Windows Phone Store error 805a0193 for app downloads


As well as bringing you information on smartphones and tablets we also like to keep readers in the know about current news about their devices or choice of operating systems. If you are the owner of a Windows Phone smartphone then you may have been noticing a Windows Phone Store error 805a0193 when you have tried to download apps over the last few days? If that’s the case then we’d like to hear from you.

It appears that Windows Phone device users have been reporting problems with the Windows Phone Store and in some cases have not been able to download new apps and games. Error 805a0193 sometimes shows when people are trying to get a new app but some of you may have been affected by similar problems with the Windows Phone Store on previous occasions.

Hopefully Microsoft is in the process of fixing this issue and things will soon be back to normal. However, these kinds of error messages only add to the annoyance of people trying to use their smartphones, as they explain nothing to the user. No issues were showing with the service on the Xbox LIVE status page when Windows Phone Central checked.

We’d like to know if you have had any issues trying to download apps from the Windows Phone Store over the last few days. Have you had any difficulties and is the problem still apparent? Maybe you did notice some issues but are no longer having any problems? We’d like to know if this problem is still ongoing and how widespread it is so do send us your comments about this.


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