Galaxy S3 extended battery kit could be available by January 5th

Regular readers of Phones Review, especially those who are Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) users, may remember that just before Christmas we told of an official 3000 mAh extended battery kit that was to become available. The extended kit for the Galaxy S3 adds 900 mAh to the battery life and was available to pre-order in the UK at a price of £39.99 although there was no firm date of release at that time and it was thought to be several weeks away. However, it seems that it could be launched as early as January 5, at least if Amazon Germany is to be believed.

We thought this extended battery kit could be a real boon to many Galaxy S3 users and although there are other kits around this one looked particularly good with a specifically built rear cover for durability, NFC chip, and in blue or white color options to match the handset. When we first heard that this extended battery kit was becoming available we thought it was around 8 weeks away, that took us to around mid-February before a release but Amazon in Germany has now leaked further information as they are also listing the Galaxy S3 extended battery kit for pre-orders, with an availability date given as January 5th.

The price of the kit on Amazon.de is €39.90, according to Android Central, which works out cheaper than the other pre-order source for the UK where £39.99 equates to around €49. Although this doesn’t confirm a date for the release of this extended battery kit for the Galaxy S3 it does look likely that if it’s ready to release in Germany on January 5th then those in other European countries, such as the UK, may also get their hands on it for that date. If it doesn’t also arrive in the UK at the same time as it releases elsewhere we imagine it will now be pretty soon afterwards.

In the meantime if you’re a Galaxy S3 enthusiast then you may well be interested in our previous post from yesterday about the possibility of an S Pen stylus coming to the Galaxy S4 in 2013 and whether this could mean a merger between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. We think the extended battery kit above for the Galaxy S3 could be extremely popular as appearances seem to show not too much extra depth of the handset from using the cover, and would like to hear from readers who also see it offered in their region, especially if you have a release date and price listed? Send your comments to let us know.

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