Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Display Test fracas

Arguably the two most wanted smartphones in recent weeks has been the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, at least until the Galaxy Note 2 becomes available next week in certain regions. Having flagship devices available obviously leads to a number of comparisons between the devices, and we now have a Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 display test fracas for you.

Earlier today we had the two handsets battery life being compared, and now as AppleInsider are reporting testing company DisplayMate Technologies has put the displays of the two handsets through their paces in some testing. The company in its opinion found that the 4-inch display of the new iPhone was more refined than what is available on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The testing also involved the display of the iPhone 4 to try and see how the company had improved its display’s during the last two years. There were a number of tests carried out on the handsets screen’s that included brightness and contrast, screen reflections, viewing angles, colours and their intensities, and how the displays affected battery life.

It was concluded that Apple had improved the performance of the iPhone 5 display either by a small margin, or in other areas a great deal. With the iPhone 5 Apple has managed to reduce display reflectance by 52% when compared to the iPhone 4, and has also improved contrast by 57% while improving colour accuracy.

The calibration of the display was also found to be very good even though it suffered from minor gamma intensity, but there have been some early reports of owners reporting some light leakage from the handset. The Galaxy S3 meanwhile still performed quite well but the OLED technology in the display is still behind that what is used for the LCD tech in the iPhone 5.

Brightness was lower on the Galaxy S3 due to the power efficiency of the OLEDs, and concerns were raised over premature aging of these. In conclusion the team gave the iPhone 5 an A rating, while the Galaxy S3 only got B+ because of poor viewing angles and calibration.

There will be many who don’t agree with these findings though especially when it comes to using the handsets in the real world, and doing things such as watching videos or browsing the web.

Which display do you think is best?


99 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Display Test fracas”

          1. Michael T. says:

            iPhone will always beat any other phone. There’s a reason why Samsung was sued for 1 billion dollars. Apple doesn’t mind competition, but we hate people who steal our design and disgrace it with a shitty operating system and shitty quality product.

          2. Michael T. says:

            Yes, we use their processor. I was talking about build quality and design of the OS. The iPhone is made from sapphire crystal, brushed aluminum, corning gorilla glass and incased in a single unibody design such as the mac. The S3 is made of plastic….

          3. "we" says:

            “…we use their processor…” we? you own apple? or just so far up apple’s ass your talking out of their mouth lol Look up what samsung makes for who and what, and you’ll see that the “best” products all contain the support of samsung products! “…we..” LMFAO

          4. Michael T. says:

            No, i do not own Apple. However i work at Apple. I know where the chips in our phone/devices come from. samsung makes processor chips. So if your looking for the satisfaction that they make a good chip. okay? fine they make a good chip. however designers/programmers at APPLE are the ones who make the best looking, durable, highest quality and best OS. so how bout you shove that up your ass.

          5. youre lame says:

            Actually UNIX has existed long before OSX. Plus most people that actually write software understand that several bits/key components of the OS X stack are derived from FreeBSD and NetBSD

          6. Michael T. says:

            Yes…. however that is the basic coding for the OS. Apple software developers had to create much more to create what is now OSX. Again, i never said Apple created everything. Bits and pieces are from other OS’s but the majority is created by Apple

          7. youre lame says:

            You’re going to tell me the network stack is basic coding? No, it isn’t and that’s why Microsoft and Apple both used the BSD network stack. What apple has created is a good looking user interface thats nice to use… which is also derived from NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP.

          8. Michael T. says:

            Damn straight it is. NeXT was a company started by Steve Jobs. When Apple bough NeXT it now had Steve back on board as chairman and using NeXT technologies it created the Mac OS

          9. Michael T. says:

            Hah i love the sarcasm. The amazing company i work for was built on arguments, lying, and a lot of blunt honest people. I am very passionate about the products that I sell to people and so the people who dont give Apple the credit they deserve i tend to loose my temper. I am in no way speaking for Apple obviously i have my own opinions. Besides if i said that i spoke for my company id be fired haha

          10. Aaron says:

            You dont work at Apple. At least no significant employee like an engineer would participate in this discussion.

          11. Aaron says:

            You dont work at Apple. At least no significant employee like an engineer would participate in this discussion.

