Blockheads game app just as addictive as Minecraft

If you are a great lover of building constructions out of textured cubes like you do in Minecraft, you will be very happy with the cool Blockheads game app for iOS devices. This is just as addictive as Minecraft and it is time for Mojang to move aside for a new kid on the block (No pun intended, ok there was a little pun there).

Blockheads by Majic Jungle Software is definitely a copy idea of Minecraft but hey does that really matter if you enjoy it? This game will no doubt consume more of your time than Minecraft did, you can start the game either as one player or 2 player, the 2 player option will get you playing multiplayer with voice chat via Game Center.

When you start, the game generates randomly placing forests, mountains, deserts, caves and oceans, this is a new world where you have to craft, mine and build in this massive sandbox game. There are simulated worlds that you have to work your way across; you have to find your way across frozen poles, seasons, an equator and so much more. We love the fact you have to explore cave systems and survive deserts as well as mountain tops and flowing water.

If you do decide to install this game, please remember that you have to keep an eye on their needs, you have to feed the blockheads as well and allowing them to sleep, remember to dress and shelter them as well. The game allows you to craft tools, upgrade benches, unlock advanced items to craft, discover metals and precious stones underground.

We will not spoil the game, please visit the App Store (iTunes) for more information and the option to install. If you already have the Blockheads game app please let us know what you think about it. The game has recently had a major update as well, is this the game for you?

We have a few videos below just as a taster of what you are missing if you do not have this game installed on your iOS device.


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