iOS 6.0.1 update and persistent problems

Roughly seven weeks ago Apple delivered iOS 6 to Apple device users, and with the arrival of the new operating system came quite a few problems, including issues with Apple Maps, battery issues reported with the iPhone 4 and 4S, and also WiFi problems. A few days ago Apple pushed out an update bringing it up to iOS 6.0.1, but it appears that the company still hasn’t managed to fix the issues with WiFi, along with other problems.

One would have thought that by now Apple would have sorted the problems customers are experiencing with WiFi, but apparently this is not the case, as a report over on Zdnet has it that iOS 6.0.1 is still suffering from WiFi problems with customers reporting it is still inaccessible.

This issue still appears to be hitting those that own an iPhone 4S more than any other users; however any device running iOS 6x could be affected with a greyed out WiFi option, with the suggestion from Apple being make sure Airplane mode if off, restart your device, update your device, reset network settings, and restore your iOS device in iTunes.

After going through that process if you still experience problems you are to contact your carrier or Apple.

However the operating system update seems to still be annoying some users, as several have posted complaints to Apple Discussions, with one user stating that since updating, their iPhone 5 picks up WiFi less since they installed the patch, whilst another says their iPhone 4 still has serious WiFi problems.

Another user reports that the continuous spinning wheel in Safari hasn’t been fixed with the software update, but rather appears to happen more since updating, and wasn’t exclusive to the iPod, as this has increased on the iPhone 4S and the Apple iPad 2.

Thus it would seem that Apple pushing out iOS 6.0.1 has done very little to alleviate the problems with WiFi along with other issues for the iPhone and iPad user.

So we’d like to hear from any of our readers that own an iDevice and experiencing problems after updating to iOS 6.0.1, and would love you to voice your annoyance to our comments area below…thanks.


225 thoughts on “iOS 6.0.1 update and persistent problems”

  1. John, Qatar says:

    Updated today, and now hotmail only works on data not wifi! Secondly Skype only connects when the phone is rebooted !! Ridiculous ! O am expecting a call from apple support in an hour so lets see what they say !

  2. Miszxy says:

    so that’s why .. I can’t finish updating my iphone to iOS 6.0.1 because it says “no service” or “there is no sim card installed in the iphone you are attempting to activate” I inserted my sim, but still it doesn’t work 🙁

    1. teris2212 says:

      My 3gs reboots all time after ios 6.0.1 , also on my iphone 5 earphones the audio has very low quality than before updating.
      Its a shame , and apple doesnt give you the option to downgrade.
      Apple is finished for me.

  3. Ashley says:

    Ever since I updated to iOS 6.0.1, I can delete texts then they come right back as if I never deleted them. Now it’s deleting them on its own and I can’t open my messages half the time..

  4. Ashley says:

    Ever since I updated to iOS 6.0.1, I can delete texts then they come right back as if I never deleted them. Now it’s deleting them on its own and I can’t open my messages half the time..

  5. Ni Ni says:

    I can not open google mail in IOS 6, it take so long and finally mail box close again. I deleted so many e mail but still problem with mails. Everything ok with IOS5.1 before.

  6. Jennie says:

    after updating to 6.0.1 my apps automatically close down. If I am sending a text it will just close down in the middle of texting. If I am on the phone speaking to someone it will automatically go the the main menu and pause the call!!! any ideas??

  7. The IPad not a good Job says:

    James Marshall.

    I have totally had with my IPAD. As a life long techy I have come to the conclusion that the IPAD is the biggest, most expensive, piece of crap ever issued by a computer company. After a year of problems including a useless visit to the Apple Store in the Metro Cenntre – Newcastle. I have decided to do the only thing to give me the pleasure I thought I was going to get from my IPAD. Today November 5th 2012 I am going to use it in the only way left for me. Today it gets destroyed by first an explosion then a bonfire and, if any thing is still left, a decimation into as many pieces as possiblle. The actions will be recorded an posted on facebook and any other site possible.This will give me the only satisfaction I will ever get from it. I believe Apple Support has been clueless to help so this is my final solution. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  8. john says:

    I have a 4S, but have not updated even to ios 6. I had a feeling it was going to be a buggy release, and I’m glad I didn’t upgrade (or downgrade in this case). Then I wait for 6.0.1, MAYBE all this stuff would be fixed, but NOOOOOO…… still the same problems as before, especially wifi, and now there’s NEW problems. Apple without Steve Jobs is going downhill, not the same company. And now, Scott Forstall is gone. Does any of this tell us anything ?

  9. Ivy says:

    My iPhone 4S is completely unresponsive. My touchscreen is unresponsive. My mail won’t even open. I can’t open my mail settings. A lot of my apps won’t open. My delete button doesn’t work when held down. I have to delete one letter at a time. My phone worked fine yesterday morning, and after the update, it’s useless. Also, every time I try to restore it, there is an error and it can’t restore. Siri doesn’t work the majority of the time. I use my phone for business and not being able to use my mail is a major problem. I can’t call apple unless I pay the $70 for the apple care. They won’t even troubleshoot it with me. My phone is basically useless. My dad has the the iPhone 4 and his wifi hasn’t worked since updating to the iOS 5.

  10. Lautra says:

    I had NO problems with my 4S UNTIl I installed 6.0. It shuts me out of apps, while typing on letters with my finger, the “Click” sounds are delayed, my music skips through itself randomly and will not stop until I shut phone down completely.
    My iphone sounds (finger slide, unlock, lock etc) seem tinny or like it’s submerged in water and then will randomly go back to normal.
    My dialing tones are on speaker when NOT on speaker???? All completely annoying and super weird.
    Just did the 6.0.1 update as I’m typing this, hoping it repairs things but from what I’ve read….it won’t help.

  11. JediMarky says:

    I am gradually loosing faith in Apple. Having upgraded my IPhone 4S to iOS6.0.1 my wifi on/off slider is still greyed out. What a shambles! Not happy and this sort of thing confirms to me why Apple are loosing market share.

