Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update for US, frustration mounts

If you’re the owners of a Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) on a carrier in the US you could be forgiven for wondering what has happened to your Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Owners of the device on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular are still without the update that was announced months ago and way back in July we told how Samsung was testing the update and at that time there were hopes of it being rolled out in August. However there’s still no set time for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean upgrade for any of the US carriers and it’s fair to say frustration among owners of the device is mounting.

August came and went and there was no sign of Jelly Bean and then at the end of the month Samsung appeared to confirm a date of September saying that it would be here very soon. September also came and went and still none of the US carriers have gifted the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3. We recently told of further speculation that the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update would be appearing this month, according to a Swedish Samsung Facebook page but there’s been no further news and on the official Samsung update page about Jelly Bean it still reads simply “coming soon” for all five of the above carriers of the Galaxy S3.

Of course some have taken to using custom ROMS to get their taste of Jelly Bean and we have seen several examples of these. However at Phones Review we always advise waiting for the official manufacturer and carrier updates to arrive as if you use a ROM and hit problems you will invalidate your device’s guarantee. The US is still waiting for its official Jelly Bean upgrade for the Galaxy S3 then but how about other regions? You Mobile also has a comprehensive list on the 4.1 Jelly Bean update availability for the Galaxy S3 country-by-country and showing whether it’s for unlocked versions or particular carriers.

So far official Jelly Bean has made it to the Galaxy S3 in Hong Kong, Korea, Poland and Taiwan while the UK and Germany are listed as currently ‘updating,’ meaning the update is a step closer and just waiting for approval. Every other region though, including the US is still listed as ‘pending,’ although there’s something interesting to note here. Previously we noted that Samsung’s official Jelly Bean update page still lists all of the US carrier Jelly Bean updates as “coming soon.” However on the YouMobile site the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3 now have a date of November, that’s later than we had heard previously. If you have a Verizon Galaxy S3 it looks even grimmer as that variant is still listed as simply ‘pending’ with no date at all.

It very often seems to be the case that those in the US have to wait longer for devices to be released as well as having to wait months for operating system updates and the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean saga is yet another example of this. Although some blame the problem of fragmentation of the Android system, with different manufacturers and hardware adding to the confusion this doesn’t altogether explain why the US is so often still waiting when updates have been released in other regions and much of this seems to do with the US carriers.

The update process for the US is outlined by the Latinos Post and of course once Google has developed an update the manufacturers then have to prepare it for use with a particular device. Once this is done you’d imagine that it would then be ready to roll out the update but then individual carriers have to approve the update and often add their own bloatware, before it finally gets to the waiting public. This seems to be the stumbling block as so many carriers take a long time to ready the update at their end and the result is that we often see updates come out for the same device at different times, depending on carrier.

The delay of pushing out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the US Galaxy S3 then is likely to be just as much the fault of the carriers rather than just Samsung but we can certainly understand the amount of frustration that US readers feel that the update has still not been forthcoming. In fact even if a November release is now accurate that could still be as much as 6 or 7 weeks away depending on what part of the month it appears in.

We’d like to hear from you if you are waiting for the 4.1 Jelly Bean update for your Samsung Galaxy S3. Maybe you don’t mind the wait as long as the update is working smoothly when it arrives? Alternatively you may be annoyed or disappointed over the time it is taken for Jelly Bean to roll out to your handset? Let us know with your comments.


115 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update for US, frustration mounts”

  1. SmartPhoneGuy says:

    Since providers have the final touches on the ROM with their on specifics, and other regions have already received the update, I would venture to say the providers are to be blamed here for the delay, more or less. I don’t expect JB to bring leaping features so I am ok to wait. 🙂 Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

  2. John Alvarez says:

    I moved from a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile to a Galaxy S3 on Verizon in the United States because I needed better coverage in my area. I know I could have got a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, but I really liked the specs of the S3. I know Verizon is notorious for being slow to release updates (i.e., even Galaxy Nexus updates), but I am getting frustrated. Samsung taking so long on their “flagship” device is ridiculous. Combine this with Verizon’s usual snail pace and I will be lucky to ever see Jelly Bean. I tried custom ROMs on my S3, but I have had some issues and the stock ICS just works better at the moment. I really wish something could be done by the manufacturers to offer optional updates that bypass carriers, but I know that would not sit well with the carriers.

