Nexus 4 online orders for India and pricing

We’ve been bringing readers plenty of news about the Google Nexus 4 made by LG and although readers in many regions have been able to order directly from Google Play, our many readers in India have not been so fortunate. Today though we have some news on the Nexus 4 and online orders for India with pricing, although unfortunately the price for India is rather steep.

Customers in many countries have already been able to order the Nexus 4 although it sold out notoriously quickly and so there are many people still waiting to get their hands on it. This Android 4.2 Jelly Bean handset is in huge demand while supplies are scarce. Although it went back on sale a few days ago in the US, those who managed to order it found that shipping times are now several weeks. However those in the UK have not got the option to order as the phone is simply listed at the Google Play Store as sold out, asking potential customers to check back another time.

Although no official date was given for Nexus 4 availability in India many of those in the know reported that it might be out at the end of November. Gizbot announced earlier this month that prior to the official release of the Nexus 4 in India it was being sold online through eBay.in at a price of Rs. 23,490 for the 8GB variant or Rs. 27,490 for the 16GB variant. Following this yesterday Gizbot gave details of another online retailer, Tradus.com, which is selling the 8GB Nexus 4 (Imported) at Rs. 34,500, a price also listed by goProbo.com.

Currently if you check out the Nexus 4 details at Tradus you’ll see it’s listed with a dispatch time of 10 to 15 working days. This price may well seem exorbitant though, especially when considering it equates to US $635 where the 8GB version at Google Play sells unlocked for $299 (UK £239) while the 16GB variant costs $349 (UK £279). Another online retailer in India, Saholic.com, also lists the 16GB Nexus 4 but with no pricing and a message simply saying “coming soon.” In fact we’ve just clicked on the “notify me when available” and a message pops up saying the Nexus 4 will be available on by 15th January 2013!

As a brief reminder we’ll tell you the key features and specs of the Nexus 4 (E960) include a 1.5GHz Qualcomm quad-core Krait processor, 4.7-inch True HD IPS display with resolution of 1280 x 768, 2GB of RAM, 8 or 16GB of internal storage (non-expandable), an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. It launched on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, upgradable to 4.2.1.

There’s no doubt that the Nexus 4 has a lot to offer, especially in regions where it has been priced so reasonably. However the prices we’ve seen so far for India are much higher and so we’d like to hear from readers about this. Are you still keen to purchase the Nexus 4, even at these prices? Maybe you are disappointed that the price is so expensive for India so far and you will now choose another smartphone instead? Send your comments to let us know.


71 thoughts on “Nexus 4 online orders for India and pricing”

        1. Farhan says:

          Still S3 is BETTER!!! :p software also matters + Nexus 4 will never get worldwide Dev supprt as s3 :p even the agalaxy S got jelly beans + USB on the go :p

          1. Rahul says:

            Seriously???????Look up on the internet bro….You will find hoards of various custom roms and other stuff for previous nexus devices….Even nexus 4 has a substantial dev community already after only 1 month after its launch….Nexus devices are the playground of developers…..

          2. Rao says:

            What an Idiot. The Nexus range of devices were made for developers. Every app on the Google Play store is first tested for Nexus devices before anything else. You get Vanilla Unlocked Google and they have no issues with rooting. Honestly, Farhan.

          3. rajeev says:

            Not every1 desires to play around with custom ROM’s. Thats an extremely small audience. If this phone is actually priced at 30K or above as rumored it will be xtremely overpriced. The way it is priced in the US and UK makes it extremely attractive. LG should follow a similar pricing strategy.

          4. Vasu Devan says:

            Pricing is upto google n not LG i guess tho not sure becos the LG Optimus G which is almost the same as nexus 4 is priced at 38k if m not wrong.

          5. Vasu Devan says:

            s3 is not even close. only display is a tad better.. cos its a super AMOLED. usb on the go and jelly bean? 😐 yu re talkin to pure AOSP android which ll get all the updates before its even released for the s3. hw can yu even compare the s3 and the nexus n say s3 s better 😐

          6. Abhishek says:

            hahahah biased to S3? nexus 4 nexus 3 nexus s are now on jelly bean… tell me something about Galaxy S family getting frequents update like nexus?

