iPhone 5 possible threat via Apple boycott

Tomorrow, yes Wednesday September 2012 at 6PM UK time is when Apple will hopefully be making its iPhone 5 announcement, and even though this sounds stupid to some we want to bring up the iPhone 5 possible threat via Apple boycott.

We have had hundreds of emails from readers about boycotting the iPhone 5 release, because they are very angry about the Apple Samsung verdict, which left the Korean company with a $1-billion dollar payout. You may be thinking that all these complaints against Apple are from Android fans but this is not the case, around 40 percent of the 657 emails so far that we have had in just over a week come via iPhone users.

After the verdict it has been reported that Samsung saw a loss of around $12-billion in market value, court battles are very punishing and this time round Samsung got hit hard, but they are not sitting back on this, on the contrary because they are hitting back at Apple.

If you can recall, we reported yesterday that Samsung will counter strike Apple trying to ban several Samsung products from sale, there are talks of the Korean company putting out an injunction against Apple if they release an iPhone 5 LTE smartphone because Samsung holds several 4G LTE patents. Also yesterday we reported via CNET that Apple is becoming ugly, this is a must read because it is very interesting.

Now we could sit here all day writing and discussing the Apple Samsung verdict, but what’s happened has happened, but we all know it is far from over. The question is “Have Apple dug its own grave?” We say no, not in the slightest, Apple will continue to sell millions of iPhones and no doubt break iPhone 4S records, but this still takes us back to all the emails we received. There will be so many consumers backing the Apple boycott, basically meaning that when the iPhone 5 is released they will not be entertaining the next-generation smartphone.

In a way all these patent wars are getting out of hand, the first ever mobile phone was by Martin Cooper, a former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, it was he who invented the first modern portable handset. Maybe they should sue everyone for making mobile phones right, of course this will not happen because there are different technologies within. Why sue companies, surely healthy competition is a must in this day and age, it boosts inventiveness and customer base.

We here at Phones Review will be covering the Apple 2012 Event and all its announcements tomorrow from 6PM, this is what we do, but what will you be doing? Do you agree with the Apple iPhone 5 boycott?


9 thoughts on “iPhone 5 possible threat via Apple boycott”

  1. Seems like Apple have the proverbial Pacific Rim tiger by the tail with HTC and Samsung snapping at them from both ends. HTC will not “do a deal” after Apple sued Samsung and the next generation of phones and tablets may be refused importation licences into the USA. Don’t kick them when you’re on the way up as they will surely kick you twice as hard when you’re on the way down.
    If those two get their way there won’t need to be a boycott as there will be nothing to boycott anyway. 🙂

  2. mbp_user says:

    657 people tell you they’re going to boycott the iPhone 5 and thats something worth writing about? How many hits have all of the iPhone related articles had in the period of time since the first ‘I wont buy one’ email you’ve had?

    I suspect the figures will add up to a tiny fraction of a single percentile

  3. It’s not 657 compared to the number of hits that’s the important metric here, but 657 compared to the typical number of email responses to an article; I presume that’s much higher than usual, or Mark wouldn’t have commented on it.
    As any market researcher could tell you, if 657 feel strongly enough to write in about it, there will be many thousands more who share the same sentiments but haven’t bothered to respond.
    Yes, I’m sure the fanboi herds will buy the iPhone by the millions, but I think the number of the general public who will now boycott Apple products – myself included! – will be sugnificantly more than “a tiny fraction”.

  4. yarrellray says:

    Apple has MAJOR PROBLEMS coming it’s way and YES they deserve it. I applaud HTC and SAMSUNG on this one. Apple better release an new iphone with 3g like they always have done otherwise face the fact that it’s new iphone will be BANNED. That’s what happens when your late to the 4G party years later. Being late in the game of technology has consequences Htc had the original 4g Lte device in the Htc Evo 4g over 2yrs ago in 2010. And Sam owns 13% Lte patents. Apple started the battle but android will end the war count on that.

    1. millgate says:

      Errrr! … have you been hiding under a rock?

      The whole world knows that Apple does not pay the taxes it owes in the USA – so any profits it ‘retains’ in the US are false, illegal and dishonest.

      It also ‘turns a blind eye’ on the makers of it’s products in foreign sites; thereby allowing them to mistreat their workers abominably.

      Proud of that are you? … Shame on you !!!

  5. Prometheus says:

    No, I have been in the electronics industry for over 30 yrs and have watched Samsung copy everything and everyone like the Japanese did back in the 50s and 60s. Most of you think that Apple has been sitting around twiddling their thumbs but, they have been quietly amassing a huge portfolio of patients by buying up small companies and other select patients. Look at the iPad, it is in actuality, a phone. It is capable of a type of 4G and You can make calls on Skype with it. Why is it still being sold ? Personally, I couldn’t care less about 4G. I have been living just fine with 3G, it does what I need it to do. We all want the best, that my friends is in the eye of the beholder.

    For years, ratings have been based on a 1 to 10 ratio. If one person expresses an opinion, then 10 usually have the same. There would have to be many thousands to even matter. What would you buy, the best or the one you like the best ?

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