  3. Jason Lay says:

    This is why carriers shouldn’t be allowed to f**** with Android roms. Even though I can’t stand Apple, at least that got that part right!

    1. Apple pays a pretty penny to prevent carriers from a quick turnaround in their ROM. They have made the carriers their slaves. Apple knows their tech is years behind 4.1 and Google Now, so they use their cash and influence to punish Android users. Make no mistake, nobody benefits more in JB delays than Apple.

    2. The Ice Cream on my Galaxy S-3 — getting older day by day — was crippled from the start with a mandatory Sprint home page that popped up every time I wanted to go Internet. I finally found other ways to work around Sprint’s intrusion. But why did I have to? Just another bad marketing play. If there’s another one on Jelly Bean, I’m going to blow my cork. Hey Sprint, how about spending the cash instead on 4G capable networks? We’ve been waiting for those for awhile, too.

  4. Todd Urbanavage says:

    It’s frustrating but I would rather wait, that way most bugs are worked out and you don’t have to update after update if something went wrong. Jelly Bean looks smoother, but my SIII works just fine! phone works just fine.

  5. Maxiu says:

    I just got a pop-up that said that my android requires an update. I have the S3 on Sprint and got really excited. Clicked it and it rebooted the phone and started to update and optimize applications, but no 4.1. Not sure what it was updating, any ideas?

    1. Conner says:

      It updated a few things, including adding a brightness slider to the drop down menu, breaking the Samsung keyboard, and some under the hood improvements for the firmware and antenna.

  6. Shocker says:

    I would load custom ROMS on my phone, but I kind of need it to work on a regular basis. I’m not a 14 year old kid without a job and I don’t have multiple phones, so I can’t just hack my primary phone and hope these custom ROMS don’t break anything important. As much as I hate to admit it, Apple’s delivery of iOS is much better than how new versions of Android roll out.

  7. Chris says:

    It is ridiculous to have to wait this long. Do they actually think we believe a multibillion dollar corporation can’t put out an update faster than this. With everything at their disposal it still takes this long! Complete BS! They (the carriers) do this to create a sense of hype & dependency. I personally believe the carriers have had the code for months. They delay everything in order to squeeze every penny from us as they can. And we just sit and take it yeast after year. But of you dislike apple as much as I do what can you do? Right?

  8. Raisin says:

    UK S3 owner here, according to the youmobile website, the UK update has been ‘Updating’ for nearly two weeks now so we’re not exactly any further up the pecking order than you guys and most of our stuff comes as ‘UK (USA) ‘ default anyway, so I blame you lot.

  9. inthegalaxy says:

    I find myself everyday scrolling the android forms, reading comments in hopes the Samsung goddess with appear out of the software update manager with little jelly beans fallig from her hands. Not really. I would like to have JB but they hype that the carriers ploy to get everyone to buy the device and wait until the last minute to update is getting old and really shows who to blame here.

  10. Dr Vas says:

    May I ask that since Sammy has or had been manufacturing components for Apple iPhone etc they may have an agreement for their products to be updated last in the US? So Apple can achieve more sales in the meantime, let’s say…or just another conspiracy theory…hmm It seems to me that Sammy is always last in the US as in doing things.

    1. magnams13 says:

      Interesting idea. I was very surprised they didnt release jelly bean for s3’s prior to the iphone 5 release. I thought for sure they would make that move in order to attract would be iphone buyers. Your “conspiracy theory” lol makes sense to me

    2. Mihir says:

      I think Motorola takes the cake on being the last one to update their phones. The Bionic, which was once a flagship device, doesn’t even have ICS yet.

        1. Ray says:

          Google bought Motorola for their patents. Motorola could burn to the ground any day, and Google will still be in the green. The patents cost more than the lineup of devices.

    3. AussieAndroid says:

      “Collaboration between parties” should be the new term for “conspiracy theory”. I have no doubt that these companies collaborate to a certain extent, regardless of current law suits, which go far to masking the fact and are separate issues entirley. You MUST understand that at the end of the day, unlike Apple, Samsung does not rely only on their tablets and smartphones to stay at the top of the world’s biggest technology companies. Just look at everything else they make. Good call.

