Galaxy S4 & Galaxy Note 3 latest rumor tidbits

Although we haven’t yet reached the end of 2012 we already know that two of the biggest smartphone stories next year will concern Samsung products, the Galaxy S4 (S IV) and the Galaxy Note 3 (Note III). In recent weeks we’ve already been posting speculation and insight about the above two devices and now we have some rumor tidbits about them.

The Galaxy S4 is already assured success after the popularity of the Galaxy S3 and predecessors and previously there were news stories that it would be making an appearance at CES 2013 in January. However we recently told how sources claimed there would NOT be a reveal of the Galaxy S4 at CES and that it would launch at a separate event, which certainly made sense. After all the Galaxy S4 would certainly merit an exclusive launch event and why would Samsung release the S4 so early next year when the S3 is still selling in vast numbers?

One thing we were more sure about though was that the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 were more likely than ever to feature flexible unbreakable displays as it seemed Samsung was in a position to begin mass-producing the flexible screens. Thus it looked likely that the flexible displays could well be evident for these Samsung flagship devices next year. However a source to The Verge now says that these displays are still a way off, seemingly quashing rumors of a flexible display for the Galaxy S4 and possibly the Note 3 too.

However if you’re disappointed that the Galaxy S4 may not have a flexible display after all, it seems there is some good news too as instead the same source said that the Galaxy S4 will have a full 1080p display. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at this as Samsung has to keep up with the latest top-end specs for the next Galaxy S phone to compete with other new and upcoming phones such as the HTC Butterfly /Droid DNA, the HTC M7 and the Oppo Find 5. Nevertheless the idea of the Galaxy S4 arriving with a full HD display will have plenty of potential customers drooling.

Now news for the Galaxy Note 3 and we recently showed a concept design for this and said there were rumors that the real deal might even have a rather gigantic 6.3-inch display. We were rather skeptical about claims of a 6.3-inch display as to our mind there eventually has to be a limit to the size of smartphone displays but to our surprise this now seems to have been reiterated in a report by The Korea Times, which says this is being worked on. If true it means that the next Galaxy Note display will be eight tenths of an inch larger than that of the Galaxy Note 2, that many frankly feel is already quite large enough.

The Galaxy Note phones are often referred to as phablets because their size puts them between a phone and a tablet, but bearing in mind some of the most popular tablets now have display sizes of around 7-inches a step up to a 6.3-inch display for the Galaxy Note 3 would seem like a real blurring of the lines. Although by reducing the size of the bezels on the Note 2 the current 5.5-inch display could be expanded without having to increase the overall size of the handset, there’s no way that it could be taken to a 6.3-inch OLED display without expanding the complete size of the handset.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this latest speculation about the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3. Would you prefer the Galaxy S4 to have a full HD display or a flexible display? Can you imagine the Galaxy Note 3 stepping up to a mammoth 6.3-inch display and would this please you or not? Let us know with your comments.


15 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 & Galaxy Note 3 latest rumor tidbits”

  1. therewolves says:

    S4: Full HD, flexible is pointless unless every other component also bends or the “non-flexible” part of the phone is very small.

    Note 3: 6.3-inch display is good if the phone is not too heavy and has a 1080p resolution + at least a 4000 mAh battery. But this has to be the limit for a “phone”, anything above that and we’re talking about tablets that can also be used as a smartphone.

  2. sameer somu says:

    6.3″ is wayy to big for a phone. it wont fit in pockets/hands and it would just be clumsy to talk into. their current size is sufficient. just improve resolution on the screen.

  3. Hello,

    Say this VERY LOUD … It all depends on the size of the bezel !

    If a 7 inch screen is built into a ‘near zero’ bezel we are talking about a 6.2″ x 4.1″ overall device size – and there you definitely have a ‘pocketable’!

    Such a device will EASILY slip into a man’s inside jacket pocket .. or a ladies clutch bag … or an ‘all sex’ bomber jacket … or a shoulder-worn ‘man-bag’ … even a regular shirt pocket.

    Forget all this chatter about …’looking stupid, holding a slab against your head to make a phone call’. Get yourself a voice activated Bluetooth earpiece/mic; and trust the manufacturers to fit Bluetooth and dual SIMs into all devices … and I do mean ALL DEVICES.

    All this is not just TALK … I’m using a 6 inch smartphone every day !

  4. Choice Ekpekurede says:

    I am delighted by the rumor mill to hear that the next Galaxy Note will be a 6.3 inch screen. I am so, so delighted. This is the screen size I and very msny lovers of the Galaxy Note (both I and II) have been dying to si. I really wish Samsung will just make it a 6.5 inch screen. Now, that will be the real phablet – one that can match (nay outmatch) every 6-inch e-reader, including the popular Kindle, in screen size; one that will optimize the Multi-Window functionality of the Galaxy Note II; one that will bring us a true 1080p resolution and a higher ppi. Go for it, Samsung, a 6.5-inch dispaly on my Galaxy Note III. I can’t wait. I’m dying to see it.