  12. Drew Hallum says:

    The new 6.0.1 update drained by battery and shut my phone off. Now, my phone wont even charge. I plugged it in ALL night and it’s still giving me the “charge your phone” symbol when I try to turn it on. This happened with the first iOS 6 update and it’s incredibly inconvenient. It’s one thing to have spinning wheels in Safari, or pictures wont load, or your mail wont open… but then the update isn’t allowing your phone to even turn on, this is a terrible issue.

        1. Last iphoneman says:

          Same with me, i upgraded to ios 6.0.1 and phone wont power up and was in recovery mode. They replaced me with a new unit. This will be my last iphone if things dont improve

          1. Mine is doing the same thing…showing a symbol of the usb cord connecting to itunes and when i connect my phone to the computer and itunes it says i need to go into recovery mode. I don’t want to lose all of my stuff and contacts. grrrr….

    1. LabZen says:

      The same happened with my iPhone4S during IOS 6 installation. After one month waiting for the “new” iphone, then I have decided to use my old mobile. You can see my posts (just look for LabZen there: Discussion Groups). My iphone was about one month and ten days old…very disappointed

      1. If you took it in they would replace it, they have a guarantee for any device for 30 days to return it, no questions asked, and you are still under warranty, so why not take it in??

  13. !iosfan says:

    Huge battery issue on 4s with 6.0.1. With occasional one app running at a time and very limited browsing on WiFi, now battery does not even last a day. With iOS 6.0 on my 4s, with same usage it lasted for about a day and a half.

  14. cwitt says:

    I am having the same problem with my iphone, My last bill said I used 8gigs of data. My services provider FIDO is not doing anything about it and are expecting me to pay a $500 phone bill. I have called 5 times and been to the apply store twice and everyone keeps telling me a different story WTF

  15. true_copy_of_the_original says:

    4S – tried everything, wifi still grayed out… I suppose I have become so used to Apple devices just working, that I am feeling very irritated! I do hope someone at Apple is trying to do something about it. I will be looking out for a new update…

  16. Free Palestine says:

    I’m using an iPhone 4S and since the update I’m having these problems:
    1- my phone reboots by itself sometimes and as an average of 2-3 times daily.
    2- YouTube app doesn’t let me sign in to my account and if it does it says error
    3- some of my apps are crashing recently.
    4- the wifi sometimes gets disconnected by itself and I have to reboot to fix it.
    Any news about an untethered jailbreak on iPhone 4S for the 6.0.1?
    Any chance to keep me updated?

  17. Johnniecakes says:

    Ridiculous. I am typing this response on my iPhone 4 since my iPad 2 is now useless. After 6.0.1 my wifi issues not only persisted but has gotten worse! Now I cannot even tether! I can no longer connect to the wifi at coffee shops that I frequented. Going to a ‘genius’ just irritates you more. One actually had the nerve of saying ‘I’ve never heard of anyone having wifi issues after updating to iOS 6’. Really?!

    1. Skiddy says:

      Hooray someone else talking sense….my ipad2 is wrecked from an ios6 update…on phone for 3 hours with a technical wizard who then asked me to call back later when I had more time!! I said I had a week off in feb if that helped? Muppets!!! Not sure if to try to fix with 6.1 or leave well alone?

  18. kbouck says:

    I updated my IOS on Friday and immediately had battery power loss at cut-rate speed. I dealt with it all weekend, with my phone battery crashing throughout the day. Today (Monday), my battery seems to be holding it’s own. Here’s hoping it has resolved itself – somehow.

  19. Bernie says:

    And i thought it was me! Since update Yahoo mail on and off. Now cannot pick up WiFi even tho it shows I am connected. Very, Very annoying. Was going to buy an iPad but now now. Maybe i can get me Motorola cell fone back?

  20. Davie says:

    I am so disappointed that the old map system is now not available on my iPhone 4S but instead the new map is very old and poor quality. There are several changes made locally to where I live that don’t show on the map which leads me to believe Apple have purchased an out of date map at a, no doubt, discount price. Bring back the original map that also has street view.

  21. Luke says:

    Updated,didn’t quite know why,but I am having issues with apps shutting down randomly on my iPhone 4S and the new iPad,quite frustrating really and I do have the spinning circle also but I don’t see the issue with that tbh.

  22. Steve says:

    For years I heard how great Apple products were. Since updating to ios6 the phone has been a nightmare. Sometimes I can connect to the Internet and sometimes cannot. Must go to Internet option and disengage before connecting again. Went to Apple store for help-a joke. Called Apple-bigger joke. I wish I had my Blackberry back.

  23. MikeR says:

    Since I stupidly accepted iOS 6.0.1 this morning all incoming IMAP mail has ceased to work. Says my password is wrong – but the same happens on all IMAP accounts. PlusNet is my service provider.

  24. to think that my iPhone 3Gs (my backup phone) turned out OK after udateing to iOS6 (improved battery life, no more 2-second-mid-freeze, etc…)… I updated my iPhone 4s (iOS 6.0.1) and the horror has started.
    – constant “network lost” messages, and then the 3G never loads up. This NEVER happened on iOS5
    – any background app that uses the internet will just crash/shut down on its own (e.g. TuneIn Radio, Messengers type apps) after some 5 minutes of use
    – apps just crash and shut down on their own in mid-use
    – battery life issues
    – I tried to charge the 4s, but it just would not charge. I tried connecting the 3Gs and it charged, so it was not the cable, I’m sure. After mucking around (unplugging the plug, changing adaptors, replugging everything), the 4s still didn’t work. Then I tried to connect it to the computer and it started charging, so I changed it back to the power outlet and FINALLY it would charge.

