Nexus 4 official launch could hit India in days


There’s no doubting the fact that the Google Nexus 4 smartphone by LG has been a huge talking point. Not only is the Nexus 4 a top-end smartphone but also it’s reasonably priced unlocked through Google Play, about the only drawback so far being the failure of supplies meeting demand. We have previously discussed the Nexus 4 launch in India and pricing and today we have some further information for our readers in India on this phone.

It was way back at the beginning of December last year that we told of some online retailers in India selling the Nexus 4 there, despite the fact that it had still not been officially launched in the country. The prices that the Nexus 4 were being sold at were highly expensive though, when considering the price in other countries where it was already on sale unlocked through Google Play. We also told how one online retailer Saholic, was also listing the Nexus 4 with no price but a pop-up message saying it would be available on January 15, 2013.

At that time that seemed like an enormously long wait but in fact we’re now many weeks further on than January 15 and the Nexus 4 still hasn’t been officially launched in India. However, there does now seem to be a glimmer of hope as although Saholic listed the Nexus 4 as ‘coming soon’ for some time a new message now states that the LG Nexus 4 16GB model will be available from February 28, 2013 and orders will be dispatched within 5 business days of the handset’s arrival, although there is still no price listed. This could indicate the official launch in India and although the Nexus 4 is not yet appearing on Google Play India this is still promising news.

We also posted another article in December discussing the release uncertainty of the Nexus 4 in India and we had many comments to both of these posts from our readers in India expressing their disappointment at the lack of an official launch yet and the excessive pricing of the phone from alternative sources. Indeed many of you were pretty frustrated and felt that India’s thriving mobile market was being ignored by Google and LG.

Apparently at one point it did look as though the Nexus 4 would launch officially in India in January but Google and LG had some sort of dispute about the pricing of the phone and that delayed the launch. We shall be closely following developments about the Nexus 4 in India and hope that the date that Saholic now shows turns out to be accurate.

In the meantime we’d like to hear from you if you’re in India and still hoping to buy the Nexus 4 smartphone. Will you wait as long as it takes or maybe the long wait so far has put you off purchasing this phone now? Let us know with your comments.

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27 thoughts on “Nexus 4 official launch could hit India in days”

  1. Pranshu says:

    All the smart phones launched in India are prized more than what they are worth in the US and other markets!! can anyone tell the reason?? take the Nexus 7 for instance, it was prized twice its actual value and so I think, though the Nexus 4 costs about 18000 INR for 16GB variant in US, it will be prized about more then 30000 INR in India and so are all the other flagship smartphones… If they manage to prize it about 22000 INR (they would still get about 4000INR as profit), the nexus 4 can really turn the market upside down! if they go above 32000, I will consider the new Xperia Z because the nexus 4 is making us wait for such a long time and I think that when it finally launches, it will be late enough to collide with the launch of Xperia Z and we all know, when the Xperia Z launches it will be the boss of all smartphones including the iPhone 5!! 😉

    1. Ron says:

      xperia Z will be launched for 45.5k Mate!Iphone 5 is nowhere,near being the boss…Its still samsung galaxy s3, ppl are buying!And s4 releases on the 14th march,should wait for that.xPeria z launches on 6th march

      1. Ron says:

        my bad,The launch price is Just 38k,will come down to 35k in a week..But everyone is complaining abt the very bad screen contrast..Also Htc One,Has gone on sale in Taiwan for 669dollars equal to 36.5k..That’s an awesome price for that phone which has such a premium feel..I still however am sticking with the nexus4..I ll buy it immediately after the launch of Galaxy s4 😀

  2. jayant shekhar says:

    As mentioned in the article, Saholic’s “coming soon” predictive date of 28th Feb might be as inaccurate as their earlier claim of 15th jan (and later 15th Feb). However, the following things make this date exciting:

    1. It will be the last day of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, which might well see the announcement of Nexus 4’s India launch.

