FIFA 13 for Android alternative, Real Football 2013

FIFA 13 is probably the biggest Football simulation franchise available to gamers that was once only available on dedicated games consoles or PC’s. Now though since smartphones have become more powerful with faster processors big game titles have become available on the smartphone platforms. Today we have news of a FIFA 13 for Android alternative in the form of Real Football 2013.

Owners of iOS devices got access to FIFA 13 late last month but annoyingly the game is yet to reach the Android platform, now though as the Android Police are reporting Game loft has released Real Football 2013, or Real Soccer 2013 as it is known in the US for the Android platform.

Last year’s version of the game was downloaded more than five million times by gamers, and the game is free to download, but just like last year’s version in-app purchases can be made to help players progress.

Trouble is if you spend a lot of time playing the game the cost of doing so can quickly mount up, but the good news is about this version of the game is that the developer has managed to gain an official FIFPro licence.

This basically means for the first time gamers can see personal names and portraits of over 3,000 top players, and also the most recent player transfers and roster changes are included. Once downloaded users will be able to play using the top Premier League teams and other major leagues from around Europe.

The game promises to have smooth but realistic graphics with over 700 motion capture animations, with the improved AI and other enhancements providing a TV like experience. Players can work hard developing their team and the facilities by expanding the stadium to earn extra income to spend on the team. Head over to Google Play to find out more or to download.

Do you play the Real Football franchise?


3 thoughts on “FIFA 13 for Android alternative, Real Football 2013”

  1. Rodrigues says:

    Saying that Real Football 2013 is good, means to understand nothing of football.
    The graphics are better than the previous version, the gameplay is so good and the total management of the club until it is cool. However, the game only has this same offer. If we would simply play a friendly cup or league, you can not, because there is only management mode. Worse, after choosing a team, you can not change, have to stay with him until death.
    Real Football was on track until the 2011 version, then everything unraveled.
    This business is killing FREMIUM games from GAMELOFT.
    If you still want to save GAMELOFT RF 2013, please provide an update on the main MENU options FRIENDLY, COPA, and for those who want LEAGUE MODE MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB.
    Should also provide the FULL version of the game for those who want to buy.
    At the time FIFA 13 is 10X1 Real Football 2013.

  2. Aedan says:

    Real football 13 sucks the movement of the players and kicking and gameplay are terrible despite good graphics.I’d rather wait for FIFA 13 for android

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