom 4G improved dynamically with the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Hoping the same thing will happen with the Rezound. I am on my second warranty phone and still having problems with 4G connectivity. While my Xoom and my daughters Stratosphere work perfictly. Come on verizon or HTC who ever is causing this issue!

    1. DeadInside says:

       I was on the same fence myself when I was looking at the Rezound and Nexus. I went home and did some looking to see if there was a update, there was a mention of a early spring update, so I thought a couple of months won’t be bad….  Boy was I wrong about that. I will never own a HTC product again.

  4. stevesharkman says:

    htc and verizon you both suck.
    i purchased this phone in november of 2011 with the promise of ics in “early 2012”.
    it’s august and nothing.
    i’m filing my complaint and taking my phone back.
    if i don’t get another phone, goodby verizon.

  5. Jrock says:

    When it comes, it comes. I got my rezound on launch day and very pleased with its performance. Of course I would like to have the update but my phone works perfectly fine without it. I’m just not sure what the big deal is, I don’t think its gonna totally reinvent the phone.

    1. Steve says:

      That’s where you’re wrong. I buy certain items for the technology. I first bought this phone with the promise of it being upgraded to ics. Had I known then that it’d take this long I would have bought the galaxy nexus instead.

      1. yep and you would have had a totally different set of problems with dropping calls and having crap reception on the Nexus.. that phone has been a flop… The associate at the store yesterday told me there was a reason the Nexus has dropped to 100 bucks… it really isn’t a premium handset.. Ill never buy another Samsung phone.. 

  6. Lvar says:

    This is my third Rezound and I’ve had it up to here with their crap. Verizon and HTC can kick rocks. They should at least offer us another phone that has the ICS. Tired of the BS. Sprint is my next option. Verizon will lose customers due to their stupid new plans. They are selling 1GB for $50.00 what a rip off. 1GB will be gone within an hour. And then you will be charged $15.00 if you go over. It’s time to show these cell phone companies who’s boss. And walk away from the BS.

    1. HDitty says:

       I have had three Rezound’s too and I am over it as well.  It’s a crappy phone and I was hoping with ICS it would at least improve somewhat.  So over Verizon and HTC.

  7. If you guys want ICS just root your phone and do it yourself with a custom ROM. It’s easier than you think. I know that we shouldn’t have to do this and we should be able to depend on the companies that provide us with this fancy new technology. But sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands!

    1. Venomousranger says:

      You dont even have to root your Rezound to flash the latest ICS leak onto it. Its so easy.But it is a little buggy and there are no guarantees that it will work properly. I did it and I like it a lot. I also don’t know much about rooting or any of that. And I don’t think that flashing will void your insurance or warranty but im not 100% sure about that.

  8. Tcucomp says:

    That is one of the main reason I bought a Rezound.  This phone sucks and I wish I had my og droid back.  3g & 4g constantly disappear even in supposedly good areas, no updates and having to reset my ringtone and notification tones everytime i reboot the phone are pissing me off.  I wonder if these no show updates are enough of a reason to get out of my contract without paying the EFT?

  9. Ballen0420 says:

    OK I have had no issues with my ReZound and neither have any of my friends that have them. Verizon has the best signal out of everyone so go to one of the other providers at your own risk, I work with people on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T, every one of them have constant dropped calls and slow network speeds, every single one of them hates the dropped calls but are stuck in contracts. I just want the upgrade that was promised

  10. Larry says:

    Admittedly I’ve only had my Rezound for a week, but I have yet to have any of the problems that many are saying that they’re having. I had all of those problems, though, on every single one of the five Thunderbolts I went through before I got the Rezound. I daresay that Verizon is more to blame for the delay than HTC is, because this isn’t the first time this has happened with them. Remember the Fascinate and how long it took them to go from Eclair to Froyo? 

