Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for T-Mobile USA available at last: Update

If you are one of the Android faithful over in the good old US of A , your preferred carrier is T-Mobile USA, and have been patiently waiting to get your hands on the second generation Galaxy Note, you will probably know, as we previously reported, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was listed on the T-Mobile website as coming soon, and it appears that ‘coming soon’ is right now.

For those that have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile USA, you will be pleased to hear that T-Mobile has now placed the Android Jelly Bean smartphone/tablet combo up for purchase, with the Galaxy Note 2 in marble white commanding a price tag of $369.99.

That 370-buck price tag does require the customer to sign up for the usual two-year agreement with a qualifying plan of course, but the purchase does get you an instant 230-buck rebate along with a 50-buck mail in rebate off the retail price of $649.99.

I’m pretty sure if you have had your eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you will already know what the Android device offers but in case it has slipped your mind the Galaxy Note 2 sports a 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen, an 8 megapixel auto-focus rear facing camera with LED flash, 1080p video, a 1.9 megapixel front facing snapper, 1.6GHz quad core processor 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, microSD expansion up to 48GB and a 3100mAh battery.

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 measures 5.94 x 3.16 x 0.37 inches with a weight of 3.6 ounces, and does of course include the S Pen functionality that is good for some serious digital painting and the likes.

So there you have it, will any of our American readers be hitting up T-Mobile USA to grab the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Update: It appears that the guys over at Android Spin have discovered if you wish to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on T-mobile a little cheaper, you can get the Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile for $279.99 from Wirefly in both marble white and titanium grey, as long as you are a new customer or qualify for an upgrade.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for T-Mobile USA available at last: Update”

  1. Mike says:

    I just ordered next day delivery for 2 of these bay boys through T-Mobile. Got one for my wife and I. If you want these, call in and order them directly with T-Mobile. You may qualify for equipment installment plans, which is only a down payment of $250.00 and payments of $20 per month for 20 months. Additionally, they offered me $135 credit to my December bill, $10 off for the next 3 months, and FREE overnight shipping. Can’t beat that! (= I ended up switching my Classic planing to Family Value plan, which is only $136 for Unlimited everything for 2 lines.

    1. Michael says:

      Mike was that $250 and $20 per month for 20 months for 2 phones or 1? So what are you paying for 2 phones after the credits and discounts? I am trying to decide if I should go through Tmobile or some other source. Thanks

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