iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 video takes a pure and simple look

We’ve brought readers many previous articles about two of the hottest smartphones on the market right now, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III). The Galaxy S3 came out earlier this year while the iPhone 5 was only released in September and is still in short supply. At Phones Review we often bring you phone comparisons and today we have a video review of the iPhone 5 vs the Galaxy S3, which gives a pure and simple look at these phones.

On previous occasions we’ve compared these two phones looking at different aspects such as their displays, a battery life confrontation and also their energy impact but we can sometimes forget that not everybody is as clued up as others about phones and want a comparison that’s short, clear and not too wordy or focused on specs. This is where a handy video look at the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 comes in as sometimes pictures can tell a thousand words.

You can see the YouTube video below this story and it comes from the Inquirer. It packs a lot into its 3.5 minutes and starts with a look at the form factor of the two noting the slimness of both. It also notes that the Galaxy S3 is more comfortable to hold due to its curved edges but that the Galaxy S3 doesn’t feel as high-end as the iPhone 5. It then goes on to look at the displays and says that most consumers won’t be able to see much difference although the iPhone 5 is better outdoors.

Moving on the video looks at the processor performance and says that although the Galaxy S3 with its 1.4GHz quad-core processor sounds like it should be a lot faster than the iPhone 5’s 1.2GHz dual-core processor, in fact this is another close call. The interfaces of both phones are also discussed and then the video moves on to the cameras. Image quality was said to be around the same although the iPhone 5 panorama mode was impressive.

In conclusion it was pretty much a draw but a useful point is that the iPhone 5 may be better suited for those who need a simple and easy-to-use handset while the Galaxy S3 might well be the pick for those who want a larger screen and enjoy customizing their handsets. Of course much of any choice between these two phones will be down to whether you prefer the Android or iOS platforms but it you’re open to change or have no preference then this video could help you decide the right choice for you. If you want to find out more about these two phones then check out our many previous iPhone 5 articles here or Galaxy S3 articles here.

Once you’ve taken a look at the video below we’d be really interested to hear if it has helped you make up your mind between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3? Which would you choose and why? Send your comments to let us know.


24 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 video takes a pure and simple look”

  1. Noone says:

    Ya this reviewer does not know anything. I hate it when just any one thinks they are qualified to write a review. IF YOU HAVE NO TECHNICAL BACK GROUND STAY HOME!!!!

  2. lywell says:

    Really nice comparision! Recently also read the “tech specification comparison between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 in Enolsoft blog, now Im confirmed to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3!

  3. 1.2ghz duel core iphone against an older 1.5ghz quad core. how on earth can you sit there and say it’s a draw when the iphone does absolutely nothing as technical as the Samsung S3, the iphone is just a list of apps on a crap OS that’s sold to fanboys of apple products.

    Please do tell me what the iphone can do that the Samsung can’t do faster and better.
    I don’t have either of them but it just annoys me how you say it’s a draw when it can’t be and never will untill iphone5 becomes more than a simple fashion accessory

    1. Think Your Good At Tech ? says:

      Adam, you are such a Fandroid. Please do some research before you start commenting about anything. Clock speeds mean nothing. If you’d research before commenting, you would’ve seen that 90% of the reviewers say the iPhone 5 is faster in almost everything. It annoys me just by reading your post which I can see has no meaning whatsoever. I suggest you stop acting so fanboy-ish and grow up.

      I own an iPhone 5. People can complain all they want, but you can only experience it after you own one. They’re amazing, and let me remind you, I do have a S3. I just prefer my iPhone 5 to it, you cannot change my decision.

      Also, the camera in the iPhone 5 clicks better pictures.

      1. yarrellray says:

        What you prefer only provides your opinion which is only subjective to you and only you. The problem with iphone heads are that they aren’t really up on technology. They are essentially people who are clueless joe’s uneducated simpletons who have no real knowledge of technology. Apple offers a closed boring platform that has icons that offer no substances. You learn nothing about technology using or carrying your iphone. 97% of apple fanboy have no clue what truly powers there device. Comparing Android to Apple is useless at best. Android offers the user the ability to learn and customize there device as they see fit not as Apple requires you to use it. Widgets offer far more information and style customizations that will never exist with Apple. 95% of all android users are more educated when it comes to technology. They understand what a home screen is, they know what a custom rom is, what a custom kernel does, what rooting a device is, and what a launcher is. These are all things no apple user would understand. Apple devices always have been and forever will be behind the curve. Getting LTE and a 4 inch screen means nothing to android users we had that in 2010. My Htc Evo 4g back in June 2010 shitted on the apple iphone 4. Back the my Evo had a 4.3 inch screen and was the first 4g device on the market nobody even knew what 4g was. Bottom line here folks Samsung owns apple the nucleus of the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and upcoming Galaxy Note 2 and upcoming Galaxy Nexus 2 shits all over your useless iphone 5 with it’s crappy map solution and watered down Internet. Iphones are for losers who love Itunes they are not all purpose entertainment devices.