  11. elcapitan says:

    I wish carriers would get out of the way. In this age they have no value add as I’m not going to use their “navigator” instead of google’s, their “apps” instead of the play store, etc. Qual the system release and GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  12. opah says:

    I was an apple fan and decicded to cross over to android. I think my galaxy s3 is awesome. But when you dangle a update in front of me and say its on its way and its been a couple months it makes me think i made a wrong choice. i have a week for my 30 day return to expire. hope this issue is resolved soon or back to apple i go. SAD 🙁

  13. Tired of waiting for Samsung says:

    Forget the US, what about the UK release, why the hell does some backward country like Poland get it first?!?! I have the official Polish ROM which can be flashed on an unrooted S3 using Odin, but tbh I would still rather have the offiical update via Kies or OTA. WTF are Samsung doing?! It’s half way through October and still nothing, poor customer service! Even though I hate Apple, at least they roll out a new OS update promptly.

  14. Chris says:

    Lol love how you guys praise apple for their ios release as its early etc, well just take a look at how many problems they have had eg the map application. At least samsung deliver quality FINISHED services and features regardless of the time scale. You watch and see how long it now takes apple to correct ios 6 properly.

  15. Carriers like Verizon say they “Test” software for Months. The funny thing is that when the update finally starts rolling out it has more bugs than the manufacturer’s version. I still remember when the Thunderbolt (after so many months of suspense and delays) finally was released, it had more bugs than any other phone that I can remember. I wonder how and who tests these devices.

  16. Conner says:

    I’d like the update now, but I also want it to work. Hopefully they fix the botched Samsung keyboard that came with the recent firmware update. SwiftKey is fine, but I don’t want to really pay for it. I hope there’s a good reason that it’s taking so long. Probably not, but we can pretend.

  17. Quantum says:

    I completely agree that Carriers shouldn’t be allowed to mess with ROMs, and I think manufacturers should be limited to MINIMAL modifications. We don’t NEED TouchWiz. The generic Android interface works just fine. I’d get a Nexus or iPhone, but my carrier (US Cellular) won’t get them, and in my area, they are the only carrier with good coverage.

    1. I’m not going to lie, I REALLY like TouchWiz nourmally I normally have a disdain for any custom interface, but touch wiz is just DONE RIGHT. It’s slick, it’s fast, it allows easy access to many of the things my custom Cyanogenmod/Gingerbread setup on my EVO did. I think it’s quite good and well thought out.

      1. Loading... says:

        TouchWiz is a manufacturer modification to android not carrier. Carrier modifications and bloatware are things such as VZNavigator, WifiOffloading (VZW), Carrier Specific Apps and Services such as MyVerizon, etc. These bloatware apps are available in the PlayStore there is no need to add them by default to androidOS.

  18. deena says:

    I agree with Opah.
    I too was a hard nose Apple iPhone user for years, just switched to GS3 on Android and between the Galaxy s3 battery drain (solved btw but not without headaches) and lack of updates yadda yadda I’m leaning towards my iPhone again. At least I got a full days use w/o problems. I’ll wait just a little bit longer …maybe.

  19. K_Stedman says:

    You guys make it sould like ICS is a bad thing. My S3 is stable as hell and Jelly Bean is only an incremental update. Samsung would have been better off not placing who gets it when on a website. The S3 Mini has it pre-loaded, but even that is only in Germany.

    1. Andrew Davis says:

      ICS is stable, but it has plenty of bugs. The most aggravating one is I have to constantly disable and then re-enable wifi just so it’ll reconnect to my home wlan. It requires a reboot every couple of days or it doesn’t act right. It’s just not polished. Dig deep enough and you’ll find problems with ICS.

  20. K_Stedman says:

    …oh, and stop lying that you would go to Apple because of this. I’ll put my ICS Galaxy s3 next to an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 any day of the year.

  21. justin says:

    this phone (S3) IS STILL the best phone i have ever used, and im sure although an update is badly needed at this point, they just want to make sure they get it right for the bazillion people waiting to get it. +1 for less carrier intervention. leave your apps out of my phone

  22. JDR says:

    and suddenly all those who have supported the galaxy s3 gets the big F u once they got the deal… and already you left wondering on how much care samsung has for its current products or are the just to busy with future attractions leaving us in the dark…

    1. AussieAndroid says:

      Maybe so, but with the S3 you’re holding the best current smartphone technology. Maybe Samsung’s attitude is “If I give you the best of everything you could possibly want and need, and if you’re competent enough to use the thing properly, then you’re on your own for a while.” Which kinda makes sense actually… after all, isn’t Android for the people who like to tinker with and customize their devices? Updates don’t exactly make a smartphone for what it really is..