    All I can say is… I want my phone back…

  25. Reese5280 says:

    6.0.1: iPhone: I can’t chat via iChat anymore, all are sent as texts, not a huge deal but disappointing. Bluetooth connectivity is shotty at best. iPad: much slower surfing and running of applications. If apple didn’t have simple syncing with their devices, I would be out

  26. Molly says:

    I now have a glorified iPod as my iPhone 4s no longer functions as a phone. No messaging, no calls, no WiFi. If anyone knows a fix for this (aside from rebooting like everyone suggests as if I haven’t done that five times already…) would love to hear it.

  27. Gholi says:

    I have a big problem with my iPhone 4S. It is automatically turn on and turn off. It does not work at all. Every 2 minutes turn on and off for almost 4 hours. I do not know what to do. Do you have any suggestion? I am waiting to use up all the battey.

  28. Beckyard says:

    Seriously the iOS 6.0.1 is a mystery i’m not able to see any of the 3G connections, no maps worst of all no chance to downgrade
    and after releasing the iPhone 5 thers no future to apple anymore

  29. ClintonT says:

    I own an iPad3 32GB 3G/Wifi device. Have been unable to use wifi since upgrading from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.0. I have done all the resetting options, turn up display brightness, reboot device, restore device and nothing works. Recently upgraded to iOS 6.01 and no difference. Still receive the “unable to connect” error message when trying to use wifi to connect to DSL router infrastructure. 3 different DSL sites so it is not linked to router.

    Very frustrating and annoying.

  30. Lisakat33 says:

    With the initial ios6 update, I lost the ability to directly upload video & stream it through my Apple TV. It only plays audio and no video. After the update to “repair” glitches, my emails are glitchy. While I reading an email, it suddenly skips to another email and when I try to open it again, it won’t open or I get an error stating, “Cannot load to server”. Apple really needs to address these issues and fix them promptly.

  31. siggysuper says:

    Continuing problems with my iPhone 4 despite iOS 6.01. Wifi keeps dropping out, youtube not working and battery life is now rubbish. I’m told I may need to upgrade my router which is only 18 months old. Is Apple trying to get us to all upgrade to Airplay? Nokia lumia 920 looks good! Apple had better be careful as many of us have lost faith in them.

  32. keomac says:

    since updating to ios 6.0 (and now updated to io 6.0.1 I have not been able to hear music/video through the built in speakers, only using headphones….This is even after doing a complete factory reset (twice) and trying every trick in the book. Very frustrating

  33. wuj says:

    I came to this site because I’ve been unable to post on the Apple community site (blocked by Apple?) I have an iPhone 5 (5 days old). The WIFI wont connect to my home router. Had a swap over from the Apple store, and same result with WIFI.
    I also have iPad 2 and old iPhone 3G and Macbook , all able to connect to my Belkin router.
    I’ve decided to get refund on iPhone 5.
    I strongly believe that Apple have a serious issue with their wifi chip, otherwise a software fix would have been issued by now. I would rather wait it out and see what develops in regard to Apple fixing their “software” problem before committing to the i5.

    It’s a hardware issue with the i5, and one that Apple would be reluctant to admit to…just imagine the cost of a recall on 5 million+ phones!! They need to cut their losses now!

  34. I have the same issues with WiFi being greyed out and some apps not launching since IOS6. I was hopeful the nes release would sort the issues out but it didn’t and all of the advice from Apple is useless. I have recently been given a new business phone through my company which is a Galaxy S3 and to be honest I have hardly touched my Iphone except to see if the update fixed my issues.

  35. Maria says:

    My battery drainage was bad before and now with this update it got EVEN WORSE! Literally draining before my very eyes. Apple is either not competent enough to fix the problems or this is all some sort of scam to get us to buy the iPhone 5

  36. Max Wilkinson says:

    I dunno why people are having Wi-Fi issues mine was fine on 4S and now my 5… Restore 😉 Although i have the same restore since my iPhone 2G like 5 years ago 😀

  37. snowrider says:

    I have an iPhone4 and my roommate has the 4S. We did the iOS6 update and since that update, the WiFi had been spotty at best. No issues until this update. I did the iOS6.0.1 and still same problem. The only solution that I have come up with was to switch a setting on my router from a G-N broadcast to a B-G-N broadcast on the wireless settings. Since that change we have not had any WiFi problems.

  38. J kirk says:

    Absolutely unreal ! Apple have completely lost the plot, we need to be able to revert back to ios5 until this mess is sorted out. I have just had my iPad 2 replaced (defective after 6 months use) the replacement is on iOS 5 and I am staying on it ! . When old one was on iOS 6 it was useless the wifi would drop out every 5 mins (that wasn’t the only issue) how can apple get away with this ? I am glad I don’t have an iPhone ! Will stick with my blackberry!

  39. AmandaL says:

    Had other problems (non wifi) went to the store gave ,e a new iPhone and came home connected it to wifi installed new iOS 6 and then no wifi completely blacked out cant even swipe it from off to on so frustrated I drove so far to get this resolved and now have a new problem this is ridiculous…. I scheduled am appointment to have the, call me in the morning

        1. Michael says:

          I find it funny that you said that. I have an iPad 2 running iOS 6.0.1 and I haven’t seen a single problem with anything on it. I also just ordered a Nexus 4. I’m not against Android (obviously) but I do prefer iOS over it. But from the reviews I’ve seen, the Nexus 4 looks very fast and smooth. Honestly, it just depends on what you will use the device for that determines which is better.

  40. Irsh says:

    I have been using iPhones since the first one came out. It was a pleasurable journey.
    With iOS 6 upwards the issues I’m facing are countless… I loose coverage then when I switch on airplane mode and then switch off airplane mode. Then the coverage returns back to normal. Phone is slow crashes multiple times, all these are new in the iPhone which I’m not used to for the past 4-5 years with apple. It’s appalling and hideous the issues I’m facing… Has the shelf life ended for apple. Now comes the reluctant question… Any idea of a phone which would be the equivalent of an iPhone that I can go for?