          7. balamu96m says:

            Joking ah?? Galaxy S3 is a just a piece of dust compared to dev going for Nexus devices !! Do some searching before posting anything !!

    1. Sujoy says:

      That’s something both Google and LG (and other android OEMs) are quite comfortable with, i suspect.

      In India, even if nexus 4 doesn’t sell that well, LG has the Optimus G (half brother to nexus 4). And Google is more concerned about continuing the android domination, doesn’t matter if its nexus 4 or optimus g or anything else. The nexus fans will anyway buy this, so Google will sleep well too.

      On a more deeper note, I think it’s a balancing act by Google. The low pricing (in regions supporting the play store) is a strategic decision by them to ensure (greater) proliferation of android in the smartphone world. However, though Google can afford to price their phones low (coz their profits come mostly thru advertising), the hardware OEMs (including LG) can’t. So, Google needs to ensure that smartphone OEMs keep making healthy profits on android devices by pricing their devices as per their strategies (else they may jump ship to WM or BB, which wont be good for google).

      You get the idea. Pricing is not as simple as converting the dollar value to INR.

  1. John Doe says:

    Though it will not be prudent to think that LG will launch the phone in the same price range like that in US, the current prices is too steep…Also with LG not coming up with an official release date might drive the impatient to eBay or Tradus or perhaps to the S3 Mini….

      1. Dheeraj chahar says:

        Hey..could u please tell me on which site I can buy nexus 4 in India which is priced about 23k for 16GB. N one more thing,is the charger compatible with Indian power standards..reply soon!

    1. Considerin an other fone? hmmm like? s2, note, one s? none o which re half as powrful as the nexus. the problem is they said it was gona be cheap an nw yu cannot handle t cos its costly! s2 has an awesome display but what about the screen size? or the processor or the 2 gigs ram ?

  2. NS says:

    Galaxy S3 price is heading towards sub 30k and if these (n4 and S3) are the nearly the same (+/-2k) then S3 will be a better candidate with its LTE support.

    1. Deepak says:

      I am pretty sure you can not expect LTE in India very soon, not until by 2014. May be we will have the joy to use HSPA+ upto 20MBPS if we get all the subs migrated?

    2. IndianLTE says:

      The LTE in Galaxy S3 has no use in India. India uses the TDD LTE technology. Currently only Huawei supports Indian version of LTE and has released in partnership with Airtel the Ascend P1 LTE . I got myself a Galaxy Nexus after getting tired waiting for this. As for the Galaxy S3 only the Korean version is the ultimate and can compare with Nexus 4 having both quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM, LTE support, 64 GB memory.

      1. LTE and quad core are not possible in the same device … Bcoz they both consumes huge battery .. That’s why verizon releases their own version of mobiles…

        Samsung galaxy S III with DUAL core gets the LTE support…
        Same goes for all the other Quad core devices… they are also being released in Dual core variant by Verizon…. 🙂

    3. userx says:

      Please see the performance benchmarks and then talk. S3 is nowhere close to the Nexus. A better option would be the Optimus G with its LTE support!

  3. chev says:

    80% people won’t buy this phone irrespective to the price.It has better specs than the one x or the gs3.
    if priced around 35k,it will be good enough buy.
    And don’t whine about the price in the US or UK,it’s google that is selling it on the cheap.So sue google and don’t blame LG.

  4. Amul says:

    Even though Google has given chance to LG to build the next Nexus device still LG is unable to take any benefit out of it…LG needs to put the Nexus 4 on sale in India or else it will be a big loss for the company..

  5. Lacshay Shekhar says:

    i wanted to buy one, but since i am getting HTC ONE X at Rs. 25000/-, m gonna buy that now, as nexus 4’s price keeps on rising, and it hurts to pay $635 for a phone priced at $299. Price being one of its main advantages, i dont think its gonna sell at this price.