  23. Ray says:

    I don’t understand why out of all those countries, the Jelly Bean update would hit a country like Poland(no offense to the Pols)?

    Why not an Asian country close to SKorea, or a Western European state?

  24. Ray says:

    The only way Android will surpass iPhone sales is if they get their update issue resolved. Follow Apple’s method and tell the carriers to fk off with their bloatware. Tell the carrier that if they want your phone in their lineup, they should stfu and take it as it is. I applaud Apple for that one reason.

      1. Ray says:

        That might be true, but its not about who beats who. It is about having a brand name that becomes a household name. Maytag, GE, SONY, PANASONIC. Android needs to become a household name in American homes. If you ask 50 random people on the street to name you 1 smartphone that they’re familiar with, they’ll most likely say iPhone. That is what my suggestion is, to have people forget the iPhone, and start naming Android as “the smartphone.”

    1. KID ANDROID says:

      Android surpassed iPhone sales awhile ago. iPhone will never gain it back either because nobody goes from Android to iPhone, only thise who realize finally that Apple is ripping you off make a move & thats from Apple to Android. Apple is in for a big surprise when the Galaxy Note 2 is released & there is another big shift from iPhone to Android. They say the iPhone 5 is set to make sales records but its bullshit because those who want the iPhone 5 already bought it, there will be very scarce #s now watch. -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  25. Here’s my big thing. Who cares? I love my GS3 with Ice Cream Sandwich, if and when I get Jelly Bean is no big deal. My Transformer Prime Tablet was updated to Jelly Bean and aesthetically it looks the same and has a few improvements. I don’t expect my GS3 to become a new device with jelly bean, so for that simple reason I don’t care.

      1. Contacts on ICS freezes constantly. That’s a big deal. Plus, the SIRI-killing search and respond software that comes with 4.1 was my main motivation for abandoning Apple and going Android. Now their sloth combined with lack of easily accessible support is driving me back in Apples direction. Is the whole telecom industry run by habitual bunglers?

    1. Andrew Davis says:

      This is a stupid statement. Who cares? Everybody but you.

      ICS is buggy. That’s the main reason I want the JB update.
      Hopefully Google found and squashed a couple of bugs.
      Don’t tell me there aren’t any bugs, or I’ll know you’re stupid.

      1. AussieAndroid says:

        Bugs are everywhere bud, I do agree, no matter which device or OS. Bugs are a natural “by-product” of progression in technology. Whether it’s Apple or Samsung or Motorola or Nokia or HTC, etc., there’ll always be some bugs to sort out. That’s why updates exist in the first place.

  26. Everyone is saying Samsung this n Samsung that, this isn’t Samsung, it’s android. Apple may release stuff early, but it doesn’t work right. I think apple sucks n I won’t ever own an iPhone. I played with one the other day n it blows. U have to pay for the exact apps that are free on android. Plus on android I get my music free without being taken to a website to download it. Android has free music downloads and I hate having iTunes n all it’s viruses on my computer, but until we get my son a phone, He texts with his iPod.

    1. Brandon Lieng says:

      Actually, it’s Samsung and the carriers. Android and the Google team behind it release Jelly Bean long ago but Samsung needs to code it to TouchWiz Nature UX and the carriers need to fill it with bloatware

  27. edgar says:

    Im happy with my s3. With ics 4.0
    its just perfect.
    There is no reason to be impatient .
    I think my phone its much better than all the other phones

  28. Orlando says:

    Its all a mind trick to keep ppl holding on to things we can live without. They said they were coming out with Jelly Bean before it was actually out the tech lab. They say its coming when its still in development and that’s why we feel like the wait is forever, hence keeping us baited by keeping the company, products and technology fresh in our brains. So i say…. fall back. I have a GS3 and spend my days playing COD Zombies and many other awesome games. Not worrying about some software update that, will…. show up.

  29. SnowXTC says:

    My son has the Nexus. I received an update to my S3 the same day his Nexus got Jelly Bean. Talk about a disappointment when I did not get it. Let alone, the update that I was forced to load is causing problems with my phone that were never present before. So as much as I want Jelly Bean, another part of me wants to know that Verizon is going to get it right, especially since they did not get the last update correct.