    2. LG and Google were blaming each other for production issues, which have been sorted out in mid Feb, as promised by LG. So, that does point towards a possible launch in the rest of the world.

    3. Saholic is not listing the 8 GB version any more. Google has done this with the Nexus 7 in the past, where they stopped the production of 8GB version and introduced a new 32 GB variant for the same price.

    So, fingers crossed as of now. I will buy a new phone next month for sure and it might well be Lumia 820, Galaxy Grand or the HTC 8S.

    1. Donnni says:

      Mobile World Congress is a platform for launching/showing off new devices and technology. Its highly improbable that something as petty as a launch in India would be announced.

    2. Manoj says:

      Another reason I feel is:
      4. LG may had been waiting to launch its LG Optimus G in India which it has already done now. So, now they may launch Nexus 4 in India.

      Yes, I have been waiting for this phone since its global launch and will buy it if its priced around INR 20,000 I would buy it in India otherwise may get it from US or Canada.

  3. Rohan Malik says:

    I am from India and could not wait for that long for getting my hands on nexus 4 and i ordered it on january 28th when it arrived online and i can tell you this is the best phone in the market right considering the price i paid (17990 INR ) if google prices it right it might a ring or two in the ear of other players like apple how to not take India lightly

      1. rohan malik says:

        well i had my relatives in US and i waited 2 months patiently to get the nexus 4 in my hands as i wanted it sooo bad due to such great specs which could compete with future phones like galaxy s4, Z10 and xperia Z and htc one and price was the biggest factor along with pure android vanilla experience of jelly bean and the firs to get key lime pie 5.0 in may-june when it launches in may

      1. Rohan Malik says:

        Hi i ordered from US play store…. as i mentioned i could not wait for the date it gets launched in India as it was not sure back then weather it will make it to Indian shores or not and it costed me 299$ for 8 gigs + shipping and tax totaling around 338$ although i wanted 16 GB 🙁

  4. Kiran says:

    All depends on the pricing. If Google/LG decide to price the Nexus 4 in the INR 25k-30k range, i doubt they will have many takers, as the options in that range are many and also better than the Nexus 4. As we really dont have the carrier discount in India, people going for high end smart phones do shell out that much money anyway, and would rather go for better specs than spend it on the Nexus 4 with no capacity to increase storage.

  5. Brutus says:

    A price band of Rs. 16000 to Rs. 21000/- will do wonders , otherwise there’s is a long list of people who have already been eyeing other Phones . The wait period is frustrating and Google + LG should not play it too high for too long…or it will be a battle lost before it begins in this country.

  6. Raj says:

    Will wait till feb end else better go for samsung…Atleast they care for their customers aspirations through right timing of launch n good service unlike apple and google

  7. solomon sunder says:

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus from grey market knowing Google’s past record of releasing Nexus devices in India. If this device is priced between Rs 18000-22000 it will sell like anything. Rs 20-25000 is the average salary of a Fresher in IT. Anything phone priced beyond this range will be out of reach. Older people are not so crazy behind smartphones. They will simply want some Android phone to fulfill their purpose. Also wish Google releases other Play services like Books, Movies, Music etc., in India

  8. Vipul Jain says:

    1. Saholic is a dumb website that posts mindless listings to garner more hits for their website!
    They have the least clue as to what is going on!

    2. IF EVER, Nexus 4 does release, it will be 30000 INR or above. LG will never jeopardize their Optimus G flagship model that is selling 30000INR+ with the same, exact same specifications as the Nexus 4.

    3. By the time you keep waiting for the Nexus 4, new technology will keep releasing!
    You can never outrun technology. Whatever you buy will always be outdated within months.

  9. ever since the first nexus i always wanted a Google phone every time its launch was postponed ….. I think the nexus 4 will be available by March 15th ….i am holding on to my galaxy r till then if by march 15th it is not out then definitely none of the nexus devices will ever get launched in India ever…….sad sad

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