iOS 6 data bug problem not mended for all with iOS 6.0.1

The latest upgrade to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 6, came out late in September to the usual fanfare. However it didn’t take long before iPhone 5 owners and users of other iOS devices who updated to iOS 6 were noticing problems. One of the issues noted was a data problem whereby some owners were facing unusually high bills, believed to be caused by a bug. Following this, some fixes came along in a software update, iOS 6.0.1 but it seems that although this has worked for some, the problem hasn’t been mended for everyone.

We reported on many difficulties that arose in iOS 6 and other problems included some device users noticing faster battery drainage along with other issues involving dissatisfaction with the new Apple Maps app, Passbook, social integration, slow moving Siri responses and more. The data usage problem then was certainly not the only issue but was among the most important because the data overages, thought to arise from a bug when software switched from Wi-Fi to 3G, was actually costing consumers money.

All of this meant that at the beginning of this month we were happy to be able to tell readers that Apple had released the iOS 6.0.1 OTA update that primarily focused on bug fixes for some of these issues and others, to smooth out the initial teething problems. However iOS 6.0.1 seemed to raise issues of its own and we recently reported that some iPhone and iPad users were having WiFi problems, battery life issues, apps crashing and glitches with Gmail and messaging. Now we have learned that while the data overage problem also seems to exist for some users still using iOS 6 as you might expect, BGR reports that although the majority of users who have updated to iOS 6.0.1 may have noticed the problem was solved, there seem to be others whose devices are still suffering from the bug after the update.

Apparently PRX Labs has described in a blog post how an audio bug seems to be the cause of data overages and after looking into Apple’s Audio Playback frameworks they came to the conclusion that some devices are still downloading files repeatedly during file streaming. Although PRX Labs concludes that the bug is still evident for some devices using iOS 6 they also note that iOS 6.0.1 appears to fix the issue. However BGR points out that on Apple’s discussion boards there are plenty of posts about excessive data usage from users of devices running iOS 6, but there are also posts from those with the problem who are running iOS 6.0.1.

We’d like to ascertain how widespread this data usage problem still is and so would like some help from readers on this. Did you notice excessive data use after the upgrade to iOS 6? If so, does this appear to have been fixed since updating to iOS 6.0.1 or has there been no change? Maybe you only noticed this problem after the iOS 6.0.1 update? Let us have your comments on this.


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  1. NZBruce says:

    NZ users…..500MB od data burned in 4 days after installing iOS6. The only people happy about this are the teleco’s who will gladly sell you more data but not help (or unable to help) fix the problem. Downloading new iOS6.01 and time will tell if that solves the problem. Seriously not happy but what can you do? Apple aren’t going to pay for the extra data use and turning off data roaming is hardly an option when you need your device for email.

  2. Pheonix85ftl says:

    iOS 6.0.1… I used six gigs last month and I have wifi at home. Also still having wifi issues. Intermittent connect.. Feels like packet loss while browsing. On iOS 5 I averaged 1.2-1.5 gigs with same usage pattern I have now. Something isn’t right. Class action against? AT&T? For selling a phone that abuses cellular data from a still unconfirmed software glitch. And dal with AT&T issue with same device? It’s a conspiracy.

  3. jayray732 says:

    First time iPhone user (AT&T, iPhone5, purchased AFTER 6.0.1 released). Phone updated to 6.0.1 in first hour of use.

    Within first four days, almost 400MB burned.

    Reset phone, didn’t install any apps, didn’t setup email, iCloud or anything – just a phone at this point. Burned through 26MB in half a day. Went through and disabled all Location Services, System Services, etc. Reduced burn rate to about 10MB per day (on a completely unconfigured phone with no apps).

    Putting apps back on and email (fetch, not push), disabling all Location Services and System Services, burn rate now is about 20-30MB per day – while not using the phone or apps.

    Two problems:

    1) The biggest problem – any data use is consuming 3-10x more than it should. Note that this is on cellular or even on WiFi. Examples:

    –Open up Evernote and TripIt; apps had already been sysnced, so nothing new comes down. On cellular, iPhone burns through 500kb; Android burns through 30kb.

    –Open Shazaam, use it to identify one song. On cellular, iPhone burns through 500kb, Android burns through about 30kb.

    –On WiFi – open Skype and have a 15 minute video call. Burns through 200MB on WiFi. Don’t have a current compare on Android, but in past, 5 minute Skype video calls on Android have burned through about 6-10MB.

    2) WiFi vs Cellular problem – even when plugged in to electric, phone switches over to Cellular. This is noticed when bringing phone out of sleep – LTE is displayed, then switches back to WiFi. This is demonstrated in hourly logs; phone is using at minimum 1-2MB per night in the middle of the night when on WiFi and electric.

    Ridiculous that Apple isn’t saying anything about this. Let the customer know you’re working on it so that we know it’s going to get fixed; doesn’t even matter at that point how long it takes to fix – as long as the customer is INFORMED that you’re working on a fix.

  4. Hannahk11 says:

    The problem hasn’t been fixed for my iphone5. It says I have used 50% of my data in three days. I am nearly always connected to wifi and I think I have used I stage am a handful of times and maps twice without being connected to wifi and that’s it. That shouldn’t use half my data.

