iOS 6.0.1 problems with messages, Gmail and Facebook app crashing

When iOS 6 was first released several weeks ago, amid the praise for new features and improvements came criticism about problems. Apple then released the 6.0.1 update a few days ago, which was supposed to rectify many of these issues. However, there are still ongoing problems with WiFi as well as battery life, messages, Gmail and the Facebook app crashing and some of our readers have added to the growing numbers of people reported to be having problems.

After iOS 6 many iOS device users reported WiFi problems and large amounts of iPhone 4 and 4S users reported battery issues after the update. Yesterday we discussed the latest iOS 6.0.1 update that people had hoped would fix various issues they were experiencing and we told how many people still seemed to be having WiFi problems, again this seems to particularly affect iPhone 4S users. We had plenty of response to our article from readers who are not only facing this issue but also having other problems with their iPhones and iPads following the iOS 6.0.1 update.

Among the complaints about the iOS 6.0.1 update that we received from readers were apps closing down (so that for example whilst creating a text to send it shuts down halfway through), inability to open Google mail, problems with audio, a glitch that turns the phone on and off, problems charging and numerous other issues that people are finding highly frustrating. These are just a few examples of readers’ complaints about iOS 6.0.1 but there are many other problems reported that are also significant and very annoying for users. We have also heard for instance that the iOS Facebook app is also crashing for many so instead of the fixes that everyone was expecting, the latest update seems to have just prolonged the agony or even added new woes for many users.

We previously mentioned that there were widespread reports of users iPhones having far less battery life after 6.0 and I myself noticed my iPhone 4S battery was not lasting so long. Many of our comments to yesterday’s posts also discuss that this battery issue still exists and after updating to iOS 6.0.1 I have to say that I also have noticed no improvement to my iPhone’s battery life. Therefore it seems that although a WiFi fix may have come to some iOS device users, the iOS 6.0.1 update certainly hasn’t worked for many people and the above problems have made things worse not better for some iPhone and iPad users.

We’re really interested to hear from readers about the iOS 6.0.1 update. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who have noticed an improvement from the 6.0.1 update? On the other hand maybe you’re still having difficulties with WiFi, battery life, messaging, apps crashing or any of the other myriad of issues that still seem to exist for some? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. Debra Ross says:

    Husband finally updated his phone yesterday, at my urging, no less, and his iMessage hasn’t been the same since…also, my phone turns on and off by itself, occasionally, but only when I use iMessage. Battery life absolutely has degraded from 5.0. No question.

  2. Ishak says:

    I have iphone 4s. after upgrade to ios6 all apps started crashing. Had updated with ios 6.0.1 problem still exist if connected to wifi. If am on sim carrier it everything works fine. Checked RAM usage. If I connect on wifi system use full ram and any apps crashes. Hope this will be rectified soon by apple as I cannot work completely on carrier data. Need to switch to wifi in office.

  3. Tina C says:

    I wish to GOD I’d never done the initial update. Prior to hat my iPhone 4S was hands down best phone I’ve ever had. Now all apps randomly crash, issues playing thru car stereo, battery life isn’t HORRIBLE but is not nearly as good as before. I want iOS 5 back!!!! 🙁 very disappointed in apple right now and may never buy another product from them again 🙁

  4. Kosh says:

    I have a 4s and after upgrading to 6 my battery has reduced unquestionably. Also whilst running GPS apps like maps the unit now gets hotter. Won’t be Risking 6.0.1 as I don’t want the other problems being reported that I apparently don’t have.

  5. Shibby says:

    ios 6 is a headache!!! Crashing when I open Spotify…and when I tried to open up a PDF…wth…boo apple…steve jobs is rolling in his grave…

  6. b says:

    Cant check my mail, surf the web, or check anything else that requires not only wifi but 3g/4g while on a call-just get an error message “cellular data network not available”. Beyond frustrating!

  7. Chango Blanco says:

    Since the update on my 4s, every 3rd or 4th photo I take is currupt and appears as a black image. Sent photo to laptop and its tha same thing.