        1. me says:

          Interesting words: I think you’ve just confirmed what a geek you are! Who gives a f**k what a custom kernel does or a custom rom. I think you need to get out a little more which is what us iphone users do…

          1. yarrellray says:

            Yeah I see a lot of iphone users sitting in Starbucks and public library’s. Wow what a special life you guys have walking around like you have stick stuck up your ass. No thank you my life and career offers a wonderful balance.

          2. squiddy20 says:

            On one hand you say “I see a lot of iphone users sitting in…” but then you go on to say “you guys have walking around like you have stick stuck up your ass” (which in itself makes no sense). You can’t be *walking around* with a stick up your ass if you’re *sitting*. How much more illogical could you be? Good god you are stupid.
            “my life and career offers a wonderful balance.” 5 years ago you were homeless on the streets of NYC. Now you’re working as a “security expert” for one of the numerous shelters that took you in and taught you how to turn on a computer. Yeah, that’s a great “career” you’ve got there.

          3. Blake says:

            Wow dude, the guy is actually doing something with his life and you go around and just insult him. He is in a better situation then he was, so relax on the homeless insults. Also the choice between phones is clearly personal. iPhone users can not call android users clueless and android users can not call iPhone users clueless. Both phones are great advances in cell phone technology and here we are fanboying/circle jerking about which is better.

        2. ZetaReticula says:

          Yarrellray , if 95% of android users are more educated , than you must definitely be part of the clueless 5%.
          Where to start….
          I work for a large datacentre building and supporting hundreds of virtual servers and applications and consider myself more than competent with tech. I also own an iPhone , as do aprox half the team.
          News flash yarrell ..Android is not an open source platform to claim that it has anything other than a closed platform just because it uses widgets is pretty thick, why else should it need routing? In case you hadn’t noticed iOS can be jail broken also if third party apps or cracked software is your thing.
          The only phone that tempts me away from apple is the new win 8 Nokia 920 , definitely not the oversized plastic s3.
          But hey , each to their own. I notice it mainly seems to be Fandroids who are so angry about the iPhone , why?
          There are three decent OSs out at the moment , there is choice for pople to buy what they are comfortable. But something tells me fom your anger that you suspect you have made the wrong choice.
          Never mind , that’s what EBay is for.

    2. Graham Parker says:

      I always think its so funny how people have to love or hate Apple. And sad how the haters slag off Apple and the lovers don’t slag off the competition. I love all my Apple products but also think the Galaxy is a good phone and it has helped the iPhone get better because of competition and vise versa.

    1. No it’s not all about that but look at the reviews lol 4G won’t work on all networks, the map app has gone backwards, you have lost YouTube, it needs new connectors for current chargers and docks and considering all its done is refine a few things from the iphone 4 its way expensive

      Samsung S3 has a bigger screen and leagues ahead of anything an iphone can do and has been for years now hence why on some sites the iphone 5 user rating is 3/5 stars lol I can goto an android market and get iphone 5 themes and the same type of launcher.. Just more story’s of endless custom abilities that the iphone can’t rustle up.

  4. ArtC1 says:

    Given that some people prefer one color over another, having a white S3 next to the white iPhone would have been a better choice. Beyond that, the video was simple and to the point.
    Although I have not seen it addressed, the shape of the iPhone would certainly lead one to believe that it can be thrown a greater distance 😉

    1. Martini says:

      I don’t want to get drawn into an iPhone vs Android slanging match, but some of the Android lovers need to realise that people with lives to live do not enjoy, and quite frankly don’t have the time to tinker about with their phones – they just want to use its functions like making a phone call, GPS, taking video etc without any hassle. Who on earth wants to relearn how to use their phone with each iteration of an Android OS? The IOS is easy on the eye, intuitive and does away with screen clutter (a personal bugbear). These are the reasons why the iPhone is popular, and not necessarily because its fans are Apple devotees!

  5. Bradley says:

    readin this is sad.. Iphone 5 sucks compared to the galaxy s3, if you dont know anything about the phones shut up.. seriously.. Samsung produces half the stuff in the Iphone 5, Apple is taking away apps people use everyday.. they already took out youtube, and messed up the maps. iso 6 messed up 70% of users batterys, they will be sitting at 70% and before there eyes they get 25%. I have never had a problem with my galaxy s3, and no im not picking the galaxy s3 becuz i dont have a iphone 5, i work with people with the iphone 5 and they regret getting it. apple has locked people out of customizing and making the phone how the user would like it, Samsung has made it so the user can be happy and customize it how they want, and from my experience the iphone 5 is NOT faster then the Samsung galaxy s3, maybe faster then the s1 thats about all, iphone 5 SUCKS compaired to the s3. do your research then come back and message before u talk about something you dont know anything about..

