Huawei 6.1-inch Ascend Mate Note 2 rival seen in video ahead of CES 2013

The smartphone market has changed a great deal in the last few years with handsets now offering consumers so much more choice, and this has more recently included handsets that feature larger screen sizes. Currently the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with its 5.5-inch display is arguably leading the way, but other manufacturers are also getting in on the act by offering larger displays that are also Full HD. One of these is Huawei with the Ascend Mate that has now been seen in a video ahead of the CES 2013 launch.

We first heard rumours of the handset back in October but at the time that’s all they were, until earlier this month the device was confirmed by an executive from the Chinese company. The handset was expected to be seen for the first time at next month’s CES event in Las Vegas that kicks off on the 8th, but now as Fone Arena are reporting the device has actually been shown off by a Huawei executive.

Richard Yu who is the Chairman of devices at the company showed off the Ascend Mate at a store in Guangzhou, China recently. The handset also stars in a video that we have embedded below for your viewing pleasure, and the smartphone features a massive 6.1-inch 1080P Full HD display offering a tasty 361ppi pixel density.

Other specifications that are only rumours for the time being include a quad core HiSilicon K3V3 processor under the hood that is clocked at a massive 1.8GHz, which is thought to be packaged into a form factor that is only 9.9mm thick. There will be many that will be worrying how the battery life will be on a handset of this size coupled with such a powerful processor, but rumours are suggesting there will be a massive 4000 mAh unit providing the juice.

It was revealed though the display is a low temperature polysilicon type of screen, and the company is expected to officially unveil the Ascend Mate alongside the Ascend W1 and Ascend D2 at CES 2013, with the Mate expected to be priced around $480.

Next year could be great if you are thinking of getting a new smartphone and could even better what we have seen this year, as we will still see the next flagship handsets from Apple and Samsung that will surely improve on previous offerings, but there are rumours that the likes of Google are working with Motorola and are set to bring out something special in 2013 for the smartphone market.

Do you think the Huawei Ascend Mate is too big?


3 thoughts on “Huawei 6.1-inch Ascend Mate Note 2 rival seen in video ahead of CES 2013”

  1. Its way to big for a phone. I had the original Galaxy Note & even though Im a huge guy (6’7″ 300lbs) with some very big hands it was not comfortable to use with 1 hand at all, especially with a case which is needed(had 2 because 1st broke screen from 4″drop on table & got a new one). i have the Galaxy Note 2 now and its the perfect size, its slightly narrower than the first and is an amazing form factor. If ppl think they look stupid with a Galaxy Note 1 or 2 on their face then this will really look stupid on small ppl.

  2. cilbup says:

    Your article comments on manufacturers “offering consumers so much more choice”. I have to disagree. No one, except Apple, is offering a full powered smaller phone. Our choices these days seem to be Big, Bigger and Monstrous. Very strange.

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