          12. Michael T. says:

            Although i could not find how much is costs to make the S3 i suggest its around $50-80 a unit. the iPhone costs $250 a unit. That just shows the time and care that was put into the design. Also iOS has been the same since the beginning and just refined over time to seek the perfect OS. android has constantly been adding junk that just doesn’t work. Within stupid samsung commercials they have advertised features that have been around in iPhone since the iPhone 3G and the launch of the App store.

          13. Michael T. says:

            The design of the company i work for. Fine, i realize i use “we” and “our” a little too much. I meant in the context of the company that i work for.

          14. Michael T. says:

            Someone already pulled that quote on me. That quote is meant as if an idea is taken and made better by another artist. Apple created the idea for many features and samsung just made shitty versions of the same thing.

          15. ronf57 says:

            @disqus_dhHAzpmQdT:disqus Please get your history correct..

            APPLE Corp. is a great evolutionary implementer and promoter of technologies that others built.
            1. Xerox Park the window enviroment, mouse, ect networking that are basic Apple os. (claimed by Mr. Jobs the marketer as Apple -invented here)
            2. Multi-Touch screens developed over 10 years before Apple ever dreamed of making a iPhone 2005?.
            3. Phone that is rectangle with GASP rounded corners–Look at Palm and HP IPAQ/Pocket PC (I have the later made in 2001 sitting on my desk)…it also has a touch screen and large round button center of the bottom under the screen.
            4. As mentioned UNIX used as basis for Apple OSX- long existed prior to OSX BTW MSWindows current NT based OSs are based on Digital Equipments UNIXesque design.
            5. The color WHITE– sorry that is also not an Apple creation.
            6. The name iPAD….oops! Apple lost the lawsuit to Proview of China for the name as Proview registered that name in 2001 and Apple brilliant creative folkes named their iPad in 2010…oops. requested $1.6 Billion settled for $60 Milion by the about to go backrupt Proview, who BTW was a touch screen manufacturer.

            so Micheal if you do work for apple, take the high road and get armed with actual facts not company marketing hype befor posting.

          16. Aaron says:

            YOUR design ? 🙂 You mean the Apple design that hasn’t changed in years but nevertheless steals hunderds of dollars out of your accounts, because of your vulnerability for hypes and peer pressure. You must understand that Apple is just a company making as much money as possible, not a religion that cares about you.

          17. Aaron says:

            YOUR design ? 🙂 You mean the Apple design that hasn’t changed in years but nevertheless steals hunderds of dollars out of your accounts, because of your vulnerability for hypes and peer pressure. You must understand that Apple is just a company making as much money as possible, not a religion that cares about you.

    1. Michael T. says:

      Phone will always beat any other phone. There’s a reason why Samsung was sued for 1 billion dollars. Apple doesn’t mind competition, but we hate people who steal our design and disgrace it with a shitty operating system and shitty quality product.

      1. Edd Smith says:

        Apple doesn’t mind competition: yes they do, just look at Google maps – they hated the fact that google still supplied them with a product.
        , but we hate people who steal our design – the S1 looked like the iphone – granted – but the S2 and S3 are very different – its Apple who are now copying others with the larger phone and just look at the innovation to ISO6 – 80% already on andriod but Apple will still try and state they own it.
        Disgrace it with a shitty operating system and shitty quality product – I think your being very rute and subjective – I have had many different handsets and find the Andriod system to be more adaptable and modern.

        1. ronf57 says:

          @google-d0b9c6ac4d7f0a01340f63d0e684f8d2:disqus , you like many are not looking at the actual reason apple didnt want to have google maps in the device, at least not supplied by the iOS. (a developer is allowed to include the use of google maps in their app if they so desire but they don’t—read why)

          1. Google changed the deal…most maps are free to include on an OS.
          2. poling google for map updates and details cause a drain on google resources and therefore google sent out notice that after so many ( it’s a large number an individual won’t hit, but a app or os used by many will quickly hit) you must pay google to use the map support resources.
          That is fair business practice.
          so apples response…why should they pay for the OS or apps to access those resources as the bill will goto whoever is the cause of the resource hit….a turn by turn app, or check-in app, or advertising.
          Apple as provider of the maps in the OS would get hit with a bill from google for mega bucks and get nothing from the users for it.
          I like apple would say as apple did…app developers can supply and use goole maps but we as a company will not be. Effectively the app developer would get hit with the mega google resource charges not apple under this plan….how many iOS apps are using google maps right now? think hard…I cannot think of one.