        1. Ajnxp says:

          Well it does have it’s own set of problems but 16 gb is also there in iphone and photo app problem can be solved using 3rd party apps LTE is an issue for some. Non-removable battery is present even in an iphone. And finally the price. But of course now with ios 7 hope problems will be solved. Else the next 2 options are the S4 or the HTC One.

        1. Ajnxp says:

          Yeah, seriously. The new maps app just doesn’t give directions to a destination. I tried by entering source and destination and it says direction unavailable. I was really surprised to see that. Either it’s the App problem or 6.0.1 problem. Hope it gets resolved soon. 🙁

    1. meeeeee says:

      i’m seriouslt thinkin of the note 2….and like u, i have LOVED my i phones for years….this update has been a joke!. It’s ruined my phone to the point of no return….such a shame 🙁

    2. S-Tomas says:

      I’m shifting to RIM, granted less apps but having seen and played with BB10 in the flesh last month (and that’s not even final release – that’s my vote)

  41. Brian says:

    I updated my Iphone 3G with the IOS 6.0 and 6.0.1 but I have consistent problems, mostly with constant crashes… the phone keeps going off even when the battery is at 90 percent!!! does anyone have probs like this? whats the best thing to do?

  42. plinth says:

    updated to iOS 6.1 on a new iPad, with a NTT Docomo sim card. After that, NO SERVICE, and wireless ceased to work. Add this to the debacle of the loss of Google maps. (in Japan the new iOS6 maps are non functional- can’t even find major train stations when searched.) I went to the Apple Store- their fix was to offer me a new iPad (same model) running iOS5. A lifelong Apple user, since the early 90’s- I have really lost the faith.

  43. Glgbnaf says:

    This is my first and last apple product I will ever buy, I should have learned after all other iPhones in the past but everyone blew iPhone 5 way out of proportion!!! My old Motorola razr from 2005 is more stable!!! Thank god I never was an apple fan of there lousy over priced product and limited to do what you can do with apples restrictions !!! I made the worst stupid mistake buying my iPhone 5 it was in white and 64 gb!! And hate to say I threw it out my car window on freway!!

  44. Glgbnaf says:

    Also iPad mini?? What a joke and $$$$ waste and runs on last years software again, blown out of proportion again!!! Apple fail!!! This is why apple shares will go down the toilet!!! Steve jobs we love and miss you apple is not the same without you!! Your very sadly missed!!!:((((( god bless you R.I.P!!!! My friend!!!

  45. Joseph Candelaria says:

    before ios 6.0.1 –> my iphone 4s wifi on ios 6.0 is working fine and drains battery faster than ios 5.1.1..
    after updating to ios 6.0.1 –> my iphone 4s wifi, most of the time, takes time to connect and still battery drains fast.. 🙁

  46. chastodon says:

    I have an iPad 3 and since the iOS 6.0.1 update, my battery life is horrible. The battery life drains way, way too soon. I also am having the same problem with the constant spinning wheel in safari. I am pretty upset that this new software update is KILLING my battery with very little usage. I hope they release a new update soon. If so and if the battery life problem is resolved, I will not update my iPad 3 anymore. I should have kept the iOS 6 software.
    COMPLETELY BUMMED OUT! The iPad 3 costs way too much for a battery problem due to a stupid software update.

  47. Gct says:

    I updated to the IOS 6.0.1 yesterday in the morning and haven’t been able to listen to music at all, not even the side volume buttons work. Very frustrating.

    1. eileensalvi says:

      same problem. volume buttons dont work and no sound comes out of speakers or ear buds. just started happening this morning right after i downloaded the update.
      this is unacceptable. you think something you paid insane money for would actually work!

  48. Mika Chan says:

    my facebook app no longer works with IOS 4.1 because it somehow automatically updates, and the updated versions now require higher IOS. now, i can’t even open the damn application without it crashing. how do I upgrade to IOS 5 or lower only and not to IOS 6 since there seems to be a lot of problems with it? or how can i re-install a lower version of facebook? thanks! 🙂

  49. Av E says:

    Since the IOS 6.01 upgrade, my Iphone 4S is unable to pick up my personal yahoo emails!! Please let me know if anyone else has this problem. Apple, please help!!

  50. TPC says:

    I have an iPhone 3gs. Two years old and never a problem. Upgraded to 6.01 and within in a few days lost the 3g icon and have no cellular data of any type

  51. Sad Canuck says:

    I upgraded to IOS 6 because I got worn down by the stupid unerasable badge telling me to update. What a mistake. I have a new problem every other day with this useless operating system. After years of PCs, I finally moved over to Apple with my phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Now I feel I should have stuck with my Blackberry and Dell, which I thought I would never say!

  52. tel says:

    I have a 4S, updated to 6.0.1 right when it came out and haven’t been able to charge my phone since then. When connected to PC, iTunes shows it properly and I can synch. Also the phone itself is showing icon of charging the device, but the percentage never rises at all! It was at 40% when I updated and is now even less. Somehow it gets some power ’cause when connected to PC or wall socket percentage does not decrease. I dare now not plug it out anymore. Please Apple send an update to fix this s***.

  53. They’ll make us a great favor if they stop releasing new software version and just leave us downgrade to any previous version we choose. ‘couse really since ios 5 nothing’s the same, just problems and nothing more, seriously! my safari wont even open. It seems like without Steve Jobs (R.I.P) everything’s slowly crumbling apart. For got’s sake!, this is Apple gotdamned!.

  54. Disgruntled says:

    My life has been hell since ‘upgrading’ my IPAD to IOS6. All the issues above and more. Luckily I did not upgrade my iphone, and still have ios5, and it runs beautifully. I have just upgraded my ipad to ios6.0.1, but nothing is changed. As another user said somewhere, i now have a very expensive chopping board for all the use and ease it gives. Phoning apples support met me with a very patrnising voice, who solved nothing and did not aknowledge the problem, acting as if the issues were in my imaginations. Damn you apple. Wish i had gone with a samsung.

