Samsung Galaxy S4 at CES, hold your horses it seems

Although to many of us it seems as though the Samsung Galaxy S3 only just came out it was actually way back in May that it first became available in some regions. Over the last few weeks our attention has started to swing towards the Galaxy S4 (S IV) and we’ve heard it rumored several times now that it was likely to be shown at CES in January next year. However it seems we may all have to hold our horses, as it now appears that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will NOT be making an appearance at CES.

We’ve already started discussions on the Galaxy S4 and also the fact that it seems likely that it will be one of the first devices to feature one of Samsung’s new flexible displays. There has also been widespread speculation that it will release in the early part of 2013 and yesterday we told about a Samsung video teasing something new for 2013. Most tech sites got pretty excited about this as the video also showed the dates of CES, January 8 to 11. It was easy to then assume that this ‘something new’ making a big arrival at CES could well be the Galaxy S4, although nothing in the video gave any clues about this.

However a report on Cnet dismisses this idea and says they have learned that there will be no big reveal of the Galaxy S4 at the Consumer Electronics Show and that instead Samsung will be concentrating on TV products there. This will be a big disappointment to the many Samsung and Android fans out there who were hoping to hear about the Galaxy S4 earlier than they expected but Cnet certainly seems pretty sure of its facts. Instead it’s claimed that Samsung will hold a separate media event some time after CES with its mobile product news.

As Cnet points out there would be no logic in Samsung bringing the S4 to the market early as the S3 is still selling in huge numbers and the company is also concentrating on promoting the Galaxy Note 2 at the moment. When you really think about it the idea that Samsung would announce such a major flagship product as the Galaxy S4 at a mass electronics show doesn’t make much sense as it certainly merits an exclusive launch event. We can’t imagine Apple ever unveiling its next iPhone at a joint event with other manufacturers and most people enjoy the hype that surrounds a special event for a flagship product.

Cnet doesn’t cite the exact source for how it has learned that the Galaxy S4 won’t make an appearance at CES but does say that it comes from “people familiar with the company’s plans.” However we have to say that the idea of a separate launch event at a later time for the Galaxy S4 makes perfect sense and now seems the more likely option. What are your thoughts on this? Were you hoping the Galaxy S4 would come out earlier next year than the S3 did this year? Maybe you’re still hoping it will come at CES after all? Let us have your comments on this.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 at CES, hold your horses it seems”

  1. Ethan2003 says:

    I agree! Samsung are outselling and out-classing everything out there at the moment, why would they start the marketing ball rolling prematurely on their next flagship. The next big thing from any competitor is the HTC DLX/J/Butterfly 1080p handset providing little noticeable difference to all but the most enthusiastic end user. If the roumors are to be believed, the idea of an unbreakable OLED, FullHD screen (on an expensive handset), would blow the competition out of the water. Better edge-to-edge, bigger screen, larger battery all sounds likely and very attractive.

  2. no patience says:

    You know how long it took for S3 to get Jelly Bean? Seems like years.

    No thank you, no S4 for me. I am sticking to my Nexus 4 with always getting update on time.

  3. Ivan Spiteri says:

    I’am waiting for the galaxy s4, more then anything else!!!!!! (Technologicaly).but on the other hand, I dont want it to come soon!.there are a lot of reasons why!?,1 becouse galaxy s3 is still selling really a lot!,2 to give time to the users to get everything out from the galaxy s3!, and 3 that is very important, is to give time to the technology to keep evolving, and so to let the galaxy s4 to be better and even better!!!, that is the most important thing, so take your time Samsung,to be really the greatest!!!,

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