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We always like to look ahead to future devices and we’re already hearing news and rumors regarding the Apple iPhone 6. With many people hoping for a new design plenty of us would like a sneak preview of what the phone will look like. Today we have a stunning trailer video for you of the iPhone 6 and a striking-looking design that wows. However before you get too excited we should point out that this is one designer’s imaginings, nevertheless we’d like to see something like this come to fruition.

From time to time we like to share concept designs with our readers as they can give us a really good idea of just how good future devices could look. For some time we’ve been saying we’d like to see a new design for the iPhone 6 and although the look we have for you today doesn’t come from Apple we think many potential iPhone 6 customers would like to see something like this for the genuine article. Although we’ve seen plenty of concept designs for future iPhones before this has to be one of the finest we’ve seen and the Apple-style video trailer is the icing on the cake.

Designer Arthur Reis has come up with the concept iPhone 6 that you can see above. His iPhone 6 is a beautiful looking thing and instead of a small home button on the front, the whole of the bottom of the phone becomes the home button, in a similar way to how Apple’s Magic TrackPad works. Reis’s iPhone 6 also has a 12-megapixel Pro iSight camera with f/1.8 aperture and has an ultra-slim design at only 6.1mm compared to the iPhone 5’s 7.6mm.

To go with the great concept renderings of the iPhone 6 a trailer has been created by Ran Avni, which very much captures the approach of a genuine Apple trailer. You can view the almost 1m 30s YouTube video below this story and see more of Reis’s renderings here. When you’ve taken a look at the video we’d be really interested to hear what you think of this iPhone 6 creation.

Are you hoping that Apple iPhone designers will come up with something close to this concept? What do you think of the Magic TrackPad-like home button across the bottom of the device? Would you purchase the iPhone 6 if it released looking like this? Let us know with your comments.


7 thoughts on “iPhone 6 trailer & stunning design look”

  1. TAUSMC says:

    I know this is just a concept model but this still applies. What new design do you see? I like how people say “a whole new design and look” but it looks the same. Apple is on cruise control and the other phone companies are surpassing them by a lot. Apple needs to do something or they are gone.

  2. What you droids don’t understand is that, the iPhone 1 was a great design, great OS that turned YOUR mobile experience around. You android would be half the phone with clunky experience if Apple didn’t pull all these ideas together from all over the tech world. I respect Apple for not shoving as many “features”, and redundancies like other mobile OS’s do. You guys are sold on half baked, and somewhat unnecessary, down right useless bells and whistles. Apple improves on a great product as necessary. And before you blab about how it’s the same and all, check out SG4, practically the same enclosure, with a slight hardware improvement. Android needs super fast processor, and shortcut toggles just to keep user from throwing the phone into the wall after trying to find a certain setting or a feature while navigating thru all the lag and occasional crashes.

    Enjoy you phones – come to think of it, all phones are copies of a touch screen interface and mobile app environment thanks to a couple of pioneers that risked capital and reputation to create a market and ecosystem that you very own android is following to this day. But it wasn’t LG that pushed this technology to usability we take for granted today – most don’t even know that about LG, simply because Apple did this (maybe a month later) but did a better job at it. LG had no app market, no ecosystem, no multitouch, no multi interface, or the quality that apple did from the first iPhone.

    How many YEARS did it take for other phone makers to finally make an SG3 a worthy competitors to the iPhone? And mu old 3GS still runs smooth-er then most current Androids including your beloved SG3.

    I see all the unsatisfied comments come from android users. Did you think for minute that maybe these concepts with slight updates and a few necessary upgrades is all that most people want from Apple. There are a few that want more-more-give-me-me-more-whatever-you-can-shove-in-it users that already switched to android.

    Those that want quality and flawless design – would rather wait then compromise to half baked android.

    1. ochoa says:

      At the end of your story the droids smoked the apple unless they top it off with a good I phone 6 becuase the one they show right now doesnt seem like it has changed just new home botton ooooo and a better camer wowwwww …..nothing like the gs3 screen and well now the s4 that I phone isnt no match now

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