    That being said, they usually get it right the first time, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

    1. Larry says:

      BTW, I came to the Thunderbolt from the Fascinate. It was a special offer to longtime Verizon customers for $150 when it first came out. I had finally just gotten Froyo a couple days before that, but I still switched anyway. I shoulda passed. Now I can understand why they didn’t call it a “Droid.”

  11. LJ says:

    Paid $150 for the phone in Nov. for 2 yr. plan with Verizon & the whole ICS imminent bull, saw 4G for about 4 mos., now mostly stuck in 3G, saw price drop to $50 for Rezound not too long ago, 8 mos. later & still no ICS. I’m thinking iPhone on AT&T on the next go round. Not impressed w/HTC or Verizon right now.

  12. Justinh183 says:

    I haven’t had a single problem with my rezound. Guess its just the different generations on them or something. Would like the ics though. My buddies razr is fast as hell with it.

  13. AppleVsAndroid says:

    im on my 2nd Rezound and Too be honest its a PAIN To have it. its Sense UI Drains the Battery down the toilet.. The first one i had all of sudden it just went blank HTC sucks The Rezound is Slow. its Specs Lie although some people will disagree with me but eh everyone has a different opinion but Come On Verizon STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Tells us an EXACT DATE for ICS update should of Gone with the RAZR Maxx cause Battery Life is horrible Like the Original RAZR…..i Bet The Update is already Out At this Moment. But Verizon is Probably TESTING it And Or Installing alot of Bloatware on it…. 

    1. dangerousjenny says:

       I don’t have any of these problems.  You may have gotten a bad one.  Mine is fast as hell, I don’t get the HTC screen too often.  I turn off the data when not using it and I can get great battery life.  This isn’t an opinion but truth.  In tech there is always bad ones in the bunch unfortunately.

      1. AppleVsAndroid says:

        The First One was Slow and the Second the Same…. Yeah i agree with getting bad ones. but Come on Really the 2nd One also slow.. i have to use a Launcher for it. but still doesnt satisfy me.. im getting a 3rd replacement ..i hope they dont have any more and just Simply give me something thats not This ……….But if they do.. i Hope ICS Comes out anytime Soon..

  14. MotorolaGuy says:

    I was a Motorola guy and thought I would give the Rezound a shot back when it 1st came out last November. I was told it would get ICS before the Razr and the GNex kept getting pushed back so I thought a few months won’t hurt but we are almost in qrtr4 WTF. Looks like when my contract is up it will be back to Motorola for me. Unfortunately VZW has the best reception where I live so I will probably stick with them but no more HTC for me.

  15. Champion1229 says:

    Am I the only Rezound owner experiencing bad data connectivity? My Rezound will sometimes disconnect from 4G and even 3G for about a minute and then reconnect only to repeat the process within the next few seconds. If the ICS update doesn’t fix this issue I will be sending my phone back to Asurion and DEMANDING an S3 or a Gnexus for FREE!

    1. CTW says:

      Good luck with that. My Rezound WAS a replacement for a Thunderbolt…of which I went through four before they gave up the Rezound. There’s no way VZW is ever gonna give up a Galaxy Nexus or S3 for free. 

      1. Champion1229 says:

        I went through FOUR Thunderbolts before I finally got to speak with someone who knew what the hell they were doing at Asurion and they finally sent me a Rezound. Now I’m having problems with this Rezound so hopefully they have it on my account that I’m already short on nerves for them and send a phone that actually WORKS! I’ve heard bad about the Nexus’s radios so Im leaning torwards demanding an S3 or maybe even a Razr Maxx, they cant ignore my requests forever, especially considering I pay over $300 a month to them in phone bills, have been a loyal customer (never once missed a bill) for over 10 years and I have referred countless friends to them. 

    2. Disappoint says:

      Same issue here. It came up suddenly and has been going on for two months. The ICS update purportedly fixes the issue — seeing as it was supposed to come out June/July, I hadn’t yet complained to Verizon that I’m paying $90/month for 3G…

      1. I wish I could get 3G to work,it just disconnects from all data and the only fix i have found is to just use WiFi or let the process cycle through for half an hour or so until it fixes itself.