  30. this is all about milking the American consumer. Samsung is weighing it’s interest against new phone releases in the final quarter (Note II) Then the carriers get their turn at working you too. In the rest of the world a company has to satisfy the consumer the first time around or it might not get another chance. In America we let them work us over an over again. The motto here is “never give a sucker an even break!”

  31. Nikko says:

    As someone who had started with a droid incredible, waiting doesn’t seem all that bad. When gingerbread came out we had all sorts of issues. I’d rather wait and have a fully functional update that doesn’t screw up mu file structure.

  32. Brokendisc says:

    I got this phone a month ago and it’s great! I just hate being teased with the never changing, “Coming Soon” and the fact the once I finally receive the update, it will undoubtedly be crammed with carrier developed junk I’ll never use, nor be able to get rid of. Seriously, why would I EVER use VZNavigator for $12.99 a month when Google maps and Navigator are free and readily available on my device? Bloatware=Greed preying upon newbies.

  33. I’m on VZW so I’m used to being last for every update. It doesn’t make it any less annoying you just eventually have to accept it for what it is. I usually just root and flash a custom ROM (probably CM10 this time) and then unroot and lock the bootloader when VZW EVENTUALLY updates OTA. Worked great with my Galaxy Nexus but I finally gave up on it and bought the S3. I’m sure that’s part or the big picture too…VZW figures you will get tired of waiting and upgrade or buy a new device outright. By the time they finally upgraded the Nexus it was behind the curve.

  34. Australia was one of the last countries in the world to receive ICS update for the Galaxy Note 1, however I was able to update my unlocked GT-N7000 from Gingerbread 2.3.6 directly to ICS 4.0.4 with all the bugs fixed, while other countries that received ICS on time had still problems with ICS 4.0.3 and were still waiting for ICS 4.0.4 to fix the bugs. My point is that sometimes it is better to be one of the last ones to receive the updates because at the end of the day, you receive an Android OS working properly. As an owner of a Galaxy Note, I am happy to know my phone will receive Jelly Bean 4.1, when?…who cares?.., as long as It doesn’t have bugs when it is ready for download and works properly, I will continue happily with my ICS 4.0.4

  35. ray says:

    I have a galaxy nexus and is running android version 4.1.1 BTW jelly bean is identical to ICS, not much of a difference just few improvements here & there.

  36. nick i says:

    If you want to play around with JB just root and rom your phone with the current leak. It works 100 percent to final build and you can always restore back to ICS with rom manager. If ur worried about voiding your support just use triangle away to reset your counter. Android is built around the ability to flash and roms have matured greatly to the point that its nearly impossible to hard brick your device. Back when I had the Vibrant I got fed up with awaiting for carrier updates which was the soul reason I started flashing in the first place.

    I kicked the iPhone to the curb long ago after Apple was trying its absolute hardest to Ban jailbreaking. At that point I confirmed that Apple was not consumet friendly and counter productive and made the switch to Android.

  37. I’m a proud owner of a international version (quad core) galaxy s3, an open version not locked to any carrier. I’ve bought it last august because the jelly bean announcement. As you know the JB update started rolling out for this model first week of October, leaks of it has been seen last September. I’m tired of checking software updates everyday. I still don’t have Jelly Bean! What’s up Samsung?

    1. AussieAndroid says:

      Put the S3 to good use and root the thing. Then you can flash JB easily. And if you won’t do it ‘coz it’ll void the warranty, then, put up with it. You were a fool for buying the S3 based on an official JB update. Do you also want a new engine in your used car just ‘coz the manufacturer bought one out in a new model?

  38. Rev says:

    They don’t need to make a new version of Windows for every model of computer that comes out, and then another for each store that sells that model of computer. So why the heck does Android have to work the same way? Versions for each phone, versions for each CARRIER of each phone, etc. Who was smoking what when they made it this way?

  39. Jerry says:

    I’ve been waiting for this update for so long. It’s so frustrating to wait for this update. First, they say August, then September, then October and now NOVEMBER!!!

  40. appleisthepoisonfruit says:

    why apple got right is that they strong arm the carriers into delaying android updates
    fhe reason the updates for US carriers lag behind is the iPhone 5 release. is it a surprise that Korean court finds no infringement and US court awards Apple $1B.? Can anyone say ant-trust?

