Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 price slashes at Amazon US


Although the focus of the smartphone world is very much on the Samsung Galaxy S4 event later today where we expect to hear all of the official gen at last, we want to talk for a moment about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. These two are extremely popular and impressive devices and Amazon US has now slashed the prices on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, very timely indeed. Read on for all of the details you need.

A particularly good bargain can be had on the Galaxy S3 and although we’d expect price cuts with the Galaxy S4 so close to release we haven’t seen anything as competitive as this previously. We had seen deals recently for the Galaxy S3 where the price had been discounted to $99.99 on a two-year contract but Amazon has topped that completely.

If you purchase currently through Amazon US with the usual two-year contract the Galaxy S3 is now available on Verizon in black, blue or white color options from only $0.01. For AT&T it’s available in blue, white or red, also for only 1 cent and for Sprint you can get the Galaxy S3 in blue or white, again for $0.01. Now that’s some serious price-cutting!

Prices of the Galaxy Note 2 phablet have also been cut on Amazon from today. On AT&T it’s available in titanium or white for $149.99 on a two-year contract. Better still, if Sprint is your choice of carrier the Galaxy Note 2 is currently available in titanium or white for only $69.99 on-contract. We imagine these prices are for new customers only but the source link below doesn’t make that clear. Nevertheless these are prices certainly worth considering.

Although the Galaxy S4 is due to be announced later this evening the Galaxy S3 is still a very notable device. The Galaxy Note 3 may not be along for many months yet so these are attractive prices for the Note 2. Send us your comments to let us know if you will be taking advantage of these offers from Amazon US?

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  1. save the upcoming generation says:

    if you think this phone is cool… i feel sorry for you people… for the uneducated ones… have you ever wondered how the new feature automatic scrolling with your eyes? well how does it do it? it definantly sends a infrared laser to your eyes witch in a short time make you get glasses and or contacts.. p

  2. alex says:

    please save this upcoming generation from the technological takeover!! parents are the ones to blame! today at the gym i saw this woman running on the treadmill until her baby started crying, so she went to her bag and took out an Ipad… this is also what i have seen my little nephew hiting the ipad licking it and everything you can imagine. but he was silent, no crying, no distractions for the parents… i hope i really do hope that my little nephew has bad eyesight by the age of 10 or 11 because of so all the technology that is parents give him. its incredible! dont you people agree? u guys are blind to the furture! giving your sons and daughters 50,000 dollar cars in highschool?! i see that everyday in mine… thats totally STUPID were is the world going? these new parents are soooo sooo lazy that they have a veil over thier eyes, following other parents footsteps, leading to a world of mass chaos if the humans dont have a device on their body! please understand!!! stop it now, stop being lazy and go to a book store instead of purchasing a book on a tablet, looking at a screen for hours,, it hurts your eyes and makes it worse,, especially this dumbass phone! who needs a phone to decide when to scroll … mabyee i am skipping around the text accidentally look at the bottomof the phone and it automatilcally scrolls down… i want to control my own actions when i want to scroll and when i don’t.. haha its amazing how much money these programmers and idea makers are making off of dumb and ignorant people, you, me, the whole world!!!

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