      1. Michael T. says:

        Name 1 feature that the iPhone doesnt have…..
        android stole all of the features from iPhone except the notification center. That is the one feature we took.

          1. Michael T. says:

            Am i? then how is the company i work for the richest company in the world? must have pretty smart people working their if their the top company?

          2. youre lame says:

            Richest? You’re clearly a child. Next time you’re going to lie online use words like ‘most profitable’, ‘more valuable’.

          3. Michael T. says:

            sorry most valuable. Apple has $110,000,000,000. and just incase your child mind doesnt know, thats $110 billion dollars in CASH. not counting stocks or other investments.

          4. sri says:

            apple is one of the most profitable organizations because of people like you, not because of their innovation.

            apple cares only about share holders not consumers, you fan-boys will buy a lemon sold by apple as i-lemon for $200 saying it is a new era of invention see how round it is the color is crisp.

            Frankly speaking what is the purpose of having vertical panorama ( more over panorama app is there in app store for 3g era), siri i used that app on my 3g long back, I give credit to Steve jobs for changing entire ball game of smartphones.

            dude when apple came out with iphone it was the best phone but later companies like samsung cameout with better devices than apple.

          5. Michael T. says:

            You just made this extremely personal. I am the type of person who cares less about brand, i dont care what brand my shoes, cars, clothes or anything is except my tech. I am an Apple “fan boy” because its a product that just works. Every day people come into the store wanting our products because others dont last. they look all flashy and cool and then 3 months later they die. not to say apples products are near perfect but there lifetime surpasses every other product. You make me sound like some idiot who is just a follower of some cult. If you did any research youd find that apple doesnt care about money as their primary care. example: today Tim Cook said an apology about the maps function and now its their goal to fix it and make it right. because people hold Apple to standards that no other company can compete. I feel bad for people like you, nothing to stand for and believe that shitty technology is better than saying you love a company that is just better. All you people say Apple sucks because you dont want to be like me. classified as a “fan boy”. If you dont look at specs or features and just look at what lasts and is built with the highest quality, please id like you to tell me 1 product that is built better.

          6. sri says:

            hey man cool I dint mean anything personal to you when I say people like you, I mean people who bought apple products, I don’t see any reason for you getting offended.

            I am a software engineer and please don’t take it personal again here, I know about technology and all this crap built in these phones.

            dude I am neither a apple fan-boy nor a android fan, all I care is for a good product. If apple makes one I support apple if Samsung makes one I support Samsung, by the way I use HTC.

            every two years if in contract ( or every other year) we change phones, so my view is I will care for features than that last for a lifetime ( more over all the phones in market are made out of good quality like Samsung and HTC uses poly carbonate Google if you need more info on what it is capable of) and frankly speaking I use phone as a device not like a weapon or some utility so I don’t rally care if it made of aluminum or poly carbonate.

          7. sri says:

            what build quality you are talking about michael, my iphone 4 screen shattered into infinity pieces when I accidentally dropped it and it got impact in corner, you know why because it is so tightly couple that it don’t have ant gap to contract on impact, where as if you use plastic(poly carbonate) this wont happen. There is a reason why diff companies go by diff material, so don’t just consider that because it uses metal means it is good.

          8. s3 says:

            Ya it is richest but what will i get if i am buying iphone….if it is richest then iphone is better then s3…..i only know that s3 is better….

        1. youre lame says:

          Apple doesn’t innovate, they redesign. They’re great at it and I admire their products… but’s let be honest Apple has been piggy backing on other peoples innovations for years. It’s started with xerox, microsoft, sony, samsung, FreeBSD project, GNU, KHTML(webkit, safari)… the list goes on.

          “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Steve Jobs

          1. Michael T. says:

            I think you misunderstand me. I never said Apple creates every part of their devices and were the ones to come up with everything. Yes they took the idea of a mouse of xerox, use processors from Samsung. when Steve said that quote it meant that when a great artist steals he advances it and makes it better. I think Apple would love if a true competitor came out with a device with the same build quality and craftsmanship. The bottom line is the S3 and iPhone 5 is not comparable because the S3 is using a bottlenecked OS compiled into a load of plastic.

          2. Michael T. says:

            If Samsung truly put in the effort of creating an outstanding product they would showcase it, instead of focusing their commercials on small changes on Apple devices. I’d like them to show the care and craftsmanship. But theirs not much thats interesting about molding plastic.