  6. Guest says:

    It sold out in the US due to its competitive pricing, the 16GB is not yet sold out in Germany and says will ship soon as its priced at 349 euros. So I don’t think unless its priced as competitively as in US then the phone won’t have much patronage in India

  7. sasank says:

    i will agree why there is so much difference in prices in india and us
    when google is launching a product that is so revolutionary then they have to stock it first hand otherwise people get irritated

  8. Krish says:

    Well Guys..I was one to order a nexus 4 from India when it was out on the 1st day which was shipped to my brothers place in US. I received it like 10 days back. This is the best phone I ever used. It feels so good to use it. I recommend you to wait for this phone and buy it even if its in 25K price range. You will not be disappointed. I really hope LG would release it below 20K in India though.

    1. Dheeraj chahar says:

      Hey..could u please tell me on which site I can buy nexus 4 in India which is priced about 23k for 16GB. N one more thing,is the charger compatible with Indian power standards..

    2. raksha says:


      i am keen on purchasing the nexus 4 too, but how do u have an international warranty wherein the phone can get serviced in India in case of any (god forbid!) glitches…. wud really like to kno…

  9. NexusS says:

    To all Android fans, there are many many gr8 android phones available like s3, oneX but nexus series has one biggest advantage…timely upgrades. I am nexus s owner and for 2 years never felt I have old phone because always had SW upgrades and currently on jelly beat 4.1.2 for last few months.

    Tell me how many s3, oneX, note…are on 4.1.2? Or will they ever be?

    For me it’s NExUS series always because end of the day SW matters…any HW is old in 6 months…so go for NEXuS always 🙂

  10. Naeem Shaikh says:

    I would obviously choose a Note 2 instead. The Nexus still comes with kind of cheap finish and okay specs. Not really worth buying for 34K INR.

    1. nexus 4 is way over the head than note , note 2 has an awesome display and a huge screen and the advantages of note 2 stop there! faster ram uber processor and NEXUS which means googd AOSP over shitty samsung TW, i hav an s2 an i hate smasung for ruining it with the TW UIX. so please!! it is worth 40 k the thing is google created a buzz that it will be available for 20k n now its not thats the only reason yu re takin t fr granted

  11. sai says:

    i feel going for another phone is better.. u cant remove the battery and it has a micro sim and make is lg.. in India.. lg doesn’t have a good service back up.. so guys think again before buying nexus 4

  12. omur123 says:

    Google Nexus 4 phone is a great value for money. Disappointed to note that Google sells this at low price in rich countries and very high price in poor countries. Will be glad if Google opens Play Store in India and sells this at par with USA price if not cheaper.

  13. Ravi Gupta says:

    The story remains the same. Pricing in India should be the most aggressive one rather these notorious once. Indian market is the biggest for these smartphone. Google u listening ??

  14. Manishwave says:

    i think if they are offering $300(15,000) in us,then they shuldn’t take more than 17k in india for 8 gb model or at the most 18k is enough,if they want to increase their market in india then they need to do this or else it will be tough for them.

  15. Arun says:

    I will not buy lg nexus 16GB for anything more than 26K. It will be like LG robbing Indians in broad daylight if they are selling for 35K. I’d rather go for s3. LG will be missing a chance to foray into the Indian Mobile Market and beat Samsung.

  16. If know someone in US or UK who are coming to India, Ask them to buy you a Nexus 4 device!Since Nexus is sold as an unlocked device contract free you will have no trouble with your device..No Jailbreak no rooting…Just insert sim and enjoy your Nexus Experience.. Obviously, You CANNOT avail Warranty for the phone in India if it is not bought in India…But guaranteed you won’t face any problems with your Nexus….Its as smooth as butter and durable as rock! Just GO FOR IT! Indian markets are selling this device in such atrociously high prices! Ask your friends/family to get it for you and pay them back! ^_^

  17. balamu96m says:

    I’m going to buy it from USA and ask PPO-Box to redirect it to my indian address………it would cost me at most Rs.2500 extra from the 299$ !!

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