New iPad 4 release with 128GB surely too soon – UPDATED


When the iPad 4 was released in November 2012 only 7-8 months after the release of the third-generation iPad it caused some controversy that Apple had veered away from a yearly cycle. Many consumers were annoyed that they had only recently purchased the iPad 3 and already it was being replaced with an improved model. Now we have heard that Apple may be bringing a new iPad 4 to the table, possibly with 128GB of internal storage, which surely seems too soon and may create further consternation.

Previously we had heard rumors that a fifth-generation iPad could be on its way as early as March, which sounded pretty unlikely but this later seemed to be disputed. Instead it seems an additional iPad 4 is being readied, with the same design and wireless set-ups as the current iPad 4 models but with a beefed-up internal memory and in black and white color options. The same sources from a “high-profile” US retailer also say that the new iPad 4 is dubbed a “premium SKU” that will accompany the other 16, 32 and 64GB iPad 4s in the line and is listed as an “Ultimate” model.

We’re also informed that educational institutions will be offered 10-pack deals on this supplementary iPad 4. There is no available pricing yet for this additional iPad 4 and apparently code in iOS 6.1 Beta 5 that seems to signify 128GB iOS device compatibility has led to the idea that it will have the increased 128GB of internal storage. The source revealed all this to 9to5 Mac who say that although the information cannot be confirmed this news does seem likely “based on the evidence.”

It’s also suggested that this additional iPad 4 could be one that’s been produced particularly for government agencies or alternative internal uses. We’ll point out that this is an avenue that Apple has been down before with other devices so this is a feasible idea. For now though we should remind you that none of this is official although it all sounds pretty credible.

We’ll be following developments on this and in the meantime we’d like to hear from you. Are you surprised at the idea that Apple may be ready to add another iPad 4 to the line? Do you think this is too soon? Would you like to see the release of a 128GB iPad 4? Let us have your comments on this.

9to5Mac has now updated its original story to add pricing for the additional iPad 4. The WiFi-only price is $799 while the WiFi + Cellular price is $929. This would tie in with a 128GB model as these are higher prices respectively than the iPad 4s already available.


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