Asus Transformer Prime & Infinity Jelly Bean updates coming within days

Some of the top questions we are asked lately regard when different devices will finally receive the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. We’ve been endeavoring to keep Phones Review readers informed with all the latest device updates and today there’s really good news for owners of the Asus Transformer Prime and Transformer Infinity tablets as it seems the Jelly Bean update will be heading to your device within the next few days.

A few weeks ago we brought you news that the 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade for the Asus Transformer Pad (TF300) was already rolling out and noted at that time that there was still no date for Jelly Bean to reach the Transformer Prime (TF201) or the Transformer Infinity (TF700). Much more recently we gave readers extensive details of the latest Jelly Bean update information for various manufacturer’s devices and the Transformer Prime and Infinity were still listed with only a vague “coming months” timeframe from Asus.

Without further ado we can tell you that Asus has now issued a statement saying that the Jelly Bean update will come to these two devices soon, possibly starting within the next 72 hours. Droid-Life, sourced from XDA, reports on the official press statement from Asus, which says that the major software update 4.1 Jelly Bean will soon roll out for the Transformer Prime and also the Transformer Infinity. An update then adds that for those device owners in the US and Canada the release is likely to be in the next 72 hours.

This will be music to the ears of these tablet owners, hoping to get their first taste of Jelly Bean and although it feels like quite a wait since Jelly Bean was launched, Asus has actually beaten many other manufacturers to the mark. The statement came from Asus Technical Marketing Manager Gary Key who thanks owners for their continued support and hopes they enjoy Android Jelly Bean. Only a few more days to go then until those in the US and Canada start enjoying Jelly Bean and hopefully other regions will also get the update very shortly.

We’d really like to hear from any readers with either the Transformer Prime or Transformer Infinity. Are you looking forward to savoring Jelly Bean? Maybe when you receive the update you could let us and other readers know that it’s finally rolling out by sending us your comments, including your location please.


11 thoughts on “Asus Transformer Prime & Infinity Jelly Bean updates coming within days”

  1. happy infinity owner says:

    This really makes me want to have my transformer infinity by my side at all times just so i can get it updated the second I get the update popup in the corner =) Can’t wait!

    when the last minor update came out, I had it installed asap cause it looked like it was going to be jelly bean =(

    *I’ve also never had a major issue w/ my tablet (i have had an app crash once or twice, but that’s easily fixed), just ready for the speed boost really

  2. CraigBrighton says:

    I think this would be more interesting/exciting if i could actually buy a UK Infinity at the moment, but it seems all has gone quiet on an official release as it was supposed to be the end of August and then 10th September. It’s now the end of September and no news anywhere on the UK release. Am getting bored now and might go find something more interesting and available instead!

    1. The Stifmeister says:

      by the time asus release the infinity in the UK windows 8 tablets will be out. like you i have been waiting for ages for it to be released in the UK and i was looking forward to getting it at the end of august but never came then waited till the 10th September but never came and it is now the end of September and it hasn’t come out yet, they will probably release it at the end of November or some late date like that so its in-time for Christmas. i am very very disappointing with asus. when this device is released in the uk i am still going to get one but it will be out dated by newer tablets.

      1. CraigBrighton says:

        My UK Infinity arrived yesterday (very exciting), and it updated itself to Jelly Bean last night almost as soon as it hit the internet. I love it!

    2. John J. Smith says:

      Just order one from across the pond (U.S.A). They’re already selling here and with the dollar weak against the pound, should be cheaper too.

  3. Christopher Elliott says:

    “although it feels like quite a wait since Jelly Bean was launched” Not really. Especially considering that I’m _still_ waiting for ICS on my Bionic…

  4. Tom Stock says:

    downloaded update last week.TF300.Backspace now doesn’t work unless i tap screen till blue marker appears then backspace works!Hope the fix for this glitch appears soon.Any ideas please?

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