  6. Yarell speaks alot of sense. Of corse the iphone 5 is easier to use and simple but them again a calculator can do maths quicker than a computer. The iphone has never been ahead of android, there’s an app for this there’s an app for that? I congratulations on doing what the rest can but needing a computer todo it, and can you download music on an iphone without needing to use iTunes? Can you bluetooth everything to a computer? Can you change the icon themes? Can you do anything without having to open apps?

    I have an Xperia S which has duel core and 1.5ghz which is the same if not more?

    If I pay for a phone I want it to be miles ahead of the old version and be the best tech around, the S3 is alot older than the iphone 5 but still does countless more lol

  7. RomThisandRootThat says:

    I have been struggling with getting my first Iphone or going with the Galaxy S3. I think I am sold on the Iphone and after reading so much nonsense about the comparison on both I realize most people seem to throw a lot of BS about why one is better than the other. I have used an HTC Android phone for almost 3 years now and why I am finally switching to an Iphone….

    The Galaxy 3 has some different and additional features BUT…

    Apple is a closed system and Android is open – mostly incorrect. While both can be rooted/jailbroken. Android still has preinstalled apps and bloatware based on your carrier AND Manufacturer. This bloatware can cause other issues. IPHONE wins!

    Updates are horribly inconsistent for Android and you are at the mercy of both the carrier and manufacturer once again. IOS is nicely streamlined with their Ipads, Ipods, and Iphones and you are more likely to get the latest updates for even older devices. Waited a year for Samsung to get ICS on my Galaxy Tab (Android on the Tab was horrendous). Never got it for my Evo. Already running IOS 6 after just a few months of my first Ipad which worked and works perfect. IPHONE wins!

    NFC – Is anyone really using this yet? If I were to ask most of my friends would they even know what it is? A good selling point for Samsung but Apple knows it’s use is still a few years off. Google it. I was curious and see it is projected to be anywhere from a few years to 10 years off. Apple got it right with Flash I think they have it right about NFC. IPHONE Wins!

    SD Card. I have a 16g on my HTC which is pretty much useless as I get my music from Google Music and most everything else from one cloud or another. Toss up for those who don’t have a clue how to use cloud services or need a zillion apps they will never use.

    Oooooo! you can add widgets and launchers or even worse some stupid theme. Really. Did you put stickers on your home phone?…Probably! IF themes are important to you I am sure you cannot live without some awful ringtone only you think is cool. Wow, from experience these slowed down my phone, crashed and killed my battery. Deleted almost all of them. They are crap. It’s like saying I can change the wall paper on my desk top. I am not impressed by your background or your ugly icons. Get out of mommies basement as your costume for comic con is ready. IPHONE wins!

    The S3 has a bigger screen. Anyone remember when cell phones all were trying to be as small as possible. If you need anything bigger than 4 inches you might be over compensating for something else. The Samsung Note is just ridiculous. The S3 is a great screen and about as big as what I would feel comfortable holding The IPhone 5 is perfect! Draw.

    Other stuff, You can swipe your palm over the screen on the S3 to take a screen shot (how many times do you actually take screen shots, why? of your penis?) You can bump your S3 and share stuff with other GALAXY phones. Ummm, ok. The Iphone INSTANTLY syncs your pictures, reminders, notes, bookmarks, music etc with your mac & Ipad. You can even add the Icloud Application to sync from Windows for pictures. IPHONE wins.

    A lot of the selling point for the Samsung sound great on paper but in the real world are you actually doing or using some of these features. There are plenty of features I haven’t even mentioned that just make the Iphone better. I have never owned one but based on my experience with all the platforms and using my Ipad I have concluded it is by far a better OS.

    Below someone who is truly clueless thinks Android users are more technically savvy than Iphone users. Having used both OS’s I realize Android for many is for those with time to kill who want to waste it on rooting and flashing some ROM and Kernel. Look what I can do. Iphone users actually use real world applications that get things done instead of time wasting rooting and roms that work half assed. Been there done that. No thanks! Can’t wait to get my first Iphone and leave behind the world of Rooting, waiting for updates, crashes lags, bad widgets and awful themes, manufacturers bloatware ETC!. I will be able to take pictures and have them instantly on my Imac and Ipad, reminders, notes, music, documents and more. If I want to geek out I can jailbreak my Iphone – but why bother. Maybe for tethering, otherwise naaa.

    Iphones are for adults, Android is for 11-man boys, and Windows 8 is for (yea, I had to bring 8 up, lol) children 3-11.

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