  55. Todd says:

    My wife updated her ipad 2 (wifi only) and her iphone 4 (not a 4S) to 6.0.1 yesterday. Now neither one sends or receives text messages from other iphones. She can send text messages back and forth to non-iphones with no problem. She did discover that iMessaging was off, but even after turning it on, it is still not sending/receiving texts with other iphones at all.

  56. Sue says:

    I’m using a iphone 3Gs and have updated to ios 6.0.1 fix. My wifi issue ever since the “upgrade” is that it’s really unstable and spotty. You lose wifi as well when the phone goes to sleep. Anyone else has this problem? I’ve been trying to log this issue on the Apple discussion problem but it just won’t let me log in.

  57. Lexie says:

    Since upgrading my iPhone 4S will not pair with my car phone device. I have a new dodge Durango with a unconnected system. It switched my calls from my car speaker to my home and then back to car speaker. Does this over and over. Had to turn off my Bluetooth just so it will not try to even connect to my car. How can you go back to 5.1

  58. TThayer says:

    I’m with all the rest. I used to be able to get home from work, battery fully charged from my car ride home, and stay up til 1am (6 hours) and go to bed with a battery around 60%. Now my phone dies and turns off around midnight. Only started after 6.0.1. I turned off all locations services, turned off Safari iCloud syncing too. Funny thing is these were all on and fine with just IOS 6.

    1. Ming says:

      Initially my update issues to iOS 6.0.1 were coverage related, but now it’s draining my battery too! Charged this mo to 100%, hour to work & it was on 70% when I got to work. Apps still shutting down whilst in use. Bad times apple!

  59. kris says:

    Is Apple even paying attention to these messages? My Iphone 4S is still ok while my ipad2 is currently plugged in to my PC trying restore previous iOS version as it in the cycle of restarting and hanging continuum!

  60. Isshh says:

    My phone had a flash timing delay which got fixed two days back when i updated to 6.0.1 , my phone works too good then ever, there is a 0 problem and works flawless! Love you apple

  61. Since upgrading to 6.0.1 I first noticed strange things when the display started freezing up with parts of the screen going black. Now it will reboot itself at random. I vote for going back to iOS 5!

  62. Serdadu86 says:

    Now i know why steve called as a stubborn and perfectionist man…everything messed up without him, apple just turn like a cheap and weak product.

  63. Missy says:

    Still have the same problems after updating from iOS 6.0 to iOS 6.0.1 on my iPhone 4S, nothing seems to have changed. Internet pages are so slow to load and it takes me forever to receive and send mail, battery drains quickly and some of my apps still don’t work. I Want iOS 5 back it was so nice and fast. I’d have thought Apple would have sorted everything by now. Very disappointed.

  64. Alpha Foxtrot Uniform says:

    Upgraded company iPhones (22 phones) and multiple iPads to 6.0.1 and it is miserable. The company has taken a huge turn for the worse. The majority of all the apple products inhouse are being placed on eBay in two weeks. The owner of my company, a small systems integration firm came into the meeting and said very few words. “Get all the apple phones dumped and replaced with Android phones in two weeks or no one will have a company phone” he threw his on the table and said to start with his.

  65. Ali191 says:

    Anyone else have their laptop affected by the ios6.0.1 update? Mine froze 3 times in a row, had to to a forced shutdown – still glitchy. Then my I phone wouldn’t sync in iTunes -kept saying it couldn’t read my music files( never been changed) , then stopped, unable to complete. Had to reset, thus losing many apps, they still showed but wouldn’t open, so I had to delete and re-install. Fortunately my I pad was unaffected by the update.
    Also, prior to the update, I kept getting messages that I hadn’t backed upo to iCloud for weeks, when I had only done it the week before
    Aaaarrrrgggghhhh. The IT guy at work keeps telling me to get a Nexus. Any advice or comments, folks?

  66. Christopher Lock says:

    I just tried using maps today, I have a iPhone 4s on Verizon and after a few minutes of using maps no matter the battery level my phone will turn off and give me the connect phone to charger signal (you know the empty battery with the little red bar and the plug pointing to it). If I wait 5 minutes or so my phone will boot and show me I have whatever battery life left (50% 75% etc).

  67. yogi says:

    Hi guys … I hve I phone 4s and i updated ios 6 and 6.0.1 but no problems which you all mentioned … but I have prob with map I am not able to search the place …. rest of all running well … i am happy with it

  68. ImLosingFaith says:

    Dear Steve,

    I know you’re enjoying your well deserved rest in a far away place.

    But i can’t imagine you are fully at rest, hearing about what your company has managed to do since you left. Quality and stability are going down with each new release.
    Believers are more and more loosing faith!

    Please send us a messiah and free us from this hell-to-be!

  69. Boiler80 says:

    I had iPad 2 wifi issues as soon as I “upgraded” to iOS 5. Managed to sort the problem by searching and finding that a change of security settings on my router fixed the problem. Then I stupidly upgraded to iOS 6 and the wifi problem returned. Same as the previous problem, wifi just randomly disconnects and then reconnect a few seconds later. Not a big issue with Internet browsing or emails, but a huge pain in the ass when you are on Skype. Like many others, I am becoming more and more disenchanted with Apple lately. I am in the market for a new phone and an iPhone 5 isn’t even in the frame. It’s a choice between Android and Windows 8 at this point.

    1. Flaming mad says:

      Yep. Me too. Apple genius ran diagnostic and said it was a “software problem”. He replaced the phone. Then I had problems with that phone and another genius said “software problem”. Was given another replacement phone. Not updating to 6.0.1 on this one. Having fewer problems, but battery life still bad. And wifi is still sketchy. Oh and keyboard has serious lag I’m firing Apple from any future purchases.

  70. Snowy dog says:

    Using iPad 2 and since iOS 6.0.1 update imap email has stopped working.
    Safari seems slow on wifi whilst my iPhone 3GS works as normal. I’m hunk of upgrading he phone to 4GS but I’m having serious second thoughts. Does anyone have any suggestions re iPad IMAP issues?