  41. Andrew Davis says:

    As much as I hate Apple, I am very tempted to go back to iPhone. Their phones just freakin’ work. Android is great and I love the potential it has. There’s just too many irons in the fire. Too many phone manufacturers, too many phone models, all of which gets compounded when money-hungry US carriers get to take their sweet time rolling updates out to end users.

    I’ll try Android again in a few years maybe. Right now it’s too stupid.

    1. AussieAndroid says:

      You hate Apple, presumably for their simplicity, ‘coz “their phones just freakin’ work” (as does ANY Android phone in a real sense, only in a different way to iOS). And it seems you hate anything Android ‘coz there’s “too many” of everything. To say that Android is “too stupid right now” is ridiculous. Just look how stupid the iPhone 5 is right now. Maybe you should get one of those new-old phones that feature nothing other than a keypad, a mike and an ear speaker…

  42. Heather Runkel says:

    Honestly, ICS is perfect on my s3. I haven’t experienced a single issue. However, I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of project butter and google now!

  43. AussieAndroid says:

    AUS S3 User – This is Samsung’s doing. I have an S3 that I bought OUTRIGHT and UNLOCKED and WITHOUT CONTRACT. Still no official update here. I’ve had to root my S3 and install JB version XXDLH7 (4.1.1) in order to “upgrade”. Gotts say, the rom is 99.5% though I’d really like it to be 100% stable without ANY glitches. This, I reckon, would only be attainable with an official release. Any thoughts anyone…?

  44. droid does says:

    Frustration is mounting amongst owners? Really? I own an S3 and i’m not frustrated. Works perfect as is. Would i like JB? Of course, when it comes. Until then my S3 works awesome now and even better when JB comes.

  45. Bryan says:

    I live in Taiwan and have not received any updates? Did they do it for a day and then pull it? I’m pretty confused about every site saying Taiwan got it weeks ago. Anyone in Taiwan with the update?

  46. I bought my Galaxy S-3 especially because of 4.1 and what it promised. Instead Sprint is leaving me to twist in the wind with a balky version of Ice Cream, using my $100+ a month in subscriber fees for who knows what? I’m really unhappy, almost enough to scrap the Galaxy and go back to Apple and the iPhone. But that’s not a real choice. This oligopoly, Apple or Android, really sucks.

  47. ronf57 says:

    my only comment on this is….if I own the phone and samsung manufactures the phone and google manufactures the OS and updates. WHY does verizon who I pay to use their network have a right to mess with the updates for my device? I got that they stuffed their crapware into the phone before I got it. But from the moment it became mine not theirs aren’t they violating some law by intercepting the data from the manufacturers to my phone? let me download the updates directly google/samsung! let’s cut verizon out of this loop that they should no longer be in.

  48. jdp says:

    I’m a owner of the galaxy s3. I’ve been waiting and it sucks. They need to do something soon. They say the s3 is the best phone on the market but it don’t have the best programs. Leave release it in the US.

  49. hahaha! some of these comments are like a conspiracy theory LOL, so now the delay in pushing JB is apple!! haha… over 90 percent of new android phones all include the statement ( ugrade ready ) its been like that that for years.

  50. XDUDE3D says:

    I love my S3 and it’s not like I can’t use it running ICS, however, knowing that the US customers are at a lower priority than the rest of the world does make me upset. I remember a time when if you bought the best, you owned the best. Now, you buy the best and watch other countries use the newest features on youtube while we wait. Hey verizon, how about pro-rating my bill until you can provide me with the same service/function that hong kong, korea, poland & taiwan currently have? Sure I can get the update myself, but at what cost? Is it worth screwing up my phone & or warranty? And yes, things CAN go wrong with DIY updates. If your ok with taking that chance fine, but not everyone is. Some people may know how to change their brakes, but on a new car you let the dealer handle it so you don’t screw your warranty! Later I will mess with my S3, but not when its barely out of the box. For now, I want what I paid for. The best.

  51. Cheryl says:

    Would someone tell me what the heck is wrong with Touch Wiz Home? I have the Galaxy S3 and it’s getting worse everyday. Also for some reason my accuweather app is messed up. That began when I wanted to change my location. It now stays sunny 24/7 and location is gone. I wanted to delete it so I could reinstall but it doesn’t allow an uninstall. I’m beginning to hate my phone.