          3. youre lame says:

            Samsung is paving the way for devices like the iphone 5. In fact you’re iphone 5 wouldn’t even exist without Samsung. According to multiple sources 26% of the components in the iphone 5 were designed and engineered by Samsung. So just remember every time you buy an iphone, Samsung profits.

          4. Michael T. says:

            “Samsung is paving the way for devices like the iphone 5.” The fact that you just said that makes me sick. Samsung would be bankrupt if it weren’t for Apple. It wouldn’t make any of the features that ur lil lame S3 has. Samsung makes the processor for the phone that has nothing to do with how the OS looks, or how durable and well built the phone is, it only deals with the speed. which is great so in that sense….thanks samsung. as far as the S3 goes…. FAIL.

          5. youre lame says:

            Actually no they wouldn’t. Samsung is incredibly vertical. They don’t even need to make phones and they would still be profitable. They’re heavily involved in many markets. Washer/Dryers, Computers, Phones, Chip, TV’s, Printers… Not to even mention their business solutions.

            Think of it like this, who did apple go to when they needed to build the iphone 5. That says a lot about Samsung. They’re partner companies… not enemies.

          6. Michael T. says:

            you know what….. your right. I take back that comment about them being bankrupt without iPhone. They do have many other great products in other markets. My personal opinion is they shouldn’t work on making entire phones. I apologize for that previous comment and with no sarcasm i think your right.

          7. Free says:

            @Michael T: I agree with all those like u who call Steve Jobs a great innovator, bt remember, “innovator” doesnt mean “creator”. Jobs copied other designs to design da iphone. Touchscreens existed before the iphone, round shaped phones existed before the iphone, etc…n it’s a shame that apple uses court case in its homeland to block competition like Samsung or Htc dat honestly really innovates by putting in their phones features that attract people. Apple is loosing court cases all over the world because true justice knows innovation is not creation. S3 is cheap plastic? 25 millions sold in 100days telling u that people loves the beauty of the S3 screen n its features that Iphone 5 doesnt have. Predictions said 10millions ip5 wud be sold in first wkend, only 5milions, dats only one million more than Ip4s. No one will doubt that apple makes nice luking phones, bt i better have a not so nice luking car dat has gud engine n lovly features than have a nice luking one bt lacking innovation, n sorry bt apple doesnt innovate anymore. Sorry to say that Michael, but other companies make better phones.

          8. Sam says:

            Michael T is gonna start crying now, guys stop picking on the guy….its ok Michael……iphone 5 is better Samsung galaxy 1


          9. Michael T. says:

            I love this. I love fighting for what i believe, fighting for something that i am so passionate about, yeah to the point of almost tears. laugh at me, i really dont care. Because the passion i have for being part of something that can change the world is priceless to me. So the fact that your mocking that just shows your maturity level. you can laugh now, but you’ll choke on it one day when you hear that i Michael Tobin have done something to change the world for the better.

        2. youre lame says:

          Android hasn’t stolen anything. Android was built on Linux, and uses a completely open source model to further it’s development. Android Inc prior to Google’s acquisition was founded in 2003, a year before development started on the iphone. You really need to get your facts straight.

          1. Michael T. says:

            I dont care when they started. I am talking about what they copied. Look at samsung phones prior to iphone and then after. the iPhone created full touch screen phones, a simply UI, Applications, an App store, and now its new features such as S voice (ummm…. Siri?) S-Beam (ummm…. like the free bump app?) and sharing photos with groups (umm…. photo stream sharing?). Talk about getting facts straight.

          2. youre lame says:

            None of the points you’ve mentioned are apple specific, let alone innovative. Touch screens existed before the iphone, so did simple user interfaces, applications, software retailers, voice recognition, sharing photos, wireless data sharing… You’re grasping at straws.

          3. Michael T. says:

            Ummm no they didn’t. Apple was the first to bring out a phone that was totally touch screen and that had a good sensitive touch screen. They worked with microsoft in creating the best GUI for personal computing. Siri was a technology that was 6 years older than the 4s, so yes i know Apple didnt invent that. I had voice rec on my old HP. But you cannot tell me a device that came out before the iphone or a computer that came out before Mac that outdid the UI. If you can then id be glad to apologize and look into so i may better understand the timeline of technology. but until then my view is that Apple along with the help of many other companies is the one to bring out the newest and most innovative tech.

