Phones 4u Oxford Street Store Hosts Exclusive HTC Event


Today we can confirm that the exclusive HTC event is taking place at the flagship Phones 4u Oxford Street store today and will feature all the latest news from HTC. We are looking forward to this and we will be covering it all as we hear it.

The Oxford Street store has been completely blacked out, and a HTC countdown clock has been added to the store’s main window, providing a countdown until the official unveiling.

We will have more images and all the news very soon, so please stay with Phones Review because you do not want to miss anything we report on the HTC Even of the year.

If you would like to know what time the HTC Event kicks off in your area please do visit our worldwide times and countdown page right here. We will be here at 3PM UK time to reveal all, we may hear about a new HTC Tablet, or the new HTC One aka M7, or something completely different like the HTC Ubuntu smartphone or tablet.

Will you be staying with us when we report all the latest HTC Event news?

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