Android 4.2 update rumoured to bring some nice changes

Currently on the Android platform there are many different versions of the operating system still being used, which has led to some criticism in the past. While numerous flagship handsets still wait to be updated to either Android ICS or Jelly Bean, rumours of the Android 4.2 update begin to surface with various changes to the software and to the Nexus program.

Recently we have heard a lot about an upcoming Nexus device from LG, but Android and Me are reporting that Android 4.2 will feature a number of changes that will make it a worthy upgrade from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It seems likely that Google will allow multiple handset manufacturers to provide Nexus devices as long as some guide lines are met, which include running Android 4.2 straight from the box. This will be great for consumers looking to pick up a new Nexus device with the increased choice that will be available.

It is being claimed that Android 4.2 will feature a new Customization Center that will allow users to easily change things such as backgrounds, language packs, launchers, and ringtones. There will be filters to alter the UI and the appearance of dynamic icons, which will be a first for the platform.

Handset manufacturers will still be able to provide their own Android overlays that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, which will mean owners of the handsets will be able to get the latest Android update without waiting for companies to update these overlays.

A feature called Project Roadrunner that will be similar to Project Butter found in Jelly Bean, but will deal with battery life instead of the UI. This is thought to increase battery life but further details are not yet known.

Google Now will also get a refresh with more functions added that will include the ability to ask for help among other things, and Google Play will be updated with features such as Notification Integration and personalized search.

There is likely be some more features added that are not yet known about, but Andy Rubin is likely to showcase these at the upcoming All Things D: Dive Into Mobile conference taking place on October 29th, which ties in with previous claims that the next Nexus will be launched at the end of this month.

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3 thoughts on “Android 4.2 update rumoured to bring some nice changes”

  1. woody says:

    a bloody joke everyone still waiting for jelly bean and some not even got ics yet and now they taking about key lime pie 4.2. I’m a big fan of Samsung and there galaxy range had most of the hand sets galaxy s,s 2,and joke my galaxy s 3 but Samsung really do need to sort out this Android updating system out when apple released the i pphone 5 all i phone 4 and 4s users got the ios 6 update in one move why do Samsung insist on this region an region thing it’s annoying it makes people take risks with device by rooting and custom roms sort it out Samsung I couldn’t wait any longer so I’m now running the Polish release of jelly bean it works great but I’d rather have the English official version as now my device is not accepted by Samsung kies coz of the update region so when the English version is finally released I have to flash it again it’s a pain get these updates pushed out Samsung.

  2. TomT says:

    Multiple Nexus Manufacturers??? NEXUS brand was once regarded as a premium developers phone, a status symbol to some degree with exclusive rights promised to the latest & greatest OS – the NEXUS branded Hardware will be as Fragmented as the OS it was built on – Nice Sellout GOOGLE!!!

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