        1. dangerousjenny says:

           It’s not just the Rezounds having the issue.  It’s all 4g phones.  I have read on mulitple threads that it is on the Razr, thunderbolt, and others that said they were having issues.  The women at the verizon store said that her thunderbolt was doing it and I changed out the sim card, reset my phone and all and it still does it.  I called verizon and they are looking into the issue and put me down added to the complaint list.  I am about to call them again here soon about that and something else.  I have heard on the rezound xda thread that if you put the leak ics on your phone (the one that doesn’t need rooting) it fixes the problem.  So maybe ICS will fix the problem but first we need it out.  Wonder if this has anything to do with the delay.

          1. Champion1229 says:

            I read an article that says its from the way Verizon authenticates phones on its network. Apparently they didnt implement their system in the proper way causing phones to be kicked off for no reason and depending on the phone it can mean just simply turning on airplane mode and turning it off or for others it requires a battery pull. And ICS is supposed to fix it but the question is WHEN are we going to get it? All us Rezound owners have had is broken promises. I mean how hard is it for Verizon or HTC to tweet a message saying sorry, update got delayed to August XX. or something?

          2. dangerousjenny says:

             I have tried battery pull, reset, sim card switch.  I haven’t tried the airplane mode yet cause I just heard about it.  The authentication is if this was the problem why did it just start in June?  I had no problems and most of the people have issues didn’t either until the beginning of June. I hope ICS will fix it.  I have heard that some people are getting the update already.  Last one it was the same way a few people got it then everyone did.  We will see.

          3. Champion1229 says:

            People are getting it? I didn’t know anyone got it yet, just the leaked builds. And I think there was a mini-software update that got pushed to the phones in June (I have lookout security and in it’s security log it shows a phone update in the beginning of june.

    3. Glonthedrk19 says:

      I was too having that problem. Got a new sim card and didn’t fix. So I had it on 3G for a few days. Just changed it back yesterday to 4g lte and seems to be working. Verizon told me that it’s been out for a couple weeks. They couldn’t really tell me why. They are useless there.

    4. Nope you are NOT ALONE!  I run 3G for just that reason.  I understand ICS helps this issue.  I went into a store to complain – told them up front the goal is to make me happy.  At the time, I had no data connection at all.  There best was to do a battery pull and offer me the Samsung Galaxy 3 for $300 with no mention of trade in – really now!  So guess what I left unhappy!  Goal not accomplished.  #verizonwirelessfail

    5. The rep at the Verizon store who happens to be the daughter of one of my mothers employees had a very candid discussion with me about Samsung phones while I was in the store yesterday to return my S3 and picked up the Rezound instead.  She said that the Gnex had around a 40% rate of people returning it and that it had the same issues with poor reception that my S3 suffered from.  Thusfar I am still happy enough with GB on it that I don’t really feel like I am missing a lot.  I have yet to find an app that I really want that won’t run on GB aside from Chrome probably but to have a phone I can actually complete a call on is more important to me than what version of android it has on it..

    6. Happy in the Underworld says:

      I had the issue, too. Very spotty 4G. Spotty 3G, even. No help from the Verizon store reps. They told me to toggle data on and off. Told me to do a factory reset. No help.

      I flashed the leaked ICS, and all my problems are gone. My 4G signal is rock solid. I have had no glitches in performance. It’s FAST. If you’re nervous about doing it (I was), don’t be. A warranty on a phone that already doesn’t work is useless. 

      Now my only other complaint is all the bloatware that’s still there (though you do have the option to disable it with the ICS leak). My next step is to root and reclaim all my phone’s memory. I love my Rezound, now.

    7. Champion1229 says:

      People are beginning to report that the offical ICS is starting to roll out in batches. Verizon Reps are confirming this as well. Now the problem is getting my phone to connect long enough to pull the update. It literally took 20 minutes for my phone to check for a new software update because the 3g/4g kept disconnecting. It even came back as no new software so theres no telling how long downloading the 200mb+ update will take!

