iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 arrival could be as early as March

Now here’s some interesting speculation for those of you who are Apple iPad enthusiasts as although the iPad 4 and iPad mini only released in November it’s beginning to seem more and more likely that an iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will arrive as early as March this year. This may surprise many readers although we have heard March as a possible timeframe for the launch of the second-generation iPad mini before. Evidence seems to be mounting then that March is the time to expect these devices.

There was a certain amount of disquiet last year when the iPad 4 released only 7 months after the iPad 3 and some customers weren’t too happy with how quickly an updated version arrived after they had purchased the iPad 3. It may seem odd then to think that Apple would do this again with a fifth-generation iPad and the next iPad mini but all the indications are that this could happen.

Analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets issued a note yesterday to investors to say that information gathered at CES points to a March release for both the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. These checks also suggest that the iPad mini 2 will be comparable in form factor to the current iPad mini, maybe with a faster processor, while the iPad 5 will be slimmer and more lightweight than the iPad 4.

While this may be a note from only one analyst we should remember that Brian White is well respected and has access to good sources of information. We can also remind readers that White is not the first analyst who has mentioned a March release as back in November well known figure Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray’s senior analyst, also spoke of a March release for the next iPad mini.

Interestingly no mention was made from these latest checks of a Retina display for the iPad mini 2. Only yesterday we told how sources report that Apple is currently testing display panels with Retina resolution for the device before finalizing suppliers for the next iPad mini. Of course just because White made no mention of this it doesn’t mean that the Retina display won’t appear so we’ll just have to wait this one out.

If news of this release date for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 is accurate then it looks very much as though Apple is moving to a twice-yearly refresh for products and we wonder what readers think about this. Would you be alarmed or pleased if a new iPad and iPad mini release in March? What would you feel about a twice-yearly update for such devices from now on? Let us know with your comments.

Source: MacRumors


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  1. theseus says:

    cynical marketing in full flight – I am one of those lucky IPad 3 owners…. (altho it’s away being fixed at the moment…. lines on screen .. no never ever dropped…

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