Nexus 4 for India disappointment despite being supported country


There’s some rather disappointing news today for our readership in India as despite the fact that India is now listed as a supported country for Google Nexus devices, there is still no news on an official release of the Nexus 4 smartphone in the country. We know from comments to our previous posts on this that plenty of customers in India are eagerly waiting for the official launch of the phone there but alas, Google says it has nothing to announce yet.

It was way back in December that we first thought that the Nexus 4 would officially launch in India very soon. However the wait went on and then in February we posted about the Nexus 4 for India again as it looked as though it could officially launch there by February 28. Online retailer Saholic had at one time listed January 15 for availability of the 16GB Nexus 4 in India and this date had come and gone and then been replaced with February 28. Of course that date also came and went and one of our readers commented that it had now been replaced with March 15. However although that date is now only days away it’s not looking good as we’ve just checked again and the date has been removed simply to be replaced with the dreaded ‘coming soon.’

Although it has been possible to purchase the Nexus 4 in India through other online sources before the official launch, the prices have been much more expensive than we expect once the phone is official and so we have advised readers to wait for the official launch. However as the wait continues you can hardly blame Indian consumers for feeling let down, especially as we have now heard that Google’s Nexus microsite has just added India as a supported country in a drop-down list.

This list shows all of the countries where Nexus devices such as the Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 7 and 10 tablets are officially supported and India has not appeared on the list before. This got us pretty excited at first but it was soon pointed out that using the “Shop Now” button for the Nexus 4 merely showed a message saying the phone is not yet available for that country. When Google was questioned about this apparent anomaly a statement was issued saying, “we have nothing to announce at this time.”

This was certainly not what consumers in India were hoping to hear and it would have been nice if Google had at least been able to assure customers in the country that the Nexus 4 would officially launch there soon. We’d really like to hear what readers in India have to say about this. Do you feel frustrated that the launch of the Nexus 4 there doesn’t seem to be a priority for Google, even after all this time? Maybe you’re still hoping that an official release will come to India very shortly? Let us know by sending your comments.

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41 thoughts on “Nexus 4 for India disappointment despite being supported country”

  1. Myth says:

    I waited for over 2 months and finally got Samsung Grand.. I personally know couple of my friends who got similar phones recently after frustrated with Google

      1. Myth says:

        which was why I waited so long before going for Grand. If Google think that Indian Market is not worthy enough for them to launch their products, then so be it.

  2. Dev says:

    It is frustrating now , although I already order from US . It`s $299 for 8GB . It is cheap compare to here in india . I think they r planning to launch 8GB at Rs.24-25000/- & 16 GB at Rs.28-30,000 /-

    1. Shanki Gautam says:

      Hello Dev,
      Can you please help me out buddy.I will be really grateful to you.Please respond me to shkkal161@gmail.com

      I have friend in US,i have his address contact everything.Can i order the google nexus 4 from US ip servers i have in my office??
      And there i will fill all my details about the name billing and everything??

      Is it possible for me to fill the order by putting the indian bank credit card number.I have paypal and hdfc account only.And it was accepting the hdfc credit card number.

      Can you please help me out in this??

      Is it possible to make the payments here and than get it delivered to my friend home,And next month he will be travelling to india,he will bring that for me.

      Will they charge me extra tax if i put indian credit card details and get it delivered in US where my friend is residing.

      Really in short of time.Please help me out.

      Thanks and Regards
      Shanki Gautam

      1. faze says:

        If u want to buy this from us then go for it becase this will cost u less then ebay but tell ur friend that he have to buy this on google play store by his own mony. And transfer ur mony to his bank account.

        1. Shanki Gautam says:

          Will it be a problem if i use a US IP and fill the order form and put my bank details.

          By the US ip i will be considered as i am residing in US itself.

          And if my friend also fill the order form than also its the same thing because he do not have a local account.He is indian…and he will also fill the indian bank account details.

          Can you help out in this.

          I do not wnat to go for ebay.I want it directly from playstore.

          Thanks in advance.

          1. Gaurav Katoch says:

            Indian Bank Account wont matter coz in process you will be linking ur CCard with Google wallet and payment will be made via Google Wallet. So dont worry, make ur payment.
            Look for XDA developer’s “NeXus 4 indian thread”. U’ll find all required info there.