  8. Lady Lea says:

    Since update to iOS 6.0.1 all texts undelivered & not receiving any texts. Then turn off & on and all texts come through & can send texts for an hour or so. Then have to turn phone on & off again. Nightmare!!

  9. cish says:

    I updated to iOS 6.0.1 at 7A this morning. Walked away for 10 minutes and came back to find my IPhone4S crashed and in recovery mode. Had to reset through iTunes to factory settings which took 6 hours to download and run (913M file). It’s now 551P at night and I’m still restoring my phone through iCloud backup. Thanks Apple for wasting my entire day on the new and improved OS!

  10. DJiamJAM says:

    Since upgrade to 6.0.1, every single app eventually fails and takes me back to home screen. The longest I have been able to be on any app (including but not limited to messages, email, instagram, FB, Twitter) is about 1-2 minutes. This has been one of the most frustrating days, especially since I handle most business conveniently on my phone. Somebody help me…. lol

  11. I have Iphone 4 when i got it it came with iOS 4.3.3 i was really happy with the performance really good battery life.Unfortunately i upgraded to ios 5 my performance of iphone 4 and its battery life degraded.i upgraded to ios 6 thinking that it would solve the issue but it craped it more now even worst battery life and new problems emerging at time my phones mic suddenly stops working i go into one way mode the receiver of my call cant here me but i can here him,and of of a sudden the problem vanishes by itself,bad wifi signal really bad..hence i am not going to upgrade iOS 6.0.1 as i dont want any new problem to arise

  12. ez092461 says:

    I have been having a significant problem receiving texts since the update as well as persistent wifi disconnection while at work. This is on a 3Gs BTW.

  13. I am seeing a lot more random, transient crashes while doing just about anything on my phone. No data or apps lost, no need to resync, but I am growing weary of the constant crashing. I hope Apple is paying attention

  14. fuljo says:

    I updated to iOS 6.0.1 and immediately had battery life issue. Litterally with in 30min of download and no use and all apps closed down, my bat jumped from 80% to 50% Next time I just may not download the update. I know I’m not going to update my ipad. It works great and the bat life is great. Why fix it if it’s not broken!

  15. Ipaduser22 says:

    I updated my software two days ago and my Facebook app refreshing thing has been going really slow updating and saying that I have a network error when I don’t have one

  16. Hannah says:

    Updated to 6.0.1 today. Facebook app still crashes every time, after about 1 second. Would really love to just go back to an old iOS that had google maps and not all these problems.

  17. Cecil says:

    I updated this evening and over 4 hours later my phone will still not go any further than the black screen with the Apple icon. It’s not even being recognised on iTunes … just what you want from an update!!!!

  18. Hagar says:

    The dictation function has gotten even dumber and started doing even crazier stuff; Now it’s filling in things that it apparently doesn’t understand with letter salads that aren’t even real words, so I have had to stop using it all together. Before it was just random capitalizations and Choosing words that people hardly ever use when a much more commonly used word is obviously the one that I intended it to understand. Also, the vast majority of my apps are timing out instead of completing their functions, and I have to enter my iTunes password repeatedly for some reason. If they keep moving along this path, when my contract is up, I’m switching to a different phone: I see no reason to keep paying $400 and up for a smartphone that gets dumber every time there’s a major software update.

  19. Alice8000 says:

    I still hv wifi issues, major wifi issues, it can hardly connect, i have the iphone 5 with ios 6.0.1….but it has major connectivity issues, pls help!!! Wil apple release an update to fix ths or do i need to get my unit replaced or wht?? Pls help

  20. JAG says:

    I updated my 4s last night and now a good number of my apps crash, even my camera app! In addition, my battery life seems to have significantly decreased! Makes for a useless phone and a very frustrating experience! Get your act together Apple!!

  21. updated to iOS6 recently on my iPhone 4S and most of the updates for Apps like FB, Blipfoto, G+, Tumblr just don’t want to update! I’ve tried restarting few times, but I might back up and restore all the info via iTunes. Doh!

  22. Sandy says:

    I updated to iOS 6.0.1 almost 4 Days earlier i see issues with 3G switch over which effects all app like mail and messenger which was quite stable earlier on iOS5..

