HTC M7 specs supposedly leaked, no 5-inch display though

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has lost its way a bit in recent times as it sees market share slipping away from the likes of Apple and Samsung, and even in the UK where it has now been overtaken by Sony in the smartphone market. The company is fighting back though with the release of some worthy handsets such as the Droid DNA, and now some HTC M7 specs are supposedly leaked with the handset being tipped to replace the popular One X, but doesn’t feature a 5-inch display though.

According to a report over on Unwired View the handset is set to be unveiled at February’s Mobile World Congress, and is currently going under the codename of M7. The specifications that have been leaked for the handset do reveal that the handset will actually use a screen sized at 4.7-inches instead of the 5-inch display that was reported previously.

The handset does feature a Full HD display though that is reported to provide an impressive pixel density of 468ppi, which is higher than the HTC J Butterfly that offers 440ppi. The screen is said to offer a number of improvements when compared to Super LCD2 display that include better viewing angles, and improved colour reproduction.

It is being claimed that the M7 will be powered by a quad core Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.7GHz, which will be teamed with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of on board storage. The HTC M7 will come with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean on board coupled with the company’s Sense 5 Android overlay.

The handset is claimed to be the follow on from the HTC One X and is thought to bring image and audio reproduction to another level, which could include a thirteen megapixel rear shooter with a new redesigned image sensor that will allow for super slow-mo video capture. Both of the handsets cameras are set to be capable of 1080p video recording, and a special Beats Audio designed amplifier is set to be installed into the device.

It is also being claimed to feature the latest Wi-Fi technology that is capable of around three times the capacity of existing WLAN networks. We will obviously have to wait until February to find out officially information about availability and pricing for the device, and this comes after we reported yesterday that the HTC Butterfly won’t be reaching European markets.

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  1. The tegra chip was one of the best things HTC had going for it with the ONE X. With tegra zone games,Playstore Games and Playstation Mobile games available for such a device it just needed a 5+” display and 2gb or RAM and it could be sold as the best gaming phone .Thats the only way to compete with Samsungs Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2. I need to start designing phones for HTC I swear I could get them where they need to be frig its such a waste of a great company that just doesnt get it.- KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

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