Early indications suggest Galaxy S4 release to be biggest ever


The dust has just started to settle on the unveiling of the new flagship smartphone from Samsung, and before the handset as even arrived at retailers stores early indications are suggesting that the release of the Galaxy S4 will be the biggest ever.

Samsung has seen the Galaxy S3 sell like hot cakes since it was released last year, but mobile phone retailer Phones 4U has told TechRadar that is has seen a massive increase in demand for the handset since launching its pre-registration page, and looks set to beat sales of the older model.

The handset is set to reach the retailers stores on April 26th, although rival retailer have mentioned the 25th as the day the Galaxy S4 will release in the UK. It seems the device has already beaten rivals offerings such as the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z though, as the retailer confirmed the Galaxy S4 has already received the most pre-registrations of any smartphone so far this year.

Phones 4U are also claiming that the handset will be the most successful sales wise in 2013, which is despite whatever Apple has to offer later this year. The previous model set records of its own and quickly became the most pre-ordered Android smartphone, and 4G carrier EE have also stated the Galaxy S4 has seen extremely high levels of demand as well.

At yesterday’s press event Samsung revealed that the handset would begin launching to 155 different countries with a total of 327 networks from next month, and early signs are looking good for the company.

Have you already registered an interest in the Galaxy S4 with a carrier or retailer?


2 thoughts on “Early indications suggest Galaxy S4 release to be biggest ever”

  1. Rob C says:

    It’s the “I want an fresh Apple” mentallity, applied to Samsung Products …

    Like Apple, Samsung makes great Products.


    It IS a really great Phone, well the International Edition is, but many Sites describe the ‘S4’ as an incremental Update from the ‘SIII’ and slightly better, well the International Edition is, than the LG Optimus G Pro.

    I am happy since NOW that that rumors are over and we know what the facts are it is easier for me to decide which Phone I will buy, unless we hear of a ‘really great new Phone’ coming soon (sigh).


    I guess everyone who is excited about this has an expired Contract (or free Upgrades) since I can not see paying a Penalty to ‘lock-in’ to this Phone for TWO more years.

    That is especially true with 64-Bit Processors (and a two-six ‘split’, instead of the Octa-Cores four-four split) coming at the end of the year; along with Channel Bonding (faster LTE).

    I can not help that this Phone will be obsolete soon since the only thing it has going is Software (which others can offer) and a slightly faster Processor, well the International Edition does, than last year’s Phones (but only a slightly better Processor when compared to three of the most recent Flagships).

    I guess the Rumors left me expecting more.

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