Nexus 4 shortage causes annoyance at Wolfs Lair

I’m sure the Android faithful know that the Google guys made a bit of a faux pas when releasing the much sought after Nexus 4, not making sure they had enough to keep up with demand, and as such Google Play quickly ran out of stock. This left many out of luck in picking up the Android smartphone, much to their annoyance.

Someone else wanted the Nexus 4 on the day of launch as well, but unfortunately didn’t manage to get hold of one. That someone else is of course the Fuhrer, as Google’s gaffe with the launch of the latest Google handset has now been give the Hitler reaction treatment.

I have to say, no matter how many times this Hitler video does the rounds, although it remains the same every time, it’s all in the subtitles, and these subtitles are where the laughs are found. It seems that no matter the occasion, Adolph can be used to to slate the occasion with perfection.

We have of course embedded Hitler’s reaction to the Nexus 4 launch video for your viewing pleasure below, where you can read what the Fuhrer thinks of Google’s failure to underestimate demand for the Android Jelly Bean smartphone.

Be warned though, as with most of these Hitler rant videos, the footage does contain some profanity, especially when it comes to the iPhone. He doesn’t want the Samsung Galaxy S3 either because he hates Touchwiz, and also iTunes is garbage.

Anyway enough said, I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to mash that play button so you can at least gain a little laugh if you haven’t yet managed to purchase the nexus 4…enjoy.

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