O2 no service network problems & customer compensation

Oh dear, you really can’t blame O2 customers for feeling aggrieved following yet another outage on Friday after problems back in the summer too. There was plenty of consternation and annoyance among O2 users over the weekend following the latest problems and today we’re asking people if they think customer compensation should be offered, as it was on the earlier occasion.

On Friday we told how the latest O2 outage was affecting millions of customers although O2 said that only around 10% of its customers were experiencing issues. O2 also said that the problem was intermittent and yet we heard reports from O2 subscribers saying they had been without service for 8 hours and more. There was a lot of frustration being vented on social networks while O2 insisted the problem was not due to the same faults that affected service back in July.

At the weekend we then discussed how although most customers had now had a restoration of the service this did not apply to everybody even though O2 issued assurances that the problems had been fixed. Eventually O2 issued an apology for the outage but when the company was first questioned about possible compensation O2 merely said that the priority was to get service resumed and went no further. This caused some real anger with some of our readers saying they were going to jump ship to another operator, an understandable reaction.

It seems that O2’s idea of the problem being fixed differs somewhat from what customers feels as most O2 users would feel the issue was fixed, only from the point they could use the service again. However O2 claimed the problem was fixed by 3.30pm on Friday and then referred to a backlog of getting customers back on to the network and how this took “longer than expected,” according to The Guardian. This explains of course why many people still didn’t have a service even when O2 claimed it was back up and running so you can’t blame customers for feeling dissatisfied with the whole situation and wanting some form of compensation.

If O2 does complete an investigation and offers no compensation then we think many customers will indeed head to another operator. However if compensation is issued we wonder if it will be in the form of money off bills, free credit for PAYG customers or free O2 Moments. We’d like to hear from our readers about this especially if you were one of the O2 customers affected by this latest outage.

Have you already decided to move to another carrier regardless of whether O2 offers compensation or not? If O2 decides to offer customers compensation what form do you think it should take and how much would be a fair amount to make amends? Let us know with your comments.


16 thoughts on “O2 no service network problems & customer compensation”

  1. Charlotte Lloyd says:

    Back in the summer I went 3 days with out O2 network, then again on Friday I didn’t have nay network until 9pm that nite and in which I could of recieved my job I went for but I wouldn’t of known about it as I had no network!!! I think customers I.e my self should get compensation for all this hassle.

  2. Son of Starr says:

    I lost service for over 9 hours on Friday. I switched on and off many times as well as rebooting the phone several times. The July outage was even longer. Based on anecdotal evidence from friends and family, the 10% figure sounds, to put it bluntly, like an out and out lie. As well as compensation, an honest statement of what really happened would also help heal badly damaged customer relationships.

  3. tim says:

    i had no service from a.noon till 9pm .o2 service in the last 12 months have gone down hill big time and my local o2 shop couldnt care less unless u are buying something. im deff moving to a more reliable supplyer

  4. Nickb says:

    I was without service till 9pm on Friday and again most of Sunday and its dropped out intermittently since then. It really annoys me that O2 have made no attempt to apologise or even acknowledge they have a problem. They manage to text me when they want to sell me something! To be fair though the text wouldn’t arrive for a few days!
    Will definitely be changing to Vodafone!

  5. jodu says:

    I was without service for nearly the whole weekend which restulted in me having to buy and extra coach ticket (my original was meant to be sent via text message) also meaning I couldnt get home in time to see my mum at hospital its a horible thing to know that o2 have let me down again ive been with them for 6 years and even im getting a little annoyed now.

  6. MissTaylor says:

    I was in London pacing the streets at 730pm on Friday and couldn’t contact the friend I was due to stay with. I tried to call 2 other friends as I was stuck 70 miles from home with what I thought was nowhere to stay. Not being able to contact them either I found a phone box to try to call someone to sort my stay out. At that point a text came through and I was able to meet my friend. I was cold, hungry and pissed off! 02 charge enough. Compensation should be given!

  7. Queenvic72 says:

    My phone was unusable for 11 hours on Friday so 02 saying the problem was fixed by 3.30 was an outrage, my phone is still losing signal now..I would to change provider but am tied to a contract for 18 month..but that’s enough time to see if the service improves and to see if we are compensated yet again for the bad service and if not all 4 02 users in my house will look elsewhere, I lost out on a laptop on Friday coz couldn’t get on e bay at work and I’m angry because my daughter wanted. It for her birthday.. 💩💩💩💩

  8. Martin says:

    I signed an agreement with O2 (pay monthly tariff) 5 days ago but now really consider cancelling it. For these 5 days I have no service for the second time! It’s really getting on my nerves. ;/

  9. JC says:

    At my house O2 service is dreadful despite living less than half a mile from a mast. Have complained and been told service is only guaranteed outside despite their website claims that coverage is good both indoors and outdoors. All other O2 users at my home have same problems. Really sh*t service.

  10. pecker says:

    i still cannot make calls from my mobile! i am in somerest, i try to make a cal and it says no mobile network, its a fairly regular thing with o2! and like a fool i have just taken another 24 month contract. i suppose it can only get better.

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