LG to battle Samsung with Optimus G Pro Smart Video


LG has been busy launching new more worthy Android handsets recently that come with some high specifications, and the company is set to do battle with Samsung as it announces new eye recognition technology for the Optimus G Pro.

There has been a lot of talk recently about new software tech that maybe coming with the Samsung Galaxy S4 that is set to be unveiled later today, but LG has beat its rival to the punch by announcing some software features of its own.

The company has revealed a new feature that it is calling Smart Video for the Optimus G Pro, as well as a Dual Camera function. While the features will be available on the Optimus Pro G the company also revealed some of the features will be making their way to other high-end LG smartphones in the future.

Smart Video uses eye recognition technology to track a user’s eyes and will automatically play or stop the video, without the need for manually using the controls. If a user looks away from the display the video will pause until the person looks back at the screen.

The Dual Camera feature will simultaneously capture images using both the front and back cameras, for a picture-in-picture creation. These new features will arrive for the handset in the Korean market next month where the phone is currently available, but the device is expected to hit the US and Japan during the second quarter of this year.

There are a number of other new features coming with the upgrade pack that include options for outlining the home button on the handset in a number of different colours, and more.

Are these new features enough for you to get the LG Optimus Pro G once it is released in other regions?

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2 thoughts on “LG to battle Samsung with Optimus G Pro Smart Video”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Lg seriously needs to stop. Everyone already knows they are an industry JOKE in Android land. They are trying real hard chasing and copying Samsung at every turn. But what does it really mean in sales not to much I’m sure. Samsung owns this space they are the creators everyone else are the followers. Clearly the customer has spoken that’s why Samsung sold 213 million Galaxy S3’s and Galaxy Note 2’s at 40% market share in 2012. If Lg was really rolling with the BIG DOGS then their market share would’ve been better than the 6% Hauwei got in 2012 Lg is a pretender in this space.

    1. Usaamah Gill says:

      Apples iPhone is outselling the S3 currently. Does that mean Apple makes better products then Samsung? No. In the same vein, Samsung has gotten mass market appeal with smart advertising and brand recognition. Does it mean their devices are the best? Well arguably, no. No question Samsung has the best software, but in terms of hardware LG makes far superior phones. Design aesthetic wise, durability wise and in terms of high quality. LG is making strides in software, to call them an industry joke is highly ignorant. Theyve had the best handset on the market since September/October with the Optimus G/Nexus 4. They already have a phone out that is superior to the S4 in every way hardware wise in the Optimus G Pro. To call them a joke simply shows you dont know what youre talking about. Theyre currently the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer. Dominate the lower end market with their L series, (And now their F series as well will be a good middle range-ish phone) and they are making strides in the top end of the market. They are doing some better marketing and advertising now. Its only a matter of time before people realize LG can make superior phones to Samsung and it will start eating up market share (which it already is at this point)

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