  16. PixlWurks says:

    Lets be careful what we wish for-  many RAZR users want  to roll back-sorry- one way only-  they hate it- “more problems than it solved- bigger battery drain- LTE always on-“  I’m on my second REZOUND- first one defected- and have finally got the power under control and the set-up as i like. Is it perfect? no but I don’t want to go  throught that again ! the “leaks” vs “official release” may have enough difference to make me want a full report before i click on “accept”- if and when it ever comes to that point!!!

    1. Ron Schuck says:

      i have a razr maxx… and lets see..OH.. I still have 80 percent of battery and is 5pm… Maxx is the Best phone out there,, when it get JB it will be even better..

    1. buggietechnica says:

      I agree… after trying two iphones (3gs and 4s) and several Androids (Rezound, Moto Triumph, Atrix) I’ve found that while Android is more open, the iOS user interface is more polished, prone to fewer crashes and we don’t get lied to about availability. Having so many Android manufacturers, with known liars like HTC, just creates chaos. If you can afford it, Apple is the way to go.

      1. Ron Schuck says:

        no lte or 4g WHENEVER apple 5 comes out.. a lot of people thought they were getting 4g when the bought the Iphone 4… who wants to pay for apps, when there are thousands for free. and the android can do more than the Iphone,, 

      2. Paying an arm and a leg for apps which are free on android, losing NFC capabilities (which, against most beliefs will NOT be implemented into iOS 6 or iPhone 5 because as the Wall Stree Journal reports, iOS 6 does not support ANY type of NFC chips), no 720p displays, dealing with a minuscule 3.5 inch display, and not to mention NO 4G (dont you DARE call HSPA+ 4G because thats a marketing trick done by Apple and AT&T). All of this makes for more work on the user (waiting for things to load, using apps that utilize bluetooth instead of NFC, and god, who would use a 3.5 inch display for watching movies, playing games, etc. And your remark about if you can afford it, did you not notice the top of the line S3 is the SAME price as a 4S and it offers more storage and power? More like if you can afford it, Android is the way to go!

  17. John K says:

    I dont know and dont care who’s to blame. Like many on here I bought it w/ the understanding it would have ICS by now. I’m on my second Rezound but I’m ok w/ that, stuff happens. Its a great phone and very fast. But enought is enough, get the update out. I dont even want to think about the Jelly Bean update.

  18. MeatRocket says:

    I guess I’d be pissed except I was able to buy new Rezounds (3) for my family for a penny each on Amazon Wireless about 3 weeks after they came out. I’ve left my kids phones as GB but unlocked my bootloader and upgraded to ICS on mine. Honestly, I like GB better. The battery isn’t lasting as long on ICS & Wi-Fi tether isn’t working anymore. Think I’m going to flash back.

  19. Sparkle2inspire says:

    I am a frustrated Rezound owner as well but instead of repeated what has already been said hundreds of times, I wanted to thank you for posting this article and giving us the chance to voice our frustrations on something other than a forum site. Hopefully if word gets out enough it will put pressure on the carriers and manufacturers to clean up the mess of upgrades.

  20. Buggietechnica says:

    I actually left Verizon because of this. I picked the Rezound last year with promises that ICS would be available very soon. I lost patience a month ago. I will not be using Verizon or HTC products in the future.

  21. killercheeto says:

    Just chatted online to a verizon rep. I gave here all the info to access my account as well as phone baseband etc. She told me ics for the rezound wont come till late september with no exact date given. this sucks. by that time i can upgrade to a new phone. i hope she ends up being wrong.

    1. -=YellowFlame=- says:

      Same here…You will see Jelly Bean before you see ICS is what i herd…  So Verizon is sending me a S3 for FREE!  ;P   I suggest more of you request the same thing or what ever phone you prefer. They know things are messed up and the squeakiest wheels will get the oil first. Only 12 referbed S3’s around right now is what i was told so you better act fast.