    Alongside this optimum phone screen size, please double the battery life. Instead of a 3100 mAh batter, give us a 6200 mAh battery. A smartphone is not smart unless it is able to undergo 24 hours, at least and literally, of very heavy use without running out of battery life – even with LTE on boar
    d. That’s why most of all of today’s smartphones sucks. Their battery life is disappointing to say the least. Why should I be afraid of staying on the phone I love for fear that it might run out of battery life? Yes, Samsung, 6200 mAh or more.

    Furthermore, Samsung, when you make this beast of a phone – this 6.3-inch (6.5-inch preferred) phone, do not pack it in plastic like you did with the Galaxy Note I and II. Put it in metal, preferably aluminium. Please, please, please! Why make a topnotch device and encase it in cheap, embarrassing plastic? The weight? Leave that to us, Samsung. We can handle it. People always want to see their devices, of which the Galaxy Note III will definitely be one, looking solid, classy, durable, and appealing – not cheap, flimsy, and fragile.

    Thank you, Samsung, for all your hard work.

  5. beto_nl says:

    One of the reasons I bought my first Galaxy Note, was indeed the screen size.
    Now I have the Note 2 and I’m more than satisfied with it
    But 6.3 inches is just too much for a phone, or phablet or however you call it..
    But that’s Samsung’s problem
    I can always wait for the Galaxy S5, that will carry for sure a large screen between the 5 and 5,5 inches, so I am not in a hurry at all to replace my excellent Note 2 so soon, also because it’s doing so good, performance and battery-wise…

  6. Jimmy Drew says:

    6.5 is pushing it…the Note 2 is the perfect size…I laugh when I remember all the notes that the 5.5″ screen was just too large. And looked funny up to the ear. That is ridiculous. My friends can’t tell the difference if I am using the Note 2 or the S2. They all love the extra features of the Note 2 though.. I just wish Ottterbox had been quicker on getting out their case for the Note 2. I am suppose to have it Wednesday. Soon I will have the best phone and best case on the market today. I think we are soon getting to the point where the new developments will slow down a bit. Sort of like the computers did. I can’t imagine needing anything better than my Galaxy Note 2 for a smart phone.
    Jimmy Drew

  7. shantanu bhardwaj says:

    Firstly, Galaxy Note 3 has to be a better product than Note 2 and SIII, not just a marketing gimmick and secondly, it should not be more than SIII in size, should have full HD 1080 display as well.

  8. pananerican says:

    The Galaxy Note III will prove more popular than the previous two models. This is a ‘given’ because it facilitates what the Note is primarily used for and that is Internet and Email usage.

    Less than a year ago many criticised the Note for its 5.3 inch screen. Now most manufacturers are launching 5 inch modules.

    As to portability…the Note III will stow where the Note II can comfortably go… The Note III is first on my purchase list, because its increased utility potential is obvious and will be very much appreciated by prospective users.

  9. ezbbb says:

    I had 5″ HTC Advantage 8 years ago. I looked weir with huge phone on my ear. Now, phatled is getting more popular. I did not get Note 2 because low screen resolution. If Note 3 has 1080×1920, I will certainly get one….

  10. J/rongpi says:

    I want 7inch display , laud speaker , 4G LTE speed up to 500mbps network , 2/3GB Ram, 120GB internal memory , power full backup , 12 map camera or up to 35mp camera with dual flash, font cam 5mp with flash, os windows 8, multi windows , extreme HD gaming

  11. Mujahid says:

    Galaxy Not III:
    -very amazing & outstanding 4 Way Multitasking System.
    – big bettery 5500 mah
    -300 GB micro SD card
    -150 GB internal memory
    -4 GB of RAM
    -DOUL SIM CARD slot -Doul 3D sound speaker, e.g-Nokia N73
    -8 core proccecer
    – 3.0 micro usb port
    – 5.1 bluetooth and wifi very high range capacity
    – 4G LET, 3G & 2G olso very high range capacity netwark
    – HD streaming vedio, moveis & live TV
    – 6.3″ edge to edge HD screen
    – FM/TV radio/television high capacity range
    – 16 mp back camera & 4 mp front camera for best vedio calling.
    – 5.1 android + OS + window software
    – HOME MENU SOFTWARE: google, google translate, PDF ducoment viewer, youtube HD downloder, facebook, twetter, nimbuzz, google gmail, google map, dictionary all languages, and other software in menu style.
    This is a dream phablet phone
    I will dream & olso all people dream in this feature become this smart Galaxy Not III. Thank you samsung.

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