Polycarbonate budget 4.5-inch iPhone, Apple has lost innovation


We love the future of smartphones and moving forward with the times is the done thing to do, but surely if this latest rumour is correct with Apple releasing a new polycarbonate budget 4.5-inch iPhone then this is surely a step in the wrong direction.

We are going to be brutal here because releasing a cheap iPhone with the old school iPhone 3G and 3GS materials is illogical, we visited Japanese blog Macotakara and we know they are normally correct in what they reveal and are what we call truthful sources, but Phones Review just hopes this proves to be incorrect. If the new budget iPhone looks like the one in the photo above then we will stand corrected.

Ok, it makes sense for Apple to release a cheaper iPhone so that they cover a larger consumer area, but going back to polycarbonate is just madness. Yes the new Apple smartphone is said to have a similar design of the iPhone 5, which is not bad but then that means no new design change either.

The new iPhone with no design change, made of polycarbonate and will be much cheaper, somewhere this is heading in the wrong direction and in our minds Apple are losing their innovative class that they used to have, they can still build cheap but yet still bring something to the table that is different.

Ok rant over, if this is all true that means the 4-5-inch is still smaller than the iPhone Math that was reported a while back with a 4.8-inch display. However, the new iPhone 5S is still said to release in June with new features, we will provide more news on this soon.

Do you think the polycarbonate budget 4.5-inch iPhone is a mistake?

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4 thoughts on “Polycarbonate budget 4.5-inch iPhone, Apple has lost innovation”

  1. S J says:

    Hmmmm……sounds like they might be copying Samsung. Although I am no Apple fan ( understatement of the year ), I think they would be mad to do this. They sell their products because of their unique design architecture, so to build a low cost phone that uses older design tech will kill sales of the more expensive phones because they will lose their kudos. The market perception ( perpetrated by fanbois and desperate Apple share holders ) is that people buy iphones because of their ecosystem. I disagree with that. It is because of the designs, so even if they do bring out a cheaper iphone, there is no guarantee people will buy it. After all, who wants to be trapped financially into an ecosystem that has numerous bugs with every update and update to fix the previous bugs?….( yes fanbois, this is the reality of iOS6 )……If we assume the cheapo iphone is meant for the emerging markets, which by definition means the indigenous population doesn’t have a lot of money, then things like iTunes and the App store will not be producing huge amounts of money, so Apple’s incomes and margins will fall even more. And of course, if they do bring this out, as the article suggests, the view will be that Apple really have lost their innovation.

  2. sean burrage says:

    God what’s the big deal!!?? It’s just an iPhone for people that aren’t on a $10,000 paycheck. Heck I might get one as a backup phone. I’m sure Apple will bring their “innovation” to the table on the iPhone 6.

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