iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 in Photo Shootout

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released, everyone was amazed with its looks and powerful features. Armed with a very cool processor and a considerable amount of RAM, it was supposed to do everything, including taking pictures, extremely fast and without any lags.

Well, it really does everything quite well, and the photos taken by it are good enough (at least that’s what a review by Techradar says), but it turned out that there is a phone that can take even better pics, and it’s not the Nokia 808 PureView. It’s the old iPhone 4S, no matter how strange this may sound!

According to a recent test by Teqno-Logical.com, both indoor and outdoor photos taken by the iPhone 4S, which was released more than a year ago and is already considered to be an old phone, are slightly better than those taken by Samsung’s flagship. Of course this doesn’t mean the Galaxy S3 takes bad photos — all shots made by it are great, but when you compare them with those made by the iPhone, you can see they lack details, sharpness and depth. Sometimes the colors in the Galaxy S3’s shots seem to be a bit altered, too.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S3 does a great job when it comes to “extreme conditions”: it can shoot very clear photos in 100 percent darkness — its flashlight illuminates the objects in a very natural way, the camera focuses quickly and the final photos look great — you won’t even guess there’s flash involved. The iPhone 4S can’t do the same; it can’t even focus on the object when photographing in complete darkness. Neither can it make any good shots against direct sunlight — here Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is the winner again.

So, despite the fact that both smartphones have similar 8-megapixel cameras with LED flash, digital zoom and auto-focus, the iPhone 4S can take better pictures under the right lighting, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 beats it easily in darkness and against direct sunlight. Which camera is better overall? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

The difference between the good photos of both phones aren’t that obvious if you don’t view and compare them side-by-side, but the Samsung phone seems to be more reliable — you can be sure that unlike the iPhone 4S it’ll be able to take decent photos even in extreme situations.


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  1. iPhone4SLover says:

    I think the iPhone 4S is better than the Samsung Galaxy SIII because images are sharper in iPhone 4S camera than the Samsung Galaxy SIII (Well I’m leaving the big screen of SIII which shows image much more vividly)

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