  52. Howard A. Johnson says:

    I got some sort of update to my samsung galaxy s3 last night. But it still at 4.04. What the heck? It’s like they’re playing with me!

  53. If they are going to be that late, skip Jelly bean and support the latest already such as Key Lime Pie or 4.2 when it launches like a couple of months after the update. Its absurd, i thought by getting an S3, Samsung would provide faster updates, however, i wonder who to blame the carriers or Samsung on this matter. Wish i bought the Galaxy Nexus instead if i had known i had to wait that long for an OS update. iPhone users are getting their updates regularly and in a timely fashion, why cannot Google do the same thing with it. Google meet with the manufacturers and at least set a time limit for the delay or else, what’s the use of having a device that won’t last more than 1 or 2 updates, while iPhone users are provided updates for 2-3 years depending on if the hardware can support it.

  54. Never Again says:

    US Verizon on Galaxy S3 owner in the UK on business. Totally screwed–no phone service, no text, no data (except via wifi at hotel). Verizon tech support simply blames Samsung…Yep, that’s their “solution” to my problem. This is on top of not being able to do somethings as simple as download photos from my Galax S3 to my home PC because the PC runs Windows 7 64-bit! What a giant cluster. I hope Apple close Samsung down.

    From this moment forward, I will never buy another Samsung, Windows, Microsoft, PC, Android device. Apple, the company that seemed so stodgy and stupid with their insistence on closed architecture and vertical integration during the 20th century, now proves to have been brilliant! I clung to PCdom too long. Here I come Apple.

  55. meep says:

    Eh its cool. The s3 is my first android or anything. So i still find it an impressive piece of tech. But i am anxious that they keep stallin on it.

  56. Bob says:

    same thing happened with samsung galaxy 1 fascinate, no updates for years, thats why im done with androids even thought i love it more than an iphone, im tired of rooting damn android to get OS when every other country has it. Cant go wrong with iphones.

  57. James says:

    I am waiting ever so patiently for this update but I do feel a bit of rage regarding the delay. I love android and I love my carrier but they need to find a way to eliminate the serious lag in updates. I get especially upset when I tell my friend about the jelly bean and i teach her about all the changes and then her carrier gets it first.

  58. Gabriel says:

    This is all very good, and you all have raised several points about the power of corporations and their negative effects. Not to mention controlling an absurd number of jobs ( American and international), they have done much a good job of advertising that all these products are now deeply ingrained into the public mind, and citizens of this great country can not see the future beyond the next update for their smartphone. This is the problem with capitalist societies. The public image of communism is one of fear, and monstrous human beings- but these were problems with the leaders involved. Communism is the only true system for a successful society

  59. A.Akhayev says:


    i was trying to download android jelly bean,and i did as i saw on video i pressed on power bottom + middle one+ volume down together and i continued as i saw on video now on screen there Android robot and its say downloading…but i`m waiting since 2 hours ago for any other action but nothing happened,does anybody know what to do in this case? please send me your answer or solution to my e-mail akhayev@yahoo.com.


  60. anonymouse says:

    iPhone Engineers -> American.
    Samsung Engineers -> Japanese
    American culture -> hungry for immediate and constant ‘reward’.
    Japanese culture -> explicit value in honour, quality, and sustainability.

    Most recent (and concerning) issue with the new iOS6 -> the “data leak” issue.. but it was there Right away in line with the iphone5 launch..

    Quality takes time.

    nuff said

  61. yeah, Apple conspiracy theory is behind that, lol!:))) That is real paranoid statement…
    Regarding updates on every Android, mine old S2 NEVER got updated from Gingerbread, there it is in the drawer, because i didnt even care after a year without update and bought and iPhone 4S which is great device… My opinion and that’s just for me because i use that phone-You don’t have to. And yeah, Google will NEVER update their phones(not all of them) because they sell them and customer service doesnt exist at all, and if You think that there is one: try to call them to send You update OTA!:)
    So much about lame iPhone and Apple… At least, i can call them and arrange a meeting to settle the things down…

  62. verizonhater says:

    Verizon go f*** off! Every phone I purchaser I wait 40 years for an update because of Verizon. Worst customer service in the whole f#$*ing world… God Damn.

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