          2. faze says:

            No sorry i think that u put indian bank id this will not accepted by them i dont know wh, but thats why i tell my bro too buy this mobile for me if u live in us and u put us id and bank detail then it have no problem u will gat ur deliver in just one weak…

      2. Dev says:

        ok frends , what i did from here is ask my frend to buy from Googplay & bring it here in next few months , now as gautam ask for using U.S IP to buy directly from googplay , my advise is ” Don`t ” . (1) I think they are not accepting payment other than U.S dollar ( buying from google play ) (2) If they r accepting INR , u will get 3.5% of international transaction charges from your bank ( the charge can vary …) (3) U have mention your frend address in U.S. – that your frend can do on behalf of you . (4) the latest news is as I heared from my frend from US , Google & LG both doing quick delivery of their pending order , So it will take 20-25 days max time to get GN4 in your frends hand there . (4) also don`t ship from U.S to here , as it will charge atleast INR 7000 /- – hope this will help you . c u

        1. Shanki Gautam says:

          Thanks a lot bro..
          I have ordered it and told my friend to pay in dollars who is having a credit card of local bank in US.

          The order is confirmed.Thanks for the help to all of you.Am damn happy 🙂

          Hope to hold it soon.And yeah i will not get it ship from us to here…someone will bring it for me

          Thanks guys

  3. synical says:

    Google is making morons out of indian android fans and doesnt care. they will price the nixus 4 in the 25 -35 k price category and make it out of reach for most. they are only interested in countries and people who have enough money to buy apps on their phone from play store . which is why they kept the phone low priced in the first place. India yet doesnt have smartphone penetration nor people who buy all and sundry from the app store so they will only service people with deep pockets and not android fans

  4. synical says:

    the best way to take revenge is buy a nexus from uk or usa from a friend, root it install rom for some other 3rd party rom and uninstall google now, plus blah blah and stock it up with only freebies.

  5. Waiting for Nexus says:

    One thing is sure, Nexus is loosing out on a lot of customers by this delay as people, having been frustrated by the wait, are going for other phones. The rumor about a disagreement between google and LG regarding pricing in India is circling the net. We can only hope, that if this is the cause of the delay, then at least when Nexus finally arrives in India, it is not highly priced.

  6. Good Old Windows says:

    Google did a nice job by keeping us waititing for more than 3 months and not buying any other products. But not any more…we have the good old Nokia and Windows, at least they are not treating us as ‘morons’.

  7. Arif says:

    What is clear over here is that LG is not letting them drop the price because that would mean end of Optimus G, a company as big as Google should have a greater say and if anyone is to lose by not launching in India it’s Google as now Indian consumers can choose from a variety of brands, to start with Samsung, Htc, Sony and further delay would mean competing with S4 and I don’t want to explain that 🙂

  8. Prashant says:

    Well google and LG have made me really upset… I have been waiting to buy this phone since Jan. But i guess google is not really keen about out market. No wonder why Apple is so much more respected here as they atleast dont make fools of their customers. Anyways, I am now more excited about HTC One and S4 launches. Till then my trusty of HTC Desire HD will keep me going

  9. Jets555 says:

    What you guys have to understand is that Google and Apple make money two very different ways. Apple makes most of their money by selling devices. Google make most of there money by selling apps and from advertising. If many people dont buy apps in India, why would Google launch a cheap phone if they are not going to earn money. If there was alot of potential for them to earn money in the Indian market, they would have released it already. Every company cares most about money not about fans.

      1. Jets555 says:

        Google still make a profit from the sold application. After all the application is sold on the GOOGLE Play Store. The person who makes the application earns money too.

    1. Kushagra says:

      I was wondering y google is not launching any phone in India…????
      u have a grate point…anls when u see that nexus 4 is heavily subsidized by google.

  10. Sachin Divakar Pai says:

    i have been waiting with my broke down galaxy r for almost a year now……hoping google will launch nexus 4 in india……now no other way …i have to buy it online……..u guys are really stupid for not launching it in india….and if LG thinks that if they delay launch of nexus in india ppl will go and buy their LG optimus G …you guys are wrongs……..and crazy…..

  11. faze says:

    There is rule that ur not showing ur device or product in stock or not being lunched then custemars are not wait for long time because ther are some awesome product lunche in india like sony z,samsung grand and will be galaxy s4 and note 3

  12. Akhil says:

    Someone told me Google and LG can’t have an agreement on price for India launch. LG wants it at par with Samsung but Google wants it otherwise.

    I even went ahead to get a Nexus 4 direct import from US using a freight
    forwarding company. But Google rejected my order because of Indian
    credit card. On Amazon US site, same model is available for $50 or more.
    Adding duty and shipping, its no more VFM purchase. So I bought another
    phone. Why can’t Google use acquired Motorola for hardware. LG mobiles
    anyway sux big time in India.

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