Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean October, S2 November

If you’re the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) or Galaxy S2 (S II) smartphone then you may well be one of the many who are impatiently waiting for the update to the latest Android operating system, 4.1 Jelly Bean. We’ve been bringing readers information as we hear it but sadly the timeframes seem to keep changing and whereas once we thought the official update was coming within a few days the upgrade dates seem to be slipping back.

Now the latest information suggests the official Jelly Bean update will arrive for the Galaxy S3 in October with the Galaxy S2 update coming a month later, sometime in November. Despite earlier assurances from Samsung that Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 would arrive in September that now seems to have put back to October at the earliest. This is bound to upset some people who don’t want to chance the unofficial leaked builds of Jelly Bean and have been waiting for the official update from Samsung.

This news comes from Sammy Hub, which often provides reliable information about Samsung product news. The site has published a Facebook page from Samsung Sweden in which firmware updates for various Samsung devices are listed with timeframes. While there are no precise dates, the Galaxy S3 is shown as having the update due in October/November while the S2 is listed for November. Obviously we cannot vouch for the validity of this and as the update seems to be a moveable feast at the moment we can only hope that this latest information is accurate, although we still hope the updates may turn up sooner.

Further to this, Sammy Hub also had news from Samsung Denmark with another list showing these devices with the same Jelly Bean update times as those above, which seems to back up this latest info. Many of you may now be hoping that the update will be worth it and we’ll remind you that you’ll be getting your hands on new improvements and features including Project Butter, Google Now, enhancements to the user interface and much more, once Jelly Bean gets to your device.

Although it’s good to have some sort of timeline for release of the 4.1 update for the Galaxy S3 and S2, we imagine that many readers will be feeling pretty frustrated that they’re still waiting for their first taste of Jelly Bean. Let us have your thoughts on this. Are you the owner of a Galaxy S3 or S2 waiting to get Android Jelly Bean? What are your thoughts on how long it’s taking to get the official update? Send your comments to let us know.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean October, S2 November”

  1. Philip Bradley says:

    These updates take the piss, Android is so disjointed, how do they expect to catch apples slick OS if android phones are running different OS.

    Why cant google make a UI as smooth as apples either, butter smooth is better but still has something missing that makes it not feel as smooth.

  2. Apple will not be upgrading the 3 to to ios6 so it will become just as disjointed. You have got to understand that apple only make one phone with different speed processors. 3 3gs 4 4s and now 5. 5 has come out with a different size screen so you get black lines down the side when running most software. There are hundreds of Android phones of all different ages and as new ones are launched they have the latest software with new design and features. Unlike Iphone where after 2 years they stretch the screen a little and delete a fantastic maps program to replace it with there own so they know where you are!

  3. The Voice Of Raison says:

    What’s the rush? ICS hasn’t even been out for a year yet, and would you rather have a rushed and not quite fully tested OS on your phone or a slick and fully tested OS to ensure that your phone hits the ground running after the OS upgrade? And as for your Apple comment, that is your opinion and opinions are subjective, I would rather have an Android device which is pretty much fully customisable and cares not whether you root or flash roms.

  4. browneyedgirlnb says:

    I’ve been down this road before with Samsung. They promise upgrades then keep you waiting. When I bought my Fascinate as soon as it came out, they said it would get the update to the latest & greatest “any day now” … it took 10 months! & that was only after a major complaint campaign from Fascinate owners. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful device, especially after it was rooted, but we were told empty lies by Samsung… much as we are now. I love my S3, but I’m not holding my breath for this update. Yes, they said October, but not in which year! & regarding the comment about iPhone, you can keep it. If I wanted a dumb phone, I’d have added a data plan & stayed with my flip phone…or a BlackBerry. Their proprietary technology only allows you one way to do anything-their way. For non techies, that may be fine, but for the rest of us it’s stifling. I wouldn’t buy an iPhone if it were free.

  5. disgruntledsamsungowner says:

    samsung samsung samsung i was going to keep my s3 if jellybean came out at the start of this month has stated but alas it did not. I am very sorry to say i will be buying a iphone5 goodbye samsung.

    1. Avakuki says:

      Ooh, burrn. You did already buy the SIII (and I can’t see anyone giving you a refund because a nebulous rumour proved to be false) so Samsung haven’t really lost out much, have they? Oh dear, one less whingeing git in the community, however will we cope?

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