iPhone 5 iGlaze Kameleon case with kickstand

There are some great accessories around at the moment for the multitude of smartphones and tablets on the market and today we have some details about an iGlaze Kameleon case with kickstand for the iPhone 5 that comes in black or white color options from Moshi. This is one for those of you who like a touch of quality as it’s a premium case for the discerning iPhone user.

As you can see from these images this not only protects the device but is also very attractive and sleek-looking. The iGlaze Kameleon case is a hardshell case that enables all the necessary function buttons of the iPhone 5, as well as camera and ports to remain accessible. The user can view in either portrait or landscape mode with the integrated aluminum kickstand, always handy when you want your hands free for a while.

The iGlaze Kameleon is made from a polycarbonate frame that is highly robust and has a vegan leather backplate, shielding your iPhone 5 from the normal bumps and scrapes of everyday life. To fit the case the user needs to tilt the phone at an angle and align the left hand side of the device to fit with the opening for the phone’s buttons. Then it’s simply a case (excuse the pun!) of lowering the right hand side of the phone and applying pressure until it clicks into place.

The case is available from Moshi priced at $49.95 so it’s not cheap but then nor is an iPhone 5. You can see more or order the iGlaze Kameleon in white from this product page, or in black here. You may also be interested in our recent articles on a Mojo Refuel Removable Battery Case for the iPhone 5 here and also the RokShield v3 case for iPhone 5 here.

What are your thoughts on the iGlaze Kameleon iPhone 5 case with kickstand? Does this tempt you even with a $50 price tag? Let us know by sending us your comments.

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