iPhone 5 ZOpro Integrated Charging Case for photography

In the past we have brought our readers quite a few Kickstarter projects to do with both iOS and Android devices in one form or another, and today we have another project, this time for the latest iOS smartphone from Apple, in the form of the ZOpro integrated charging case for the iPhone 5 that is thin enough for daily use but also can be transformed into a high end photography platform in seconds.

The iPhone 5 ZOpro Charging Case makes your iPhone 5 roughly as thick as an iPhone 4S, and enables you to leave your charging cord at home as the device features an integrated charger whereby you simply remove the base of the case, plug it into your iPhone, flip out the USB and plug it into a USB socket.

The ZOpro Charging Case is also magnetic lens compatible so you can simply stick those wide-angle lens, fisheye lens or a macro lens to your iPhone 5.

With the ZOpro Charging Case there is also an optional Pro mount is magnetic rapid attachment device along with a tripod, and a multiple handle, and is compatible with hundreds of accessories, car mounts, and can also double as a sturdy kickstand for the iOS smartphone.

The ZOpro Charging Case for the iPhone 5 isn’t yet available of course as the project is looking for a funding goal of $15000, and has thus far garnered $6946 in pledges with 38-days to run.

If you are an iPhone 5 owner and would like to know more about the ZOpro Charging Case, we have embedded a video for your viewing consideration below that lets you know all about the accessory, so don’t forget to check out that footage, and if you feel the ZOpro Charging Case is something you could make use of, and wish to make a pledge, you can do so by hitting up the ZOpro Kickstarter page.


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