Galaxy S3 on Verizon update but don’t get Jelly Bean excited

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know we like to keep you informed about software updates heading to devices. Today we have news for Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) owners on Verizon as a new software update has just been approved. However, if you’re one of the many waiting for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to hit the Galaxy S3 then please don’t get excited as this is is not Jelly Bean but just a minor update.

We’ve been following developments of the Jelly Bean update headed to the Galaxy S3 for some months now and the response to our articles on this is always huge. We’ll come back to that but firstly give you details on the update that is coming to the device on Verizon, build VRALHE. It’s a 62MB download with an estimated software download time of 5 to 7 minutes and an estimated update time of 5 to 7 minutes and Samsung and Verizon are urging owners of the Galaxy S3 to proceed with the update when ready.

Once again, this isn’t the taste of Jelly Bean that everyone is waiting for but this software update will bring users of the Galaxy S3 on Verizon an enhanced zooming feature added to the interface, reduced device resets and improved stability when in Google Play. Owners of this smartphone on Verizon will be receiving notification and then need to tap ‘OK’ to continue. At this point the phone will power off before coming back on again and proceeding with the installation. Alternatively you can hit ‘Defer’ but you will be reminded of the update being available every 30 minutes. Another route when you receive your first notification is to opt to manually update by hitting Home>Applications>Settings>About Phone>and then System Updates. Then hit Restart and Install to proceed with the upgrade. When your device powers off and on again you should see the screen below.

As we mentioned earlier in this post we know that many of our readers are patiently, or not so patiently waiting for 4.1 Jelly Bean to come to the Galaxy S3 and when we recently spoke of the frustration over how long this is taking in the U.S. we received a huge amount of comments from readers, many of whom were pretty hacked off.

Many readers expected the update several months ago and Samsung once confirmed it would be pushed out in September. Now we’re halfway through October and there’s still no sign although one site currently lists the Galaxy S3 on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular as pending and due in November. Meanwhile the official Samsung Jelly Bean update page still lists these all as simply “coming soon.”

We’ll certainly continue to keep readers informed about further developments with Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 but in the meantime remember the minor update above that you should shortly receive notification about if you’re a Verizon owner with this smartphone. We’re interested to hear from our readers about this state of affairs.

Are you the owner of a Galaxy S3 on Verizon or any of the other US carriers? If so, how do you feel about the fact that you’re still waiting for Jelly Bean some months after it was announced? Send your comments to let us know.

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12 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 on Verizon update but don’t get Jelly Bean excited”

  1. Larry says:

    Went through the release delays here in the U.S. with Sprint. Fired Sprint. Did not expect this from Verizon. Seems to me that U.S. based companies simply cannot compete with overseas providers. Maybe this is just a carry-over from our poor showing in our school systems, over-regulation by our government, and the fact the U.S. does not make anything anymore…. except diabetes.

  2. Jaff says:

    I just bought a Verizon Galaxy S 3 and want to use it overseas. I called Verizon customer care and they said they could do nothing about unlocking the phone. They said the new update would do so. I know whether or not that is true but can you please tell me what the new update will do??
    thank you

    1. JK says:

      Same here. Was just told by customer service (verizon) that then called samsung customer service that the ability to unlock the phone would come about with this update as well as global use capabilities

  3. Blame Apple. I hate to be “that guy” but they made some expensive deals with the US carriers for the “privilege” of caring the iPhone, it comes at the expense of their other customers. Look at the update of the Galaxy Nexus as case and point. Their update was much sooner than Verizon and Sprint. Simply because, they had already negotiated their price to sell the iPhone. Blame bloatware, blame Google, blame whoever, the fact is, Apple has the cash and leverage to bend Sprint and Verizon to their will, and the delay of Jelly Bean is proof of that. They have the most to loose because if SG3 ever gets Android 4.1 and Google Now, why would ANYONE buy an iPhone. Apple knows it and Sprint has been warned. Just look at their device page, rather iPhone heavy. Its OK, it is only a matter of time before Apple uses their large cash reserves to pay their legal bills when judges and governments realize what criminals they actually are.

  4. I finally gave up on Android, not that its a bad OS its just got too many hands in the fire. In the case of the S3 you had to wait for Google to come out with the update, then wait for Samsung to make it work on their devices, then comes the hard part getting the US carriers to make their modifications and approve the OS for distribution. Now this may sound like a fanboy, but its not. Apple comes out with an update and its immediately available to the world.

    1. TeddyG says:

      Yes, that’s incredibly convenient. The problem with that however is that you have one manufacturer making the phone and OS, so there is no variation in hardware or software, therefore it progresses slower. Different Android phones have different features in hardware and/or software which brings great competition just within the platform, let alone the competition from Apple. It’s kind of a genius way to promote faster evolution of the software and hardware, but worse when it comes to software updates, no question.

  5. ronf57 says:

    Ok. I got a. Call this mornin g about a problem with 4g lte not working right and told update coming should fix it. Asked about jelly and was told maybe it’s in update. Went to goto bed at 3am and plugged into charger and I got notice update available. It downloaded and installed…and after 15 minutes got Verizon you just got updated .message. looks same. Checked and version 4.0.3 became 4.0.4 whoopie whoop whoop.
    What got changed???? It ain’t jelly bean.

  6. Grant says:

    I have verizon galaxy s3 and when I read this I manually went to the settings/about device/upgrades and there it was, They never alerted me or had a pop up, if I hadn’t read this I would have never knew

  7. Brandon says:

    It’s bad when Samsung advertises the galaxy as the next big thing but gives the nexus jelly bean first sounds like a money thing to me since since the note 2 is coming out soon but what about the rest of the consumers that have to wait for an upgrade leaves a bad taste and then Verizon three biggest carrier let’s sprint beat them to the punch what’s next can you hear me now

  8. Eddie says:

    When it was time to upgrade my Droid X, the two choices were iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3, I choose Galaxy S3 because I was told by Verizon Salesman that a update to a new operating system (Jelly Bean) would be available within a month or two…That was back in August 2012…Got excited about nothing…Should have choose the iPhone 5, at least Apple keeps their promises….

  9. Rebecca Stewart says:

    Can someone answer this; we have 3 sg3’s in my house and one of them has updated to 4.1, not the other two, we keep checking but nothing….

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