  5. Larry says:

    I bought an iPod 5th generation and it automatically upgraded to ios 6.0.1. I could not use bluetooth ever since and the battery life is terrible. I contacted apple,they wasted my time by asking me to in install and re install the ios,problem has not changed.apple then said I would have to wait until all the other manufacturers update their software. Unbelievable arrogance. My new Volvo won’t sync, I’ve contacted them,they won’t be updating their in car bluetooth.what a mess. What a mess

  6. Dantheman says:

    Iphone 4 stolen, worked fine. Paid out excess on insurance £50, plugged in replacement needed update to 6.0.1, did so, thing is buggered, no wifi, no 3g, no notes, google mail waste of space. made the unfortunate decision to update the additional iphone 4 at the same time, thing might as well have exploded in my hand , no service 10 hour stretches at a time, hot, battery buggered, no wifi what so ever, no google mail, all notes gone, music glitches the list goes on, most importantly screen developed a massive, at least a 3rd of the screen, tea colored mark in the LCD. Paid another £50 to get that one replaced, new one!!! same issues, minus screen discoloration problem. that’s £50 already, (Not counting the stolen one obviously) and the possibility of another £50 in excess at Orange care, no wifi, no email, no coverage, no nothing. and appx: 10 hours all in all in phone calls, restores, computer time and internet research, i am currently putting an invoice together to charge apple for my time on there devices plus the insurance excess i’m charging them at my day job rate of £15 an hour i believe this is reasonable compensation. Not a single issue until ios6 not a peep for almost 2 year of hard core daily use, calls, text, apps, wifi, 3g internet…… etc.. Been looking forward to my iphone 5 come contract end at Xmas, giving these 2 to my little cousins, i’m now going android, without a second thought. if apple decide to put up a fight, as they no doubt will, now the late great Job’s has left us, and they are now massive F*&K Whits, i am fortunate that my MP is a big hitter in the “Big corporations tax immorality” issue, and is itching for a real problem to punch these idiots with. i cry conspiracy myself, new products coming out, and the old ones stop being effective, or damn right stop functioning. I’m big on “Principle”…. if you didn’t get that from the rant…… Apple really loosing there way, i know Steve was a kick first ask questions later kind of guy, but at least he knew what he was doing and was right more than he wrong, i give apple a year at the is rate, ipad mini… really….!!! new imac… just make sure it dose not here you and the wife argue, it will get upset and your warranty will be void… , iphone 5….. scratches when confronted with a jaffa cake …. still no decent mac nas/raid… oh and “Genius” you seriously don’t know who David Bowey is!!!! ask SIri, maybe she can direct you to the wiki page, unless she is on her period that is … …. . sorry about the massive rant guys, but i know that there are perhaps millions out there in the same boat, imagine if we all invoiced for our time on these bugs, those billions would disappear quickly… huh apple?…. I will update on my progress, if any! chances are, they will just throw my letter in the bin, let it go to court pay me and my legal fees, and quietly tell me to F&^K off, with a smiley face at the bottom so no one notices….. lol…. peace! ha ha ha….

  7. Chris says:

    The problem I am having after updating to 6.0.1 was that I lost most of my music (approx. 2,500 songs) from my iPad. I suppose I have not lost the same from my iPhone, because I have not updted to the 6.0.1. How can I get help?

  8. ShifoBrains says:

    Apple quality is really tanking. Battery life in 4S with IOS 6 update is horrible, data usage out of control, probably related.

    Tim Cook – you’d better get it together. I am not a fanboy, I like Apple. But mostly I want something that works consistently and that I don’t have to worry about

    Looking at Android, win8 pads, and windows phone

  9. flow says:

    I’ve been using the same amount of datat for 4 years. ALL of sudden I’m burning through massive amounts without doing anything different AT&T is my carrier. Any clues on how to fix????

  10. GRM in FL says:

    My Iphone 5 updated with 6.0.1 was using several times the cellular data of my three previous Iphones. After talking with AT&T about the problem, and them agreeing to credit the overages, I contacted Apple support. I was informed that a small percentage of Iphone 5s were having this data issue, along with shorter battery life. I was told a reset followed by a complete restore was solving most of the users problem, but not all. We did the restore and I was asked to track the data usage and see if the problem was corrected, and if it wasn’t, Apple would take the phone back and exchange it for a new one.

    Apple did replace the phone and the new one does not appear to have any problems.
    As a side note, my wife got her Iphone the same day i did (first day of sale). I compared
    her data usage using our home WiFi, performed identical task and her phone used zero cellular data while my used over 75MB of cellular data. It is obviously a hardware issue with certain phones.

  11. Rob. Brisbane says:

    Didn’t have any dramas with iOS 6 on iPhone5 until the further 6.0.1 update – then it all went pear shaped….. Battery now lasts just a couple of hours 🙁

  12. deezyyyy says:

    having data issues since getting my iPhone 5, still continuing since the 6.0.1 update. used 1.5gb in 3 days when I would usually use that over a month.

  13. TimelierSolo says:

    just piced up an iPad mini two weeks ago. worked fine for the first5 days, after that programs started crashing, battery life ecame shorter and wifi connection was intermintent and now I see networks but can not connect. not just one router so far the only router that works is at my local apple store. =( It is not a hardware issue, it is a software issue… get it together Apple.

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