Samsung Apple verdict and your discussion

No doubt everyone in the world knows by now that Apple has come out on top in the Apple versus Samsung patent infringement court case that has been grabbing much of the headlines lately, and obviously most will know that Samsung has been told to pay Apple a billion bucks in damages. Apple has also now revealed just what Samsung devices they want banned in the United States.

We have already reported on which Sammy devices Apple is seeking to ban, and you can of course check out that article by hitting up here; however luckily most of those handsets are old devices. The basis is that the jury believed that Samsung copied the technology of the iPhone and Apple iPad, and Apple is demanding that Sammy pull some smartphones and tablets from the US market, but apparently a judge will make a ruling on that matter at a later date.

Obviously Samsung disagrees with the court ruling and will appeal against the decision, which is an obvious move, and could possibly see the ruling overturned at some point.

But the big question is, was the verdict in the patent fight fair? Now we all know that the Android faithful will probably come down on Samsung’s side and say no it wasn’t fair, and likewise, the iOS faithful will probably say yes, Samsung copied, so the verdict was fair.

But one should also take into account that in the past Apple hasn’t been against doing a little copying themselves, especially when it comes to Android tech, I’m sure we’ve all seen the articles on Apple’s notifications bar, which one does have to agree, Android had first.

But setting that aside and considering the verdict, we’d like to know just what our readers believe, and would like you to discuss this matter in our comments area below. The guys over at iDownload Blog is also asking the same question of their readers, and have even produced a video, which is embedded below, and will discuss some of them in their next video.

Will the patent fighting between Apple and Samsung stop here? Is there really a true winner in a case like this or will it mean other manufactures will be stifled in delivering new devices to make sure Apple can’t drag them in court to get those devices banned?

What about the consumer, will the verdict mean that eventually there will be less devices that challenge the iPhone, and less Android devices made available to the public, or will Samsung and other Android device makers manage to find a way round, and keep from being dragged back into court over patent infringement?

Obviously although Apple won in the US this doesn’t necessarily mean Apple will win elsewhere in the world, and there is a possibility that Apple could find the shoe on the other foot with Motorola, which could end with the iPhone 5 and other Apple devices getting banned in the US, as previously reported.

The thing is, when do you draw the line and stop fighting over patents, otherwise we could end up seeing devices everywhere being removed from shelves, which in the end really means it is the consumer that loses out on choice.

So if our readers feel that the verdict was unfair or believe that it was fair and just, or perhaps you believe it is time to change patent laws, feel free to let us know your views by posting to our comments area below.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Apple verdict and your discussion”

  1. Yaya says:

    What needs to be considered is the fact Apple employ Samsung for the manufacture of iPhone components.
    That said, after this ruling Apple may look elsewhere if they can’t do
    business with Samsung any longer, which may push up their prices, if
    they were not high enough already. Samsung will continue as they are in
    the main, but the money paid to Apple is an inconvenience, and Apple do
    not really need that cash. The US market is a big one, but is not the be
    all and end all for Samsung by a long way. It is a shame that these two
    corporate entities can’t work together, but I am not surprised.
    Overall, I think Apple’s action is unfair and limiting for progression
    and development, but I don’t think Samsung will suffer too much in the
    long run. Shameful from both parties, moreso Apple as prosecutors.

  2. dirk digg says:

    Screw apple. They pay Samsung to build most components of the iphone. Its a case of apple feeling threatened my Samsung and the android platform , being itsba much better system.

  3. Samiam says:

    So glad at least one Korean Copycat company has finally been called out maybe this can set a precedent for the many others. I feel the patent laws need to be respected Globally. Unfortunately patent laws don’t really protect intellectual property they just allow one the opportunity to challenge the infringement in court.

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