  23. Fitzyblueo2 says:

    Hi my I phone 4s was generating excessive amounts of mms 469 also
    Saying I sent excessive amounts of E mail messages I never sent
    Anyone else had this problem ?

  24. Max join says:

    I have an iPad 2, since I have updated it I can’t access any of my apps which require a password this update is a waste of time wish I just left it alone, I would say to anyone thinking of using this update to say well clear !!!!!

  25. lingling20 says:

    I updated to iOS 6.0.1 on my iPad2 a week ago. It was working fine until I realized I am not connecting to any wifi, including the wifi in my house. I haven’t found any solutions and I’m really upset. I can’t update any of my apps or connect to itunes to download new music. I am extremely disappointed with this update. I should’ve followed my own advice I give to people – never upgrade to versions with .0 or .5 in it – usually those are the ones with the most bugs.

  26. Rod says:

    I can’t receive emails on my iPad 2. I’m using gmail and never had a problem before. This problem started after IOS6 was installed. WiFi connections are also a disaster! Are other people having the problems with email? Are there fixes available? No email is a big problem for me!

  27. I think I found a fix for the WiFi problem. I went to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. After this step I went to Settings> Wi-Fi and clicked on the blue arrow botton on the right of the desired network and there changed the HTTP Proxy from “Off” to “Auto”.
    You will have to re enter the password to your network when you try to connect to Wi-Fi if you have one.
    As for Apps like Gmail not working, all you have to do is uninstall and download it again fron AppStore and they will work.

  28. ios6.0.1 made it impossible for me to do my favourite thing in the world, and that is upload little 1 minute videos I take on my phone and share them on facebook. I’m an expat living in New Zealand and all I want to do is show my FB friends my view! It also changed the format of my “pictures” as well- I have NO option to upload the movies to facebook, even when i try to use the pen symbol to “update status”, my videos clearly the videos are not compressing either. stupid “upgrades”

  29. Stk says:

    Since downloading IOS 6 my phone turns off while trying to take pictures or video and the battery says 39% when I plug it back in. Downloading IOS 6.0.1 did not fix the problem, so now I am afraid to use these apps while out in the community away from charger.

  30. Charry Wayne says:

    I didnt bother to upgrade mine..iOS 6 still won’t do email. We need true email inbox management that’s eyes-free and hands-free. There’s a smartphone app called Talkler —billed as “email for your ears.” It’s a free smartphone app that’s voice-controlled, and reads your emails aloud to you.

  31. bummer says:

    My Iphone 4, with the update, will allow me to send text messages, both SMS and Imessage, but the recipient will only receive every other text, if that.

  32. Sar says:

    I’ve lost speaker sounds from the ringer and the phone won’t charge with apple charger only from laptop! Also just tried to power off the phone and it shuts down then reopens! Before the 6.0.1 my phone was working fine appartment from the battery life problem that came with iOS 6. I thought the update would help with that but instead it’s caused more problems!

  33. hp says:

    After upgradfng 6.0.1, my iPod (4g) has been having issues charging. If I plug it into a wall adapter, the battery symbol would say it’s charging, then it’s full, then it stops, then says that what I used doesn’t support charging, but I used it and was working fine a week ago. Yey, I love 6.0.1

  34. Surreal says:

    My camera app no longer works. NO CAMERA! This is crap. I’m so fed up, I’m about to get rid of my iPhone and never get another one again. I can’t take another iOS headache.

  35. LP says:

    iPhone4S won’t send photos via email after upgrade…any users also experiencing this? Can text the photo but not email from any account. Frustrating!

  36. KM says:

    The update (or should one call it downgrade??) has made things worse on my ipad. Gmaill app is unable to connect. At time does not update. Some other apps crash more frequently. Hope Apple fixes the problem asap.

  37. LAW says:

    For iPhone 3G, first update since I bought the phone and Recent texts, calls, voicemails and photos have disappeared. I backed up photos in iPhoto first. I have texts & photos from April 2012 and before, everything else gone. ???

