iPhone 5 build problems mount with light leakage

The launch of the Apple iPhone 5 only took place on Friday and after the initial excitement it seems that there are growing problems for Apple. Millions of the new iPhone have already been sold and although plenty of people are more than happy with their purchase it would be fair to say that there have been some issues. Now the iPhone 5 build problems seem to be mounting as some owners are reporting an issue with light leakage with the white iPhone 5.

If you’re wondering why we say build problems seem to be mounting, that’s because earlier today we told of an increasingly widespread problem mainly affecting the black iPhone 5, sometimes being referred to as ‘Scuffgate’ or ‘Scratchgate.’ We told how many new iPhone owners are taking to forums to say their phones were damaged when they took them out of the box or that they became scratched or scuffed after only very light use. The fact that some marks were underneath the protective film indicated either carelessness at the factory or a faulty production process. Apple had issued no comment on this at the time although one owner said that a customer support rep said that it was a widespread issue. Now it seems that Apple has another build issue on its hands with the light leak problem.

As with the scuffing & scratching issue there are some iPhone 5 owners taking to forums to talk about the latest problem whereupon some of the white models of the latest iPhone seem to have light leakage. This is occurring between the display glass and the aluminum antenna, according to a BGR report and the area to look at is around the power button where there may be a small crack. The issue is being discussed on the MacRumors forums so BGR took a close look at one of its own iPhone 5s and did indeed see a loosening chamfer and light leakage near to the power button.

The model BGR found the issue on was a white and silver 64GB unit on AT&T but the site does point out that users would never notice the problem unless using the iPhone 5 in low light or darkness. BGR has a couple of photos showing the light leakage and we’ve posted one above. As you can see there is definite light leakage although it doesn’t really look like a major fault. However of course these are not cheap items and people do have a right to expect they will be without flaws. Other MacRumor forum members have come forward saying they had this same problem and have had the faulty units replaced although one user told how the replacement was affected in the same way.

also discusses this latest iPhone 5 problem and notes that comments are also being made about it on the Apple support forums here. Cnet reminds us that this light leakage has been evident before on the iPad 2 and also on the iPhone 4 when using the camera. In those cases though there was also evidence of a yellowish tint, thought to be due to the glue used in assembly, although we haven’t heard this mentioned in this latest example of light leakage.

This problem has only just come to light (excuse the pun) so it’s difficult to get an idea of just how many iPhone 5 units are affected with the light leakage flaw. Cnet has reached out to Apple for comment about this issue and if we hear about any response from Apple we’ll let you know. What with many complaining about the Apple Maps app on iOS 6 instead of Google Maps, then the ‘Scuffgate’ issue and now this latest light leakage problem, Apple seems to be rather under fire at the moment. However as we pointed out earlier we must remember that there are many happy iPhone users who are delighted with their latest smartphone purchase.

We’d like to know what you think about this additional problem for the iPhone 5. Has your white iPhone 5 been affected by this issue? Maybe you’ve noticed light leakage on your black iPhone 5 even though we’ve not heard about this flaw affecting the black version yet? Let us know with your comments.


11 thoughts on “iPhone 5 build problems mount with light leakage”

  1. I’m not a fan of Apple at all but this flaw is just nitpicking. The other problems that have come up are a big deal & I’d be pissed if I had to deal with those issues but this one is a minor annoyance. It’s kind of like the issue I had with my first Galaxy Note which was a white model & there was light shinning through the thin plastic of the bottom capacitive buttons making a faint circular shape around each button. This was annoying to me at first but didn’t really care after awhile. I think this is the same kind of thing but actually less of a problem because it can only be seen in low light situations. Ya gotta look at it as if that’s the device you want then your going to have to deal with it or get a black model, which is what I did with my Galaxy Note.
    I bet Apple comes out with an excuse like we made it that way so you could tell where the power button is in the dark lol – KID ANDROID ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

  2. Mike says:

    My new earbuds broke the first day when a dropped my iPad and the earbud plug bent in two. As I bought them as I was leaving the US on holiday it’s just £25 wasted. Poor quality materials.

  3. K says:

    I have a white 32gb IPhone 5, which has a small light leak exactly below the power button in between the glass and the metal rim, its visible only in complete darkness, I bought the phone from AT&T store, not sure if they will replace with a new phone.

    1. Garrett says:

      Are you kidding me?
      Are you SERIOUSLY considering returning it for such a small “issue” (non-issue to me)… come on man… as you say it’s only visible in complete darkness… besides there’s probably a 100% chance you’ll get the same “issue” with a new one.

  4. Larry Iguidez says:

    Perhaps Apple intended for the light leakage problem to occur. Who knows…they may have a patent on that specific design and may plan to sue other phone manufacturers whose phone have similar light leakage issues/problems/design feature–however which way look at it–Apple still comes out ahead.

  5. miltz says:

    i have a black i phone 5 32gb which i bought on payg £600 so i was pissed when only after 4 weeks the paint started to come off the alloy sides i rang apple to report the problem after i looked on forums and googled it i was shocked of how many people are having the same problem , as ive worked in the motor trade repairing damaged cars i know that aluminium is the hardess metal to get paint to key to , apple said they would change my phone i went into a store and was hurried out so other customers would not hear my complaint ,also the staff members said it wouldnt happen on my replacement phone ,funny that because apple say there isnt a problem but again a few weeks later the paint again has come off i even kept my phone in a soft sports sock so not to drop or scratch it , my friends have nokia lunas and galaxys and have no problems

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