  71. Asha33 says:

    I was having trouble with Wifi being greyed out. I just let the battery run out and then placed it on the charger, I had to do this s couple of times but haven’t had any trouble since. (Touch wood)

  72. Rea says:

    This is rediculos, we’ve 3 iPhones in the house all either 4 or 4s and were all having problems with our battery life. One of us unplugs at 100% at 9am and has 8% by 13:30. Not on.

  73. Aris Gkorogias says:

    My iphone 4 facing serious problem since i have updated to iOS 6.0.1. Can’t be synchronised easily with itunes, restarts every 2-3 minutes.

  74. F***UFaNbUOY! says:

    APPLE DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR PHONE IS MESSED UP BECAUSE ITS OLDER DEVICES>> THEY WANT TO SELL YOU NEW THINGS<< just look at the map failure, and stupid updates AARGH!!! F*** downgrading bulls***! just ditch your iphone and get a different phone! Just shows how cold the corporate guys at apple and how they keep on ditching older generation icrap and make older ones buggy so it makes you buy a new thing… F*** you Crapple!

  75. Timo says:

    Since upgrading my iPad 3 to iOS 6, I have experienced faster battery drains. And I just realized that my wifi connectivity problems, which im blaming the router for, has been experienced only after the upgrade!!!! This goes to show the value of Steve Jobs. I hope that his replacement do a better job or at least solve the numerous issues that they currently have. I’m contemplating on having my first iPhone but I got some pretty good reasons not to pursue it anymore.

  76. romacorp says:

    Also renders additional google calendars useless. You can no longer edit events on any calendar other than the primary calendar. The edit button is missing and you have pesky accept decline maybe buttons that do not work and only serve to create duplicate events. Thousands of users have commented on this issue in google forums since 6.01

  77. hiy0ri says:

    I updated to 6.01… after that my App Store vanished… I restored my phone to factory settings hoping it would come back. But no. App Store is still not there. And now all my downloaded apps are gone! Ugh. So frustrating!

  78. streamcomputing says:

    What helped me was tinkering with the router. Setting the “Control Sideband” to “upper” while putting the channel to 5 or 6 did the trick. At my router this could be found under “advanced wifi settings”. The control sideband could only be set when a manual channel was selected for some reason.

    This could be it: vague enough to be missed at test-rounds, variable enough at various routers and has influence enough to deliver a bad wifi experience.

  79. Nightfox says:

    I have been a loyal Apple user for a long time but some of the shoddy quality control and moreover, extremely uncouth rip off tactics are driving me away. I still love my ipad 3 but as of today I am cancelling my iphone 5 order and waiting to get my hands on the Nexus 4. At £280 I think it’s worth a try. I feel really let down. 🙁

  80. Matt says:

    I just downloaded the upgrade a week ago and since then my phone has restarted twice. Now my text Messenger is F^%$ed and I can’t make many calls. Thanks Apple for breaking what didn’t need to fixed. Steve Jobs dies and now the Apple Empire will fall because the new owners don’t care about the customers

  81. Am3ber says:

    My phone went on recovery mode after doing the update! I wish I would have seen this article prior to updating. Where’s the accountability these days?

  82. Hawk says:

    i have the iphone 4S.I have been sent the update iOS6.0.1. I have been through the the steps.The down load and install is still grey.My wireless is working,and I have tried to use itunes unsuccessfully! is it me or is it Apples problem?

  83. when i had iOS6 it was great, no problems, iOS 6.0.1 is SHOCKING and has changed my auto time, my WIFI is now greyed when it wasnt with the iOS6. i am trying to restart etc but i am not sure it’s going to work…..i did drop it last night at it went totally gaff but i wonder if that was really even ths issue now…….ggrrrrrrr!!! in AUS and an 4S i hope it will fix but from all forums etc i doubt it. i use WIFI more than anything else with my phone which is very painful . I was hoping i can restore back to my previous backup (before i went to iOS6.0.1) but i don’t want to restore factory settings and then find i’ve lost what i had before….any help would be appreciated!

  84. mikey says:

    Upgrading from IOS 6.0 to IOS 6.0.1 ruined my ipod touch 5th generation. Keyboard won’t type, internet is super slow and glitchy, Battery life is cut in half, and it now runs very hot. DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPGRADE! Thanks, Apple. You suck.

  85. mikey says:

    Upgrading from IOS 6.0 to IOS 6.0.1 ruined my ipod touch 5th generation. Keyboard won’t type, internet is super slow and glitchy, Battery life is cut in half, and it now runs very hot. DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPGRADE! Thanks, Apple. You suck.

  86. Rahul says:

    I bought my iPhone 4S from Singapore and soon after iOS 6 upgrade, my wifi greyed out. not only that the bluetooth also stopped working (keeps showing the spinning wheel). iOS 6.0.1 did not help either. I’m really regretting the time when I was excited to move to the new operating system. I spoke to apple and they say wait for the next release !!

  87. Apple devices just works! says:

    Everyone here complaining about their Apple devices are either full of it or don’t actually have one.

    According to people who actually own one, their devices just works! Plain and simple.

    Isn’t that what all the Apple fans have been telling everyone?

  88. Peter Leahter says:

    I loaded iOS 6.0.1 on my iphone. Since then my phone does not ring if there is an incoming call and it receives only 6 month old emails! I’m with O2. Help!

    1. meeeeee says:

      i love my I phone’sand have only been positive about them for years, even though i have had problems with them,…but due to this update, I am HAVING TO CHARGE 3 TIMES A DAY. I turn off my apps as soon as i use them, and its becoming a really big problem for me, as i have a business, and like to upload photo’s on FB on a regular basis ….but sometimes, i go to take a photo, after not being on my phone all day, and its on 16 per cent, then GOES OFF before i can take the photo to upload, its not practical to have to carry a charger constantly, and panic when i have forgotten it, sorry, maybe its a dodgey batch again, but I’m honestly telling the truth !

