iPhone 5 Tough Case offers supreme protection

As well as keeping readers informed about the latest mobile devices we also like to bring readers news about accessories. Today we have some details for you about an iPhone case, called simply the iPhone 5 Tough Case and it’s touted as the toughest case on the market right now. This could be the ideal case choice for you then if you are a little clumsy or work in an environment where you want supreme protection for your phone.

Previously we gave readers news on an iPhone 5 drop test and in fact found that it was tougher than it looks despite its glass and aluminum design. However the drop tests that have been carried out for the iPhone 5 sporting a Tough Case from iGear are extreme as instead of the normal 3 foot drop from a pocket or table, or 6 foot from your ear, this drop test involved throwing a brand new 64GB iPhone 5 onto a hard concrete surface from a 2nd floor window at 32-foot high. Almost unbelievably the iPhone 5 continued to record and received no damage. You can see a video of the drop test below this story.

The iGear iPhone 5 Tough Case offers protection against drops, wind, sand, rain, shock, dust and more and is constructed from a hard inner carbonate case encompassed in a soft outer rubber shell. Ports and buttons are sealed for protection offering rain and splash protection but are easily accessed. If you want to watch a movie on your iPhone 5 the Tough Case also features a belt holster, which can serve as a useful kickstand.

The iPhone 5 Tough Case with shock absorption comes in black, red or blue color options at $39.99 and you can order it from iGear here. You’ll see that a note on the product page says that Facebook and Twitter users can currently receive up to 15% discount so check out the finer details there.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the iPhone 5 Tough Case and the drop test video below. Maybe you already have one and could tell us how you rate it? Perhaps you’ll be adding this item to your Christmas wish list? Let us know by sending your comments.


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  1. Sparky says:

    That’s pretty impressive stuff. Maybe I’m just easily impressed and other cases (such as the Casemate Tank or the Otterbox Defender would do the same thing, but I’ve never seen them demonstrate it, so they sure don’t seem as confident IMO.

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