Wallet TrackR iPhone gadget, cash and cards protected

There’s a new little device for the iPhone, iPod and iPad that might be coming to market, which is a small Bluetooth device that in combination with an iOS app will help you keep track of your wallet, and that device is called Wallet TrackR, which will fit easily into your wallet, and is roughly the size of a credit card.

Wallet TrackR for the iPhone is ideal for those who forget where they put their wallet, and when the Wallet TrackR gets separated from your iOS device, the Wallet TrackR app alerts you that you are leaving your wallet behind.

Furthermore the iOS app takes a GPS snapshot of where your wallet was when the device was separated just in case you don’t hear the alert, whilst the application also allows the user to tap a button within the app to make your wallet ‘ring’ when you don’t know where it is.

Also the device apparently works both ways so your wallet will issue an alert if you leave your iPhone behind, and the device is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, new iPad, new iPod Touch and the iPad mini.

With the Wallet TrackR and corresponding iOS app you need never lose your wallet again, as the device and app will always let you know where it is, as well as remembering the location and time when you separated from Wallet TrackR, and will show the location on a map.

However you wont be able to get the Wallet TrackR until next year because the timeline is…funding ends on December 12th 2012…Tooling completed on the 15th February 2013, whilst production pilot run and testing start on the 15th of February to February 20th 2013…production run commences as of the 20th of March to the 20th of April, with delivery to customers on the 30th of April 2013, so a fair wait yet.

However if you believe the Wallet TrackR is a gadget you would love to have in your life, you can reserve a the device by visiting the Wallet TrackR website, where there are several reservation options depending on just how much you would like to pledge.

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