  89. Arjun says:

    True my both idevice (iPhone 4s n ipad 2) getting this wifi issue and heavy battery drain issue
    Don’t know what apple is doing don’t they confirm the software before making it live for download.
    Seriously apple is losing faith n respect Both together

  90. Marcia S says:

    since upgrading to 6 i cannot go more than 20 feet from a router. used ro go up to 100 feet no problem. 6.01 did nothing tomfix this. Inhave to walk back and forth to within 15 feet to reset the wifi connection while my husband is 100 feet away from me with his Kindle Fire working perfectly! How could a company be so irresponsible? I thought only Microsoft released upgrades months before they are ready. Apparently not!

  91. frank says:

    even with the ios 6.0.1 update, I am still experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity problems. called apple several times and they are downplaying this issue. so I have this expensive device that I can’t use in my home!

  92. Gouki says:

    Since update 6 and 6.0.1 my apps crash often, my Internet and wifi fail and or freeze for awhile. I also have the loading circle keep spinning when there is nothing to load. My brightness sensor malfunctions and keeps my screen dim until I sleep and awake my phone or re adjust the brightness in settings. There is more but I’m tired of this crap updates, why all of a sudden did it go from amazing updates and phones with minor problems beating treated quickly, to crap like this with nothing being done

  93. Yousip says:

    Iphone4s lately abdated to 6.0.1 ,the battery displays rapid discharging after it reach
    es to 1% stays functiong even up to 10 houres , the wi-fi is weaker than my other iPhone 3GS.

  94. iosdemon says:

    I have the 4 and my wifi was greyed out… after 6 hrs plus on the phone with APPLE, they were prompted to send a new phone… question, if the phone was purchased through the carrier, which is how pretty much ALL iphones are sold, is it not a violation of the contract on thier end? There was this back and forth with techs trying the same reboot through itunes nonsense, very trying and very taxing on the patience. Finally after a threat to the carrier, they put me in direct contact with a “higher-up” at apple care who finally discerned that the bug was ‘more extensively’ experienced by users than initially let on, and sent a new phone within 24 hrs. the wi-fi situation IS an ongoing problem so advice? Do Not settle for a reboot or bug fix alternative, the mad rush for iphone4 and 4s obviously left out critical programming for wifi… plus its more money for carriers, techs and apple to have people calling in ignorance that the issue IS extensive and widespread.

  95. Victim of ios 6.01 says:

    Im on an iphone 5, ios 6.01… MAJOR issues with apps hanging up and not closing.. Ive had to reboot my phone 4xs today alone to run another app.. Not sure if it has something to do with Sprint TV being installed or not. Also, some apps that used to work fine seem to be stuck in portrait mode, not allowing full screen turn to wat h videos… I Loved my i4. So dissapointed witb performance. Steve Jobs would have NEVER allowed such a buggy version to be released.

  96. Shineyshoes says:

    I have problems every single day. Can’t seem to get Internet for more than a few minutes at a time. Only when I switch off the router and my iPad 3 (retina )can I hope to get it back. However that isn’t guaranteed to get it working.
    All my upgrades are up to date.

  97. porty says:

    ii recently purchased iphone4 and updated my ios to 6.. and the worst things start to happen!!! my phone dies out when the battery reaches 50-60% everytime!!!! connecting to wifi is such a hassle!! i hope they would fix this crap!!!!

  98. Jon says:

    anyone else having issues with bluetooth on iphone 5 after upgrade.

    It apears now only some of the signal is being produced. I use the iphone to bluetooth audio to my headunit and now after the upgrade it only plays on the front speakers not all. The radio has not changed so i dont get it. anyone have any ideas.

  99. Kyle says:

    iPad 4 16gb wifi – since ios6.0.1 update unit randomly locks up completely. Generally happens at least 3-4 times a day. From just sitting idle to surfing the web. Work perfect for over a month before I updated. Tried re-restoring without using any backup. Same issues. Called apple they said to take it into apple store for exchange. Exchanged it 2 days ago. Brand new iPad has exactly the same problems… Thanks apple for your pos update and locking us out from downgrading back to an iOS version that actually works

  100. Ian says:

    My son has an ipod touch 4g and has had no issues with the upgrade. My wife has the iPhone 5 and has had no issues. The phone is screaming fast and both devices have never had wifi or battery issues. I am an android user and plan to continue to be, but am impressed with the idevice software and hardware. I am really curious why these same devices can have totally different experiences.

  101. skme says:

    I have an iPhone 4s 32GB and cant get the WiFi to work Its grayed out. I have restored the phone from iTunes, reset network and jumped through every hoop. It still doesn’t work. Next phone will be a Samsung.

  102. applesucks says:

    my girlfriend has an iPhone 5 that came with version 6. She was having trouble sending me media via SMS. So we upgraded to version 6.0 .1. However, after the upgrade, while she was able to send me media, thus fixing the SMS issue, her battery life seemed to be cut in half. Apple this is the reason I went with droid because your quality assurance is non existent!

  103. Disappointed says:

    Had no problems with my ipad 2 at all until the ios6 upgrade then started t
    With the wifi problem but with the 6.01 upgrade more problems seem to be cropping up daily. I am one of the biggest Apple advocates around but this makes me wonder about the future….in their rush they are getting sloppy

  104. Brian says:

    My daughter upgraded her phone over the weekend to 6.01 and it will not allow connection to any wireless signal-we followed all the restore directions and finally called VZW where they agreed the phone could not be fixed and are sending us a new 4s via FedEx.