          4. youre lame says:

            Actually the IBM simon was introduced in 1994, completely touch screen. You may have also heard of a company called Palm.

          5. Michael T. says:

            Thats actually interesting. I mean its no iPhone or S3 but your right it is touch screen. my only question is if it is DOS OS wouldnt that mean you have to manually put in lines of code in order to do functions? Thats not exactly an easy UI

          1. Michael T. says:

            I’m not mad? but i laugh because you cant name one. I work at Apple, I know every feature the iPhone has and i research its top competitors and the S3 either has copies of our features or less.

  1. Loved Nokia says:

    It clearly states this is reported by “Appleinsider”… APPLE INSIDER!!!!! of course the APPLE is going to edge out the S3.
    As an owner of both, this is Horse S***, the apple battery does last longer if you use the Samsung at full throttle, However, the SAmsung is superior in almost every other way!

    1. FlameFighter says:

      Dude, chill out. It’s just an article. Use your phone to do things you enjoy doing, not bash on other people’s opinions. As far as phones are concerned. The phone you own should be the phone you like. It’s that simple. Geez, what’s with people losing their minds about this?

      1. Loved Nokia says:

        That’s funny seeing as how this entire article was written based on the report by AppleInsider all for the intention of creating or persuading a persons opinion by spinning their opinion into some fallible truth. I don’t have to chill out, the article is doing an injustice by marauding itself as an unbiased piece of info based on a biased report. I’m sorry if you were offended, maybe you shouldn’t be on these kinds of pages if you don’t want to read anyone’s opinions or perceptions.

        1. FlameFighter says:

          Well you basically made my point for me. The article should be taken as what it is, an opinion. Comparisons by nature are opinions. People reading these are looking for feedback, not just facts, and that’s biased from the very beginning. The facts can be found elsewhere. You don’t have to chill out if you don’t want to. I just thought it would be better for the mind is all. I own the iPhone 5 and many of my friends own a slew of different Android devices (S3’s included) and guess what? We still all have no problem sharing those same hilarious meems, photos, and messages that everyone else in the world is sending. There are plenty of articles geared to praising the S3 too. There’s no point in reading an article for somebody else’s “approval” only to be offended by an opinion that may be different from yours. I like reading these so I know what people find good and bad about each.

  2. The sad part is that an uneducated person would not know that brightness and contrast can be adjusted or that the brightness can affect the perception of contrast. This same exact thing can happen if you walk into best Buy to buy a TV because they always turn the brightness all the way up to make it look good in the store. Then when you get home and the TV isn’t set the same way it looks like crap because they are too dark.
    That is when you find out that what you were looking at was the TV’s maximum brightness.

    1. Michael T. says:

      Yes, we use their processor. The iPhone is made from sapphire crystal, brushed aluminum, corning gorilla glass and incased in a single unibody design such as the mac. The S3 is made of plastic…. Although i could not find how much is costs to make the S3 i suggest its around $50-80 a unit. the iPhone costs $250 a unit. That just shows the time and care that was put into the design. Also iOS has been the same since the beginning and just refined over time to seek the perfect OS. android has constantly been adding junk that just doesn’t work. Within stupid samsung commercials they have advertised features that have been around in iPhone since the iPhone 3G and the launch of the App store.

      1. Please don’t pretend you work at Apple. A well educated engineer would never lose his temper like an ordinary fanboy like you do. Moreover, you would have known the materials used in the GS3 are probably not that much cheaper than the Iphone. Not just the semiconductors, but basically all hardware in the Iphone was made by other companies than Apple. Apple is a good designer, a reasonable software developer, but most of all an excellent marketeer.

