Samsung Galaxy S4 closer with purported photos shown


There are an awful lot of people waiting for further news and developments on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and we already have a good idea of what we can expect from various leaks although nothing is yet official. There’s no release date confirmed yet but one thing that often happens before a launch, that gives us a good idea that something is imminent, is that photos purporting to have been taken with the camera of the device start to show up. That’s now the case with the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S IV), which seems one step closer as first images taken with it have been revealed.

One of the model numbers claimed so far for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the SGH-i337, rumored to be the AT&T variant. Some photos that appear to be from this Galaxy S4 according to EXIF data have been uploaded to Google+. However the much-rumored 13-megapixel camera cannot be confirmed from these images as the photos appear to have been taken at low resolution.

The photos were uploaded by one Hyunsuk Park although Pocketnow reports that the images have since been pulled. For that reason we are not showing it here although you can still see it at the Pocketnow link above. The EXIF data shows a Samsung SGH-i337 and also camera aperture at f/2.2 meaning users should get a decent camera performance even in low light conditions. The photo claimed to have been taken with the Galaxy S4 isn’t memorable in itself, nor is it a good indicator of camera quality as it’s actually a blurry shot of colored spots. However, if we accept that the image is actually from the Galaxy S4 it certainly indicates that the rumored release date of April could be accurate and is proof that it exists.

Other rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S4 suggest the likelihood of a 2GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor, 4.99-inch Super AMOLED full HD display, 2GB of RAM and a 3100 mAh battery. It’s likely to release running either Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or maybe even 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Another aspect we’ve heard about that seems less certain is the use of floating touch technology.

We’ll be following news from the Samsung Unpacked event in March and will let you know more about this flagship device as we hear it. We’d really be interested to find our what you think about the images claiming to have been taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you eagerly waiting for more news on the Galaxy S4 and what would you like to see Samsung bring to the table? Let us know with your comments.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 closer with purported photos shown”

  1. Only one thing I REALLY REALLY REALLY want in the next Samsung phone – a f’n radio/antenna that works well on Verizon’s network. Motorola’s work great on Verizon’s network and even the HTC works well – just the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus are bad. The nexus was the most infamous for call/reception issues on Verizon’s network.

    1. Richard Yarrell says:

      That’s Verizon trying there best to bring down Samsung. Look at what they did to the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 with the stupid wifi in the pull down menu. And all the cosmetic changes in order to make the Galaxy Note 2 as ugly as possible so people wouldn’t buy it. They would never do all that crazy stuff to Motorola devices.

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