SwiftKey vs iKnowU in usability test


Update: iKnowU is currently on offer on Google Play for £0.63/$0.99.

Users of the Android platform are treated to a number of applications that can change some of the stock features of the operating system, this includes numerous keyboard applications and today we are looking at SwiftKey vs iKnowU in a usability test.

We heard yesterday how the popular SwiftKey had been updated and included the Flow feature that was originally only available in the beta of the app, but today I have been trying out another neat keyboard application called iKnowU. Yesterday after trying out the free version of SwiftKey I upgraded to the full version costing £1.49, and the app is so much better than the stock Samsung keyboard on my Galaxy S3.

The keyboard certainly keeps to the promise of getting better the more you use it as it learns as you type, I have not played around too much with the settings, but did enable the Flow feature that allows you to quickly create content by moving your finger across the keyboard without removing it from the screen.

Following an email from the developers of iKnowU I have spent some time playing around with this keyboard app, and must admit it’s hard to pick between the two. iKnowU is promised to be the only Android keyboard that can predict entire phrases, and it certainly seems that way.

While SwiftKey does offer more than just the word you are typing, iKnowU seems to go that little bit further offering a number of words to go with what you are actually typing. The app also supports multiple languages and is now available in the UK, France, and Spain for the first time.

In the short time I have used both applications I am beginning to lean towards iKnowU, and just like SwiftKey there is a free trial version available to try before you splash out any money, but I do prefer the layout of the keyboard on Swiftkey. Just like SwiftKey iKnowU also learns while you type, and you can even set it up for right or left handed use.

To try out iKnowU hit Google Play here or Swiftkey can be found here, and the full version of iKnowU costs £1.25 compared to the £1.49 of SwiftKey.

Do you use a keyboard application?

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