  38. Pissed in Pittsburgh says:

    My iPhone 4 (not 4S) has lost all alert sounds and app sounds (although they do play if I happen to have my Bluetooth headset on) and the Home button doesn’t work (cannot bring up multitask bar or take screen shots). I also lost some apps. Wish I’d stayed on 5.1.1

  39. Yea I am still on iOS 6.0 on my iPhone 5 and I really must say the battery is terrible with LTE Active, but if I keep to my usual schedule of keeping the brightness to zero, LTE off then I can pull in an impressive 7 hours and 24 minutes with nearly non stop 2&3D Gameplay along with a few episodes of MLP and searching the web for a Jailbreak unfortunately still non exists for me at least all the while having my 8 email accounts set to push receiving a new one every five minutes. I am deeply happy with my battery life also Wi-fi I am experiencing no issues at all. I am also not plagued by dead pixels or blackened clouds burned into the background only visible on grayish to black backgrounds. Also No static on my keyboard when I type my password in the App Store also my screen is solid I can press down hard upon it without it giving way and collapsing in causing a bubble of light to appear on the screen. Also when I received my phone their was no scratches dents or anything of the sort truly it was perfect. C’mon Dev Team I need my Jailbreak! Also Brohoof! /)

  40. Lachel says:

    Updated my iPod touch 5 to iOS 6.0.1 from 6.0, now I can’t download apps, video playback glitches..Battery life still bad..Can’t even last for a day even with a very moderate use.. Though wifi is still working, I found it to be slower than ever..Damn it, should have gotten myself an android device..

  41. SD says:

    I have the same problem. My phone is completely ******!

    IOS 6.0 was a disaster, now this absolute farce.

    Needless to say new phone will be Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Goodbye Apple

  42. Jx says:

    After update I can’t use personal hot spot, my macbook pro just refuses to connect.
    Also tomtom navigation doesn’t load anymore. I had to reinstall it.

  43. hi all

    I just started the software update on my ipad 2 and while waiting for the update to complete i googled iOS 6.0.1 to check up on the updates. I came across lots of bad reviews. After reading literally 10 different blogs about how problematic iOS 6 is I immediately tried stopping the update. The only thing I could do was to put the iPad into Airplane Mode. Im not really an advanced user – all i use are a few productivity apps that sync with my office pc and iBooks. How do i stop the update so that I can put my wifi back on again? Please, if anyone can offer some assistance on the matter – I honestly dont wanna screw up my iPad.

    The guys at Apple really need to get their act together – this is pathetic to say the least. We purchase their devices for quiete a bit of cash and then stuff like this happens.

  44. Neverwozzer says:

    I have two iPhone 4S and 2 iPad2 devices. The neither the apps for
    for Gmail, Facebook and the iStore, or browser access for Chrome and Safari works when using my home WiFi (Bell Canada). If I revert to 3G on the phones, everything is
    fine, so it appears to be a WiFi-related issue.

    Neither Apple nor Bell believe it is their problem 🙂

  45. Clarissa says:

    I have the newest iPad. After installing the 6.0.1 update, Facebook messaging crashes the app, my battery life is shorter and I keep having wifi problems. This is very annoying. I’ve only had this iPad for 6 weeks and I’m having to struggle with the applications. Not good.

  46. RRD says:

    I hadn’t realized my iPad3 iOS6 upgrade was the problem until I googled “iOS6 crashes”. I deleted FB integration, FB and multi other APPS + disconnected WIFI. I have a crashed iPad that was occurring with FB and WIFI all along. My pages garble content consistently, sound clicks off, APP settings dislodge, WIFI ON increases LTE data time 100 fold, IPad shuts off constantly, battery drains with WIFI ON. Several APPS crash iPad incl Twitter, YouTube, Maps, games linked to FB. I refuse to buy an iPhone5 as a direct result of serious iOS6 crashes. APPLE stock is “crashing” for a reason.

  47. Apple hater says:

    updated my iPhone 4S an ipad 3G and an iPad 2. Has been nothing but hell. FaceTime, iMessage, google, Instagram all crash. I had no issues with 6.0.0. What a total fail of testing on almighty apple. 🙁

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