  105. disgruntled says:

    I have used and mostly loved Apple products since I can remember. I’m a photographer. Started with an Imac, then G5, now Mac Pro. I have a 30in Apple screen & have been an Iphone customer since the first version came out in 2007 was it when it was 700 bones? I also own an ipod original spin wheel & a nano that now collect dust. At any rate, I just upgraded to 6.0.1 from 5.1.1 and I cannot believe how horrible this upgrade is. I have dealt with Mac OS problems for years and save for the Mac platform not wanting to play nice with other hardware and software and constantly dealing with those issues, this iphone update is by far the worst EVER debacle from Apple I have seen. Darn I wish I had done the research before hitting that “update” button on my phone. I did it only because the device wanted me to. A prompt came up on my phone and asked me to update. The little “1” had been on my settings app for over a month. My phone is complete crap now in comparison to how it ran on 5.1.1. Everything runs slower, all my youtube favorites were shoved and placed into a safari bookmark (all the stuff I went through for hours getting for my children) that will take hours to put back in or find, google maps being gone, the camera lag now present in both the still & video sickens me (hit the red video button and count 1,2,3,4 seconds before it stops or starts recording), app updates an hour versus minutes, app store crashes & the crashes in general and on and on……Also relevant is my other dilemma of updating my laptop. I have a 2007 macbook pro 17″ and I am looking to upgrade. I do some research on that and looks like Apple is pushing the non-fixable, non upgradable, overpriced retina. Apple sure isn’t what it used to be.

    My partner also has that “1” in her settings box and I’ve warned her against upgrading. Her phone still works well.

    Apple has gone commercial & I see only dollar signs in their eyes. So long great friend…….

  106. andrew fogelson says:

    constant freezing of my 4s from the moment i downloaded 6…and while the Geniuses admit there is now a ‘softwear glitch’ they refuse to take responsibility for it. DREADFUL customer service.

  107. holly says:

    I just got my iphone 4s less then a week ago and it was working fine until the update to 6.0.1 no I have no service all the time. I done restore after restore I even got myt sister to put her simn in my phone still nothing. can some one help me plresssae

  108. Cmaslin says:

    I updated today to 6.01 and I no longer can open ePub files from emails to myself in iBook. Existing ePub files in iBook do not have the problem so it appears to be an iOS issue.

  109. Daliyah says:

    Sms issues, wifi issues, service issues, maps, apps, wtf too many issues with this dumb upgrade i hate it !!! They need to seriously fix things and stop bullshyting

  110. Ted says:

    Have updated my iphone 4 with ios 6.0.1 and now bluetooth won’t connect to other devices or integrated car audio system. Worked fine prior to upgrade. Now cannot utilise hands free in car, or even send a file via bluetooth to macbook. Stink phone, any solutions please

  111. Zoe says:

    I had the ipad 2 for Christmas @ it told me I had to update to the new iOS 6.0.1 to be able to download & sync with my pc. It worked fantastically for about a week with no problems what so ever but then it started to restart itself randomly without me even touching it! I thought it was just a random moment where technology can’t take it anymore but it carried on!!!! I am no putting up with about 5 minutes worth of time on the ipad & then it restarting 7 to 13 times IN A ROW!!!!!!! I seriously sick of it now & have no idea what to do with it considering I use it a lot for school work 🙁

  112. JP says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and had held off updating for a while but finally relented. I am so regretting that now….I have constant wifi issues. It’s ridiculous!

  113. Anne says:

    Battery drain: Since updating to 6.0.1 on my iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd gen I have less than 8 hours on my phone battery where previously I had 48 hrs between charges and I have much less battery life on my ipad since updating as well.

  114. very pissed off individual says:

    iphone 3gs after the update to 6.0.1 problems: wifi greyed out, reboots constantly, youtube will not play. Basically apple is having a whole bunch of us. They want us to buy newer devices at ridiculous prices. I say this issue very well qualifies for a law suite. I would love to stuff this over priced underdeveloped piece of sh*t up your corporate a$$ sideways!

  115. Anthony Triano says:

    Since download to iOS 6.1 my phone is garbled and I cannot hear what people are saying, they could hear me but my end is all garbled. What a pain, I use my phone for business and it is really hurting my bottom line. I had no issues before the update THANKS A LOT APPLE for screwing up, what a big help you guys are.

  116. Really upset with iphone and apple right now…
    I was updatng to 6.01 and part way through it said there was an error and now all I get is the screen telling me to attach to itunes but when I do nothing happens even turning phone on and off does not help.

  117. Mrfymie says:

    Battery issues are a shocker. I keep my phone attached to the charger. How annoying. Drains excessively fast. Turn off apps constantly. Bring back Steve?

  118. Name says:

    my daughter is having issues with wi-fi and battery drain. I am having issues with very slow 3g not being able to send photos via text message and my App store switched to a UK store so won’t let me update any of my Apps. This is what we have experienced so far! Apple should just do a rollback to the earlier version IOS and then fix all these bugs before they roll it out again (if anyone will even upgrade to the new IOS in the future after all of this mayhem)! Sheesh!

  119. Kim Sommerfeld says:

    I have had it with Apple and iPhones. Like many others I’m desperate to switch to Android. I can’t even install the latest iOS software update over Wi-Fi!!! It won’t allow it?! This is ridiculous. Apple are so antiquated its not funny. If you install a software update on an iPhone it just lags and freezes. So I need to update phone now? $800 for an iPhone 5 in Australia!! No way. They don’t even have dual SIM for starters! A must if you travel. The whole Apple vs Android debate is too boring to go into, but if you place too many restrictions on your product and don’t listen to your customer they will go elsewhere. Just so tired of Apple’s bullsh*t. Time to part ways. Lift your game Apple. It’s 2013.

  120. Reshma says:

    after upgrading to ios, 6 the sound coming from the speakers of my iphone 4 is very low…. earlier I used to listen to music on the phone while doing household chores.. but now I can barely her the music….. otherwise I have no issues with IOS… its a stable and a clear cut platform than Android….

  121. Granny says:

    Updated ipad to iOS 6 greyed out wifi button visited apple meadowhall they not hardware issue load of rubbish working perfectly before upgrade extremely disappointed with their attitude say I could buy one with a discount Said nothing to do with update what souls I do next

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