          1. -=YellowFlame=- says:

             I’d like to report everything is all good. My S3 came Friday. I did get ICS for the rezound but no way will I’ll be keeping it over the S3.

        1. -=YellowFlame=- says:

           I just told them the truth. Gingerbread was not meant to run multicore phones. Promises from Verizon to fix this in early 2012 broken with no hope in sight yet. Also, the rep totally tried to get me to take another rezound with a new SD card, I thought about it for a bit, then said no. Then tried to get me to choose from nexus or razor.. both that are crap compared to the rezound so I was then clear I wanted a phone with the same specs or better for my inconvenience. Bang!~ phone by Friday, battery+ battery case by Saturday. No charge except if I don’t return the rezound to them. 

  22. Hbeardave says:

    Wow.. so many people having trouble with Rezound..  I have been kicking myself that I bought it just a couple weeks before I heard that the Galaxy S3 was coming… but I had been worried about losing unlimited data…
    ..but I haven’t had any trouble with the HTC.They just turned on 4G where I live, and I’m getting 30Mbps down & 5-10Mbps up with Speed Test. (anyone know if they give quick speed for just long enough to show fast speed test, then it slows down?)

    1. JFC says:

      Afraid to loose unlimited…. I know the feeling. In my case my old htc eris died on June 24th 2012 and I had to upgrade. The Rezound offered the most bang for the buck so I went for it. Really wanted to order the S3 however I would have lost my unlimited. Oh well now that I have ics all is better.

  23. Jeffsam says:

    My phone has worked fairly well since I got it in January but I’m pissed that I got lied to when I was told the update to ICS was 2-3 months away.  

    I hate lies!

  24. David_brunet says:

    I think that Verizon should release the update immediately and if there are issues blame htc for bad code. But damn just release it so we the people can be the judges of the quality.

  25. AppleVsAndroid says:

    Hey ICS is Out For The HTC Rezound As Of EARLY  Today (Thursday)!! It Comes with Android 4.0.3 With Sense 3.6.. Why Not Sense 4.0? The Evo 4G LTE has 1.5 GHz And has Sense 4.0 Thats Just Awkward…. But Its Still a Great Upgrade from 2.3.4 😀

  26. Darren S says:

    So I have ICS on my Rezound. Butt… it uses more memory (wish I had 2 gigs), and minor issues with browser crashes. On the bright side my 64gb Sandisk class 6 alla Amazon for 60 bucks is still recognized.

  27. I got my phone upgraded to ICS the other day and everything seemed perfect (fixed signal issues, etc)  But today, I noticed something odd, its starting to do random reboots! WTH, this is gonna be just like what happened to the Thunderbolt a few years ago!

  28. Mswilliamson1104 says:

    Have had the ICS update for a few days. Was happy with my Rezound’s performance until now. It now lags everytime I go to homescreen, I have to manually turn wi-fi off and on again if I change locations. Been waiting months but now wish I would have declined the update.

  29. Sstar says:

    Updated to ICS 4 days ago.  Happy with some of the feature improvements but it is now a BATTERY HOG!  Even when phone sits idle, the battery only last 3-4 hours.  ICS did away with the Power Management setting.  Now I’m tethered to my A/C charger!  Aaarrrggghhh!

  30. odom says:

    Well congratulations for everyone that waited for ics on the rezound. HTC and Verizon managed to totally screw up the interface with their bloatware and the stock ICS features and launcher. Anyone that has Ics on bionic or transformer can tell how much is missing from the rezound. No wonder it took so long. They should have just let it be ICS. You would have had it months ago.

  31. JEREMY says:

    dont update right now!!!I did yesterday and know everytime i exit an app my phone restarts. Its complete crap, it looks terrible and it doesnt run as fast. DO NOT UPDATE IT.

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