  3. sg3 says:

    i was an ios user.. the main things is.. android is much better than ios. 🙂 . now im using s3.. it great with jelly bean. 🙂 .. maybe i will check out on the ip5.. iphone is very expensive compare 2 samsung. 🙂 even s3( alot2 better) = 4s .. price

  4. joe says:

    i like how you say ‘our’ like the fans made it lol you buy it coz its fashionable, most of you wont even pull the phone out of second gear, if you did then you would know the galaxy would eat it up. look wise both phones are ugly, iphone 5 is so outdate, they all look the same…oh wow what an amazing upgrade for the screen size lol s3 eats it up-bigger is better…ladies,you know this…lumia 920 looks better, camera wise as well so reconsider what you want…smart-s3 or a fashion statement or something different, this bs up top is clearly an apple lover

    1. blackhat says:

      what about a 911 porsche they never changed the shape do you think thats out dated, don’t thinks so why change something if it works plastic sansung fan boy

      1. ronf57 says:

        the fact that my S3 is plastic has saved me many times.
        I drop my phone, ALOT. my droid with its metal russian ww2 tank design when dropped broke its screen. Apple obviously has this same issue… shopping malls are full of kiosks that replace the glass while you shop.
        My plastic samsung s3, drops…no scratches, no cracked glass, back comes off to ADD A SDCARD to increase its storage space (what a concept apple- didn’t you invent that too?)
        S3 isn’t perfect but the light plastic casing…i love. since my first motorola flip phone I’ve bought a lot of cell phone glass and no more with plastic cased S3.

      1. sos says:

        You are dumb!!! If you put a dog on golden chair with golden hat and silver clothes its still a dog. Ios is like a prision, you stay inside and never know what’s going on outside. Yes Samsung is made of plastic which is cheap but still cpmpetes iphone5…count on days when open sources beats nut inside a box. And stop using weeeeee…it sounds all apple employee are dumb like you..

  5. Ivan Spiteri says:

    It’s absolutely obvious that or you work for apple as a full timer,or they pay you with commission,or you really must be a totally blind man (apple funboy ).not exactly only for the display,but to consider that as a holistic iphone is better,is absolutely clear that there Is something wrong!!!!!.because SGS 3 is absolutely the better one!!! (Mostly As a holistic!!!)

  6. Eviltweety88 says:

    EVERYONE has an opinion…even though I prefer the Android to Apple..(yes I’ve used both..I find the Android more intuitive..personal choice though). Neither is awful, both have +-. I’ve found the quality to be excellent on both. I’ll take an iPad and use my Samsung phone and I believe I have the best of both worlds.

  7. Edd Smith says:

    Why are so many writers subjective. Shame – both good phones but only one leader now.. S3. Apple are now chasing innovation rather then writing. Their solution – litigation to hamper innovation

  8. Mr.Lewis23 says:

    I have the s3 and if u r a man and u complain about the s3 screen size go put ya lil sister dress on
    The iphone is just as it always has been an over hyped product. That by the way it it dropsbit dingsdings like a wrecked car ive had my s3 head to head wit my brothers ip5 he lost im android cause i like freedom to do what I want wit my phone unlike u apple drones fyi good luck wit the maps function problems seems the phone

  9. voice_of_reason says:

    PC = Apple
    It’s all in the personal preference to the user. I will say that the apple crowd is clearly the more obsessive and almost cult like. I am into android, but I don’t need the newest android phone every time one comes out nor will I wait in line for days to get my hands on one. I can wait. I’ve used PC’s and android for awhile now, so there is no need to switch. The most important difference is, I speak my mind once about this topic and I’m done. The apple users will go on, and on, and on. Give it a rest, its technology. Go out and live your life.

  10. govindarajan says:

    Can the comments be more objective please and refined, It would be nice if people spell out the reason as to why they feel one to be better than the other vis a vis the price.

  11. irf says:

    Iphone users don’t forget the internal chips, and screen are made by LG and samsung respectively…apple can’t make anything themselves…utter useless company…Samsung all the way… love you samsung.
    This is not biased cuz i have iphone 5 and Galaxy S3…..

  12. viridis says:

    Loving the fanboy pretending to work for apple, how do we know you’re pretending? Because you’re spouting bullshit.
    1 apple iPhones cost more to manufacture. This is true. Not because they are better, but because they have to buy all parts off other manufacturers. Apple do not manufacture a single item.
    2 shitty operating system. Siri, maps, taskbar all on android before apple stole them.
    3 innovation. Every iPad and iPhone has looked identical for 3 years.
    4 build quality. Android phones used gorilla glass loooooong before apple. 1st 3 iPhones used tempered glass, as an engineer you would know that.
    5 apple create.considering the amount of time apple spends in court it still amazes me just how stupid their fanboys are, fact is, apple have stolen the ideas